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Walt D in LV

I am not super tech-savvy, however, I believe the Netflix API to be what people other than Netflix use to connect with and make apps for Netflix. Mobile Queue for Netflix is a great example of this.

I am happy with making the API more resilient (less prone to break downs?), as long as they do NOT remove the DVD features.
I love my Mobile Queue app. I can walk around Blockbuster seeing titles and quickly check to see if Netflix has them, especially when Netflix has them on Blu-ray (which Blockbuster often does not :( and add the title straight to my Netflix Queue.



these days, the api is also the system used by netflix's own systems to get information about movies, etc -- they're eating their own dog food, as the saying goes. it's a critical component of the service -- if the api's down, streaming's going to be down.

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I can't take too much credit for the changes as most of them were contributions from other people but they have gone a long way to enhancing how things work and making it better.

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