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Another good movie added to streaming is 'The Fall', good story and really beautiful cinematography.


Fawlty Towers has been available on streaming for months.

Walt D in LV

@SiamTrader Exports .. You are right! The Fall (2006) is an excellent film. Recently, The Immortals came out in the theater, and I didn't have an interest in seeing it until I found out it was directed by Tarsem Singh, the same guy who did the delightful The Fall.

Again, great movie, thanks for mentioning it!

(P.S. As I write this, Monday morning, The Fall (2006) is not YET available for streaming, but IS available on Blu-ray. Perhaps SiamTrader Exports was talking about a different movie entitled, "The Fall", although this is one again, good story and really, REALLY beautiful cinematography!)


Ewww... Snakes on a Train, really?


The Fall is without exaggeration one of my top 10 perfectly rated movies. It makes my heart break for the little girl and I cry every time. That's not a spoiler either.

Netflix needs to get some decent streaming soon. There hasn't been ANYTHING good for a while.


You can always pay $10/month and get a vpn where you can watch Netflix from every country they're in. It's definitely worth the price to get the added content.

Marshall K.

It seems as if Netflix is expiring and re-adding things. Either to inflate the "just added" numbers or for some other reason. FT has been on it indeed as have the BBC titles announced last week.


Each week, a new list of DVD's. Each week Netflix shows that it will no longer stock DVD's of classic television, many of which have been released in the past few months. And I could name them if you want. Yes, they are being released on DVD.

And of course, they don't replace the ones no longer available for rent either. I guess they intend to buy the rights to all of them for streaming. Yeah, right.

It's getting more difficult to rent DVD series because there are seasons missing or no longer available. Sort of like some series streaming with missing episodes.


And I've been going through the list of expiring streaming titles between now and January 1st, and your New Years present will be to see a rather hefty list disappearing from your queues (according to Instant Watch). Check it out for yourselves. Granted, some will probably be or have been renegotiated, but still, this is one of the longest lists I've ever seen at one time.


I just reactivated my Netflix account, and have been reading this blog with great interest. My account had been on hold since 2005 when hurricane Katrina took out half of our mail delivery, which still hasn't been fully re-established in nearby areas (which prevents some of my friends from being subscribers). With the addition of a blu-ray player, I'm enjoying streaming video, but would like to have the account option of getting other (not necessarily new) movies as well, which are "DVD only" - and would gladly double my membership rate. I've looked into competitors such as Sony Video Unlimited and Amazon Prime, which are all pay-per-view. With the rising cost of shipping, and the user-damage to DVDs, when will Netflix expand its account options to customers?


Amazon Prime is not pay per view, but it does give you that option for titles not available for streaming in Prime, or to even purchase a digital copy if you so desire. They also have a new UI on the Roku.


This might have already been announced but Sons of Anarchy Season 3 and The League Season 2 are now available.


"Granted, some will probably be or have been renegotiated, but still, this is one of the longest lists I've ever seen at one time."

I looked at feedfliks, and it shows nearly the same number leaving soon as it does arriving soon (150 leaving vs 149 coming soon).


"Instant Watcher" shows 770 titles expiring between now and January 31. I've found them to be a lot more accurate than Feed Flicks which I don't even use any more for information and after a month or two found the yearly fee to be pretty much a waste. And after I posted that, I checked my queue and noticed about 30 titles had expiration notices put on them by Netflix for Jan 1st. Well, no way I was going to get those watched in a week so I removed all but a couple of them. But we'll see.


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