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This only tracks website watching, so no real info about Hulu Plus subscribers (like myself) watching multiple hours a week on devices. Same with Netflix on devices though. :-/


This doesn't shock me. I don't like the commercials (and how it affects my video player too). I also hate that if I were to pay for Hulu (which I was toying with a few months back), I'd still have to put up with commercials.

Its far more easier to enjoy Netflix and end up watching more than at Hulu because those little annoyances aren't there ruining the video.


If Hulu Plus were $8 per month with no commercials, I would consider signing up. No Commercials is why I use Netflix streaming.

But I am not signing up, paying $8/month and being interrupted with commercials every 10 minutes.

I have also considered the Amazon Prime with streaming for about $79/year [abt $7/month average].

My Netflix queue already has over 200 titles, and many are TV series with multiple episodes. My problem is finding time to view what I already have in the queue.

the troll

be nice if hulu had cbs programs ...but ??


So the real winner in this is Hulu according the stats. They have comparable subscribers who are content to use the network less.

This actually makes sense if you think about it. Hulu's biggest draw is new Tv programing. You get Hulu to keep up with a few shows that you watch each time a new one airs. Netflix is cataloug titles.

Then again part of it is that Hulu doesn't know me like Netflix does. Hulu tells me to watch (on devices anyway) what people in general voted on. Netflix tells me to watch what I personally will like.


hulu is pretty limited in my view, between the commercials, the device limitations fro some shows (Can't watch stargate on an xbox 260, only PC for example)...dunno how they expect to really compete


Hulu's virtually unwatchable because of the commercials. Every time it reaches one, it dumps my buffer.

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