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Daniel L

Netflix needs to get all the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes back. I was in the middle of season two when the entire season was taken off of Netflix Online.

Also, all 3 seasons of Touching Evil with Robson Green would be really sweet too.


I can see this being a bad PR move, UK customers will expect free access to these shows, given that we have paid for them once already. Using them to sell a subscription service to UK customers could lead to bad Juju


I understand that argument, but I'm not sure it holds water. You may have "paid for them" to be produced, and shown on television, but I wouldn't say you paid for free DVD copies and in the same way, free streams anytime you want (which contrary does cost money to provide)

I'd say it's up to the BBC how best to utilize the content that it owns. If selling it to netflix makes them money to produce more compelling television, i don't see how this could upset people. Yes, it'd be nice for BBC iplayer to have everything the BBC has ever produced streaming for free, but I'm not sure that's financially viable.


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BBC has been licensing/marketing it's content the same way that US Studios/Networks do for years, they release shows on DVD and people buy them if they want. I agree with 'hmm' that BBC is a corporation that can choose how best to capitalize on it's products. Plus the iPlayer has IP restrictions on it, so expats who want BBC content that doesn't make it to PBS or out on DVD would appreciate streaming of more BBC programming here in the US. I don't feel like paying for a proxy service or getting gouged by Big Cable here in the USA to get 'dumbed down' & edited shows with commercials on BBC America.

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