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It may say that the gift cards are only for streaming, but it will still let you use it for whatever plan you want.


They really do hate money don't they?


Yeah, I suspect J is correct. I know in the past I prepaid for a number of months (for some kind of credit card reward that was ending) and was assured that no matter what i bought, I could use it however I wanted. And in practice, its just like buying a dollar amount except it doesnt show as a straight dollar amount on your account.

It shows as a number of months on your current plan with any excess in dollars.

So if you buy someone 5 months x $7.99, you are really buying them $37.95 to use as they please. With their system keeping up with the excess.


Yeah, I check with Netflix, and they are redeemable for whatever plan. The person actually pointed out that in the 'Please Note' off to the left it says "Gift Subscriptions may be applied to any Netflix plan (the length of the Gift may change if the plan price is different)." I wish it was more clear, but it looks like really the dollar amount on the plan is all that matters.


Some guy was selling netflix physical giftcards on ebay. He said they were for the 1 at a time plus streaming. Apparently he bought them before the price increase and now they are a better value.

But, I have never seen them for sale anywhere.

Ive always thoguht netflix should offer some kind of incentive for prepaying or something like that.

Doesnt have to be a lot. And I think they should just do them in dollar amounts.

$50, $100 or whatever.

Has anyone else seen Netflix giftcards for sale anywhere ?

I usually keep an eye out for them and have never found them anywhere.

I buy ebay giftcards from my supermarket during 5% cashback periods at grocery stores.

5% is not a lot except its about 5 years interest in a savings account !


I was looking at Netflix as a gift, but although it appeared to be applicable to any plan, I didn't want the gift recipient to think it was only good for a streaming plan. I'm guessing the card/digital notification would be no more clear. So Netflix didn't my money this year.


Here is the guys ad. His price was $44.99-46.99 which is not enough of a discount to get people to bother. Thus, they didnt sell and he no longer lists them.

I wonder if you save on tax when buying yourself a gift certificate ? If so, might be worth it just to save 4%. (My tax is 4%)


Netflix Gift Card 3 Month Subscription. Subscriptions is for 3 months of 1 DVD out at a time and Streaming. Great for a Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer. Netflix's retail price with tax is roughly $52.00 for the same subscription ($47.94 for 3 months, 1 DVD out at a time and streaming + tax). When you enter in the subscription code Netflix will not charge you taxes. This gift card subscription is for DVD's out not Blu-ray discs. If you want Blu-ray disc's Netflix's will charge you an additional monthly fee for Blu-ray disc's. If you have a different plan than 1 DVD out at a time and streaming, you do not have to change your plan,you can keep your same plan it will just credit your account for the $47.94 amount.

Also, you have to redeem with $0.00 gift card balance or credit on the account. Netflix's website will not let you enter in the code with a gift card balance or credit on the account. Offer only valid on U.S. netflix accounts only.

Robert Emmerich

I'm getting one for my parents and it never occurred to me, probably b/c I was getting them a streaming only plan anyway to use on their Wii.

I really don't see why they would advertise the DVD plan anyway since they just about almost killed it with Qwikster.


Meh..last year netflix gave me free 30 day trials of streaming, but now they expect me to pay for it? I'll pass.


How dare they expect you to pay for a service after trying it for free via trial? What's their deal?




>I really don't see why they would advertise the DVD plan anyway since they just about almost killed it with Qwikster.

They should advertise it because it's a major service that they offer?

(I'm one of those who cancelled streaming and went to DVD only, though at the moment my acct is on hold completely.)


It's not too late to give a great gift without the hassle of last-minute holiday shopping. Netflix makes it easy to finish your shopping in minutes – from the comfort of home!

With gifts from one month to one year, Netflix makes a great gift for anyone on your list.

Happy Holidays!

–Your friends at Netflix

Gift Subscription Terms
1.Gift Subscriptions are pre-paid membership to the Netflix service redeemable at www.netflix.com/gift. A person who receives and redeems a Gift Subscription to the Netflix Service is referred to in these terms as the "Recipient."
2.There are no refunds or other credit for Gift Subscriptions which are not redeemed.
3.Gift Subscriptions do not include access to Blu-ray. A Gift Subscription may be exchanged to add Blu-ray access and/or select another plan. Exchanges in this manner, however, will likely alter the duration of the Gift Subscription. If such an exchange to the Gift Subscription is made, any partial periods of the Gift Subscription will be applied as a partial reduction to the next month's membership payment ("Discount Period").
4.A valid payment method is required to redeem the Gift Subscription and Recipient authorizes Netflix, in accordance with the Terms of Use, to charge Recipient's payment method for any disc not returned after cancellation of the Netflix membership.
5.Recipient's payment method will be authorized for a nominal amount each month during the Gift Subscription to verify that a valid payment method is on file. In some instances, Recipient's available balance or credit limit may reflect this authorization; however, no charges will be made against the payment method unless Recipient does not cancel prior to the end of the Gift Subscription, fails to return a movie upon cancellation of the Netflix membership, or in connection with any Discount Period.
6.At the end of the Gift Subscription, Recipient authorizes Netflix to automatically renew the membership and bill Recipient's payment method monthly for membership fees and applicable tax unless Recipient cancels prior to the end of the Gift Subscription. Recipient further authorizes Netflix to charge Recipient's payment method each month for the membership fees plus applicable tax until Recipient cancels the Netflix membership. Although the membership is cancelable at anytime, there is no refund or credit for partially used periods.
7.Recipient can click on the "Your Account" link for cancellation instructions. As a convenience, Netflix will notify Recipient two (2) weeks prior to charging Recipient's payment method and/or beginning automatic monthly subscription billing. It is Recipient's responsibility to cancel the Gift Subscription if Recipient does not wish to continue the Netflix membership past the end of the Gift Subscription.
8.Netflix is not responsible if the Gift Subscription is lost, stolen or used without permission.
9.Gift Subscriptions are not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be resold or combined with any other special or free offers, including other Gift Subscriptions and Gift Cards.
10.Gift Subscriptions are issued by NGS Services, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company. Gift Subscriptions purchased at www.netflix.com are valid for redemption only at www.netflix.com.
11.Gift Subscriptions and their use are subject to these terms and the Netflix Terms of Use. These Gift Subscription terms are governed by the laws of the State of Oregon, but excluding their conflict of law principles, and are subject to change without notice. Gift Subscriptions issued prior to August 20, 2010 are subject to the terms found here.

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John Doe

So can you still get the free trial and then use a gift card after? Got mom Roku and 6 month netflix gift card.


Update, sorry about the confusion. - Mike


Oops. I bought a gift subscription last year that wasn't redeemed and had the e-mail re-sent for it. I doubt the recipient will use it now.

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