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Ah! So that was the problem. They gave Hastings the wheel, he was overconfident and crashed on the first corner.


They don't pay bonuses to their workers or Hastings?


This kind of crap ticks me off. They cant solve simple recurring problems that they are aware of but spend loads of time talking about how great they are.



"They don't pay bonuses to their workers or Hastings?"

They don't pay bonuses to either.

Sal Riggione

Elegant, but, unfortunately this gets you even less for 8 bucks a month.


I'm confused how they incent staff. They pay market rates but expect "high performance" And no (monetary) recognition if you are a star performer


Paying more to get less.




They don't pay market rates -- they pay either top of market, or above market. That means that when things work as they should, any Netflix employee should be making more on a given year than they would be able to make in straight comp + bonus elsewhere. The stock option stuff is confusing, and hard to compare.

So how do they incent staff? Mostly they try to hire staff that isn't particularly incented by the next bonus they may get. High performers, huge impact kinda people who expect a fair compensation in excahenge for moving mountains. Works pretty well for them, most of the time.

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