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Walt D in LV

I received an e-mail about 2:30 pm PST on Wednesday, the 14th on one of my accounts.
Now, at 3 am PST Thursday, I still have not received on my other account.

I do very much like the way they have a Click Her to Redeem button, rather than just automatically sending the next item in your Queue. This way, you can plan accordingly.

Hopefully, a lot of the naysayers will be just that little much more happier with Netflix.


I haven't gotten this (yet)...then again I didn't expect to. I'm no longer considered a preferred customer by Netflix. I think I turn around discs too quickly.

I haven't receive the last couple of credits for streaming problems (back when they would still do that), nor have I received any of the other recent specials and offers that have been noted on here.

Of course, it could be because my account renews in a couple of days and they are waiting for that date to pass. Lately, they seem to be delaying turnaround near the end of my monthly cycle.

Oh well, before my account renews I am switching to streaming only for a couple of months so I guess I won't get the free disc either way.

Joel Spangler

I got one too

Kyle Heon

Yup, I got that email last night. They specify DVD but I'm hoping they send the next available Blu-ray in my queue. I don't have any DVD's listed anymore.


Got this at 5:20PM Wed. 12/14

I'm hardly a preferred customer, as I'm only on the 2 per month plan.


No, I didn't get it, but I did get one encouraging me to buy a Netflix gift subscription for someone else!

Tim S

No email yet for Famous Chicken Theatre.

The Littlest Winslow

5pm EST yesterday. Saving some face, Netflix. Nice!


Nope. Haven't gotten one.

Riverside Guy

Got them for both accounts I am responsible for.


Not me. I'm a customer with a DVD only plan, 3 discs at a time. And I've also got one of the old setups where you could split your discs into 2 separate queues.

For the last several months, the Netflix emails are erratic. Occasionally I get one that tells me they received my returned DVD. I never get "we've shipped" emails anymore.

The trouble seemed to start in September, I think when they were starting work on creating the Qwikster site. So even though those plans went away, my emails didn't come back. It' hasn't been enough of a problem for me to want to call Customer Service. Because frankly, I'll bet those operators wouldn't really be able to do anything about it. However, if I don't get the email offering a free holiday rental in a few day, I may just give them a call.


I just received the email about 10 minutes ago. I actually came here to see if others were getting it. I thought it was so out-of-the-ordinary for the way Netflix has done business this year that I figured I could find out if it was legit or they were doing this to smooth over some other kind of bad news. It's rather sad that it's how I've come to view Netflix.

Richard D

your kidding me. I have yet gottern any of the e-mails you have shown this year. damn, NF must really hate me...


Got mine at 12:35 PM (pacific). I'm on 2 DVD out + streaming. I watch 2 DVD's a week. Extra DVD is on the way.


I received the email offer about an hour ago. The offer seems nice on the surface but I was bothered a little bit by the fine print:

"Once you have redeemed this offer, you will then need to return 2 DVDs to receive the next available DVD in your Queue."

This makes it somewhat confusing to me since it's no longer "one in, one out". I am on a 2 DVD plan. After I redeem the offer and get a bonus DVD, I'll need to return 2 of the 3 in my hand to get another one. Then I am down to 2 out again. How do I get a 3rd one again? Am I missing something?


I got the email. Clicked it and went to the screen where you hit the button to activate it. I hit the button 700 times, it didn't work. So I exited the browser to try it again and now it says my account is not valid for this offer.


I received the email but thought it might be a phishing attempt... I'm kind of wary about clicking links in email.


So curious about my own question I called and asked. Apparently the offer I received was for exactly one bonus DVD, not like what I thought an upgrade from 2 DVD out to 3 DVD out. There are different versions of such offers with different terms. Read your fine prints closely.

Daniel L

I have not received this offer yet.

I've been a continuous customer since mid 2007, usually 1-3 DVD's out at a time, but usually closer to 1 or 2. Right now, it's 2. I am quick to watch the DVD's and send them back, and I stream a ridiculous amount of content.


After you redeem this you have to return 2 disks to get your next disk shipped. The timing of this makes me think they trying to increasing shipments now so that shipments will be reduced around Christmas - lots of people returning one disk and getting none in return.


I'm surprised to see Netflix acknowledge the fact that they still offer physical media to their customers. All of their advertising only mentions streaming and instant. As someone who cancelled streaming and has no intentions of signing back up for it this is quite welcome. It's a very nice surprise and probably the first thing they've done right in a while.


You have ALWAYS had to return two discs if you got a bonus disc. I don't know why this is news. Is there anything Netflix can do that somebody won't find a problem with?

Keygen Center

No email yet, but I'm hoping this is true. I'd love to get a free bonus dvd rental.

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