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Storage Wars isn't a documentary- it's staged.


He forgot DEAR ZACHARY, perhaps the most engaging film i have ever seen!


Hmm...Dear Netflix users,
Since we aren't pushing any worthwhile content, please look at this list of documentaries that we have.


LA--funny what your definition of 'worthwhile content' must be.


I watched The Pixar Story the other day and really enjoyed it. The tech side of it was interesting along with the back-stories to movies we all know and if you have kids have probably seen multiple times.

the troll

goodbye netfix it't been great while lasted


The only problem being, none of the documentaries I want to watch are available for streaming through Netflix...much as with other film types.

Daniel L

Dunno about you guys, but my instant streaming queue always has 150+ movies in it, and I watch at least 1 movie a day.

I don't care for documentaries though. The only one I ever really liked was Encounters at the End of the World.

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I think I have lotsa time to check out those documentaries before the year ends. I'm looking forward for next years "something new" from netflix.


Apparently a lot of people associate the term "documentary" with stuff they watched in school for book reports, and therefore don't find the genre to be full of "worthwhile content".
Documentaries I've liked:
When We Left Earth
180 Degrees South

It's too late for me to make lists.

the troll

don't like them as they are boring


Troll--have you ever actually watched any?


I love documentaries but the ones listed aren't remotely interesting.

So far the three best docs available on Netflix for me has been:

Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip
When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (6 part doc)
Pompeii: Back from the Dead
Ken Burns' Baseball

Documentaries that I am wanting to watch:
Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
The Dark Ages
Cars that Changed the Auto Industry
Railroads that Tamed the West

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