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He said that about 15% of Netflix's content budget was set aside for original or exclusive content, and that was important at this stage to have more content than exclusives.


95% of customers quit? It didn't seem like that many to me! ;)


@snowmaiden - it said 95% of the customers WHO quit... not 95% of the customers quit


Actually Gran it does say 95 percent quit. We must assume he meant "95 percent of those who quit" but the wording is off.

I still think Netflix made a mistake alienating their DVD customers. DVD by mail will decline naturally and those customers are tomorrows streamers. Never turn away customer money. Netflix is damaged because the CEO is making very poor judgement calls right now and has lost trust with the stock holders and customers alike. How can he possibly think those decisions were good?


Interesting that he mentioned improving the user interface. Recent changes have made it significantly worse. The only time I seriously considered quitting netflix was when they changed their instant browsing pages to hide ratings, play on click, auto-scroll, etc. Maddening.

Then they removed the saved movies section from the instant queue. If a movie stops becoming available to stream, there's no longer anything on screen to tell me I need to add the movie to my DVD queue. So now I have to take periodic screenshots, and when things randomly disappear, compare my queue to the screenshot to determine what's gone. Someone at netflix thinks this is an improvement?


Welcome to the world of streaming! NF at the mercy of providers (studios). At least with DVD rentals they OWNED the content! But they seemed to have abandoned DVD structure and put themselves at the mercy of content providers!!! Bad things man, bad things.



That blows indeed!

I had noticed the saved Instant Queue is gone and yeah it pisses me off too.

In fact all of what you said were contributing factors that made me quit for awhile.

If it wasn't for the content that I have been watching I might cancel again if things don't improve.

Netflix better start listening to it's userbase as it has already found out were not gonna put up with crap.

Luckly we have some nice 3rd party options like Greasemonkey scripts: http://userscripts.org/scripts/search?q=Netflix&submit=Search

Also on the Roku platform TheEndless developed an Instant Watch Browser channel: http://roku.permanence.com/#netflix

It allows you to browse the entire Instant Watch Library and lists upcoming and expiring Titles.

You can even set it to tell you which titles are expiring in your Instant Queue too. Plus other features. He also has plans to add many more too. It's only $3 & offers a free lite version too.

Sadly Hacking Netflix has not covered this awesome channel.


It drives me crazy every time I read or hear about someone at Netflix claiming that even some of their woes are due to the way changes were "communicated." Give me a break, it doesn't matter how you said it! It seems like they think if they just worded it a bit differently, everyone would have been happy and nobody would have dropped their Netflix subscriptions. The fact is that the Quickster idea sucked, nobody wants to manage queues in two different places, and the price increases were too much too fast.


While I think the price increases were necessary in order to get more streaming content, they came at the worst possible time. They should have gotten a firm grasp on the licensing situation before they increased the price. Some of the licensing issues are actually from the content providers raising price because Netflix raised prices.

I also dislike Netflix's interface. I wasn't a Netflix subscriber when they had the old interface but even I think their current interface is terrible. The one thing I dislike the most is that you can't sort movies and TV shows based on their predicted star ratings. You can only do that within a single genre. Almost as annoying is the inclusion of the Just For Kids section. Netflix now has to spend time maintaining this section because parents can't be trusted to monitor what their kids watch. Its the parents job to...well parent, and not Netflix's.


All I can say is that the day another company has streaming for $8, even more if need be, has a stable interface, good content and not run a bunch of silly monkeys, I'd drop Netflix like a bad habit.
I wish Amazon and Apple would get their acts together because as much as Reed fears HBO, I'd be far more concerned with these companies. Why, they have the $$ to send Reed packing. One has dozens of agreements for content already.

Now if the likes of HBO, some other premiums and of course some of the more popular basic channel providers wised up, they too could stream in their content for a fee, but they are just too darn greedy, having to buy 30 channels of junk to get just 3-4 channels you really want-- cutting out all the middle men like Dish, Direct TV, Comcast, etc would be a boon for consumers. Folks have been living large on the $80+/mo cash cow for decades...they best re-think their strategy or they may just wind up like Blockbuster. I've been off pay TV now for over a year, and though I do miss some shows, I'm not willing to shell out $80/mo for 2 shows, and maybe 5-10 channels I actually did watch.

The world of content delivery is changing...change with it or wither and vanish! If the heat is too much for Reed and company, they best get out of the kitchen and let the adults work it.

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