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Amazon's interface is terrible. There's good stuff on there (a lot of it is stuff that has expired from Netflix), but it is sort of difficult to navigate.


I second Jake, their interface is a pain. We got a free month with our purchase of the Kindle Fire and I was immediately glad we didn't sign up for Prime for this service.


The thing is, Amazon's streaming is a free add on to their Prime service, which is the same price it has always been.

So, if you order a lot from Amazon and prefer to get free, 2-day shipping, the streaming is simply a bonus. Plus, now Kindle owners get select free eBook rentals as well.

I did the 1 month trial of AP. I was able consistently stream in HD with Prime at a time when I couldn't get better than 2-dot quality from Netflix. That said, I didn't bother subscribing because at the time it was redundant along with Netflix and I don't mind waiting a few extra days for items ordered from Amazon.

They are doing the same thing Netflix did: providing the streaming free with another, popular service while they build their catalog. Once they have built it up to the point where it can stand on its own, they will likely charge for it separately, as Netflix has now done. Until then, its almost more appropriate to compare AP with the Netflix from a couple of years ago.

Walt D in LV

I've had Prime for several years, because of the Free Shipping. I keep reading here, and other places, about the Streaming included. I have come across several movies that are not even listed on Netflix, but were/are available with Amazon Instant Video. However, often they are not free with Amazon Prime, and still require a fee to watch them.

Una Pura Formalita (A Pure Formality) is an example. This film was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or the same year that Pulp Fiction won. Not available at all with Netflix, but is with Amazon Instant Video, for a fee.


AP has a painful interface. Currently on free month for the shipping and tried the streaming. If I continue AP it will not be for the streaming.


Netflix gets an A, their UI is great and the selection is good.
Hulu Plus gets a B, their UI is good but not all their TV shows are available on TV.
Amazon Prime gets a D, their UI is terrible and their content is lacking. I tried it for one month but cancelled.

Brian W.

I agree with all the people complaining about Amazon's UI. I have been a Prime member for a few years and I love the shipping bonuses of that, but don't even bother watching any movies on streaming through it. It's too hard to find something to watch (if I don't have a particular title in mind already) and usually I can watch the same thing on Netflix. If Amazon ever decides to switch from their standard UI (which works okay for shopping) to a specific streaming movie UI, I can see them gaining steam.

Robert Emmerich

Amazon Prime video has a UI?

I'ld be happy if they could simply alphabetize. There are about 30 seasons of Dr. Who. Even people who want to watch that show probably only want to watch 4 or 5 of those (the new ones).

They already have the "Unbox" program (back a few years in a world before there were "apps") I don't know why they can't just build that into some sort of front end.

Robert Emmerich

Now wheres' that edit button...

nf is also on Xbox360, Wii, 3DS, PS3 and probably Vita. Which if memory serves nf claims a lot of their customers watch on tv via gaming consoles. Amazon needs some apps if they really want to compete with nf.


I suspended my Netflix account about a year ago due to money constraints. Since then, I use my Roku to access Amazon VOD. Yes, the UI on the Roku sucks. You have to search through a list of watchable movies and TV shows that, for some reason, are never updated with all of the available options.
BUT, I have been able to find lots of content to tide me over until I can afford Netflix again: King of the Hill, Gordon Ramsays' Kitchen Nightmares, The Wonder Years, Dick Van Dyke Show, Cheers... The list goes on!
I find Amazon to be the better choice only because I would rather save up money to pay for a year upfront then have to be charged every month.


I'm going to keep my streaming with Amazon, and while I'll admit their UI needs work, it's not really that hard to find a movie or television show to watch despite what some say here. I never seem to have a problem at all finding content.

You can only watch so many movies at a time anyway, and hands down the bonuses at Amazon win the day for me.

There's the two day free shipping, which isn't much if you don't buy a lot from Amazon but I do, so it works quite well. And if I need something overnight, another Prime Bonus is that I can get it for $3.99 shipping and handling. No other place I know of can match that.

My son has a Kindle so the free books work for me as well. I'll be getting one myself.

And there are Amazon apps on lots of devices. I have a Roku Player, a Sony Blu-ray player, and a Vizio blu-ray player in the bedroom, and Amazon is on all three. But to hear some of the talk on here, you'd think that was an impossible feat.

Plus if I buy my blu-rays from Amazon, they often come with free digital coupons that can be used for digital purchases. This worked out great because we don't have CW where we live and my girlfriend wanted to check out Ringer. And she can watch those on any of the above devices I mentioned. And sometimes they'll give you a free digital copy to watch along with the movie purchase, so you don't even have to wait for it to arrive.

Amazon has been at this less than a year, yet they are much further along then Netflix was in the same period of time that they wer streaming. And let's not forget, a lot of that Netflix content will be gone in February. (yeah yeah I know your answer, nobody watches the Starz stuff anyway..uh) Nope, for all the extras and less money, Amazon works just fine for my streaming needs.


I tried to sign up for a free $5 worth of amazon but I didnt get it. I complained my email. They put a $5 credit on my account which I later used to buy something else.

Havent been back to amazon to even try it.


I don't have Amazon Prime (and I even turned off netflix streaming, and am in fact my acct is completely on hold at the moment), but I have seen lots of complaints about the UI. I was wondering if there are APIs to see the (free) streaming movies/TV shows, so someone would write an external web site or app to effectively be a "netflix queue" for Amazon's free streaming.. (or even just as a queue to use to then MANUALLY look up shows on a separate device..)


The biggest complaint about Netflix, is the many movies from the 50's and 60's on up. I mean, sure those were good classic movies, but how many senior citizens actually stream movies, or get online to pick the dvd's to be sent to them? And they stay on there forever. Where as, the newer movies will get cut from streaming after a while. I believe it's just for the volume of movies more than quality. And they still recommend movies for me from that era, and I was determined when I filled out their survey to dislike all the movies before the 70's. And when was the last time you steamed a movie from Netflix that had a decent ending? Try finding that, lol. You will be, mouth open, going seriously. Thats how it ended. Almost like that's part of their criteria when adding movies. Hulu is getting just as bad. I guess they both felt like since they got themselves added to most Internet ready tv's that they can kick back and take it easy, while getting greedy and raising prices and adding a new movie once every 2 or 3 weeks. Sorry for the rant, but I'm just looking for something better, than feeling like a fish, getting reeled in slowly, but it happens when any company gets bigger and bigger, and they hire more people to come up with better ideas to make more money, while the consumer gets forgotten , and the ceo's give themselves bigger bonuses, while feeling a sence of accomplishment that they are going places, while their actually going backwards. isn't this America? Where we used to take a moral stand against greed, and worthlessness. Think of all the rest of the companies that do this. Like mine.. They used to promote within, to keep the experienced people that know how things are physical done. Now since they began hiring all these college degree people who hasn't really had a job, to come in and make new rules(since the economy is bad) and trying to tell me how I should do my job, when if they even tried they would end up having million dollar accidents. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud for them getting a degree, their smart. So smart that now they are finding ways to get rid of the experienced people, and are giving themselves promotions, doing less, making more money(the American dream) but they have to justify their jobs by trying to make mine harder.


What's with all the low quality knock-off movies on Netflix? I think I'm going to see Battle Los Angeles and after you start the mivie you find out its Battle OF Los Angeles which is a stink Bomb. My daughter things she's going to see KungFu Panda, and instead its Chop Kick Panda which resembles Kung Fu Panda but is lame. These crummy look-alike movies are like spam that float to he top by pretending to be a movie everyone is interested in. Why doesn't Netflix have the slightest bit of quality control to save us all from getting fooled into starting these junky knock-offs?


To be fair it's not NetFlix, it's the industry. Asylum studios exits solely to rip off blockbuster films. Undoubtedly NetFlix gets these films in one of their many deals; it'd be impractical for them to exclude them, and they do count in their marketing numbers.

If you think it's disappointing on NetFlix, imagine how you'd feel if you'd spent good money renting the VHS from a video store and had nothing else to watch. Back in the day it'd totally ruin your evening plans. Streaming is a vast improvement in that respect.

Perhaps in time streaming will completely destroy the business model for places like The Asylum.

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