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Patrick Grote

Anyone else notice that there are hundreds of movies dropping tomorrow?



Yes I noticed and on 2/1 another 1000 will be removed, all the Starz will be gone.

Happy New Year!


Hundreds of titles vanishing tomorrow?


Many more going 'poof' when the Starz deal goes bye-bye?

So what?

Who can complain when Netflix has just added Jingle All the Way for our viewing enjoyment? Whoopee!


"What are you streaming this weekend?"

Don't Bother to Knock, an episode of The Cosby Show, Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max.
"Two Hands" with Heath Ledger. Don't stream it; it's censored. Get the disc, which is not censored.
Looks like the last movie I'll watch this year will be "The Asphalt Jungle".


Jingle All The Way is in the running for the worst holiday movie I've ever seen. That and Christmas with the Kranks. I was hoping to write about them on my blog this year but never got to it. Maybe next year, if Netflix has them for streaming. I sure as heck wouldn't rent the discs or worse yet, buy them. None of these titles have much to interest me.


Clarifying: I do like the True Grit movies, but I own both of them on Blu-ray.


A few days ago, Feedflicks had Supernatural listed as streaming starting on January 1st, and now its listed as starting on January 30th. It kind of sucks, I was really looking forward to watching it tomorrow.

I wonder if Feedflicks originally got the date wrong, or if Netflix decided to push it back a month, maybe to lighten the blow of losing Starz content on February 1st.

Daniel L

Thank god those Starz movies will be gone. I hope they never come back...at least, not unless they come back (1) in the right aspect ratio, (2) unedited by Starz, and with (3) DVD or better video quality.


The new True Grit already? I've noticed them getting certain new release titles quickly onto streaming lately. That bodes well. As for the Starz deal I've read over and over they knew what they were doing when they let them go. They say they have a plan to better spend that money. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and see what comes. Honestly I've focused most of my streaming time to TV shows either ignored or missed the first time around. I'm definitely getting my moneys worth watching them and have hardly focused on the movie selection at all.


Instantwatcher also had SPN (at least seasons 3 and 5) set for today; now, it isn't even showing up on their "upcoming" list, which goes until March.

Bother! I wanted to start marathoning the show before I had to go back to work. :(

Does this mean we won't get it at all?

Well, they'd be stupid to do so--it's all over the interwebs and the quoted date is "January 2012", so the 30th would be the last day they could conceivably put it up.

I was wondering, too: since CBS was part of the deal for Supernatural (and other CW shows), can we expect similar deals for back-seasons of other CBS stuff, like their CSI oeuvre/NCIS/Hawaii Five-0 (new version)?

Tonight I will be watching Sherlock BBC: A Scandal in Belgravia. Not on Netflix (yet), but it looks amazing regardless.


Also, it looks like the Bond movies (some? all?) will be disappearing this week (1/8). I wish NFLX could hold on to them for longer than a few months at a time!

Daniel L

I'm glad the Bond movies are being removed though, because some of them were uploaded with a fucked up frames per second rate. There's no point in having them available for streaming if it's only possible to watch them with some kind of ultra low FPS. The movies are unwatchable at that point.

An example of another movie that is currently on Netflix streaming with messed up frames per second is the movie Cronos by Guillermo del Toro. Go check it out if you want to see what I'm talking about. It looks like a stop motion animation movie, except with an even lower FPS rate and with real humans instead of clay.


Office Space will be fun to watch again and my kids enjoyed some Beyblades today.


They seem to be getting as much as they are losing generally. Last time I checked feedflixs it was dead even with the same number coming in and going... Now it's about even for the coming soon/just arrived compared to the leaving soon/just expired list.

Office Space, Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (which came out on DVD a month ago), Mars Needs Moms (hopefully it's not a totally jacked up Starz copy), Being Human, Young Frankenstein, and Spartacus all look like quality additions to me.

A Facebook User

Dissapointed we have to wait until the end of the month for Supernatural. It was very misleading with January 2012.....they might as well have said Feb. 2012........Nonsense I tell ya. I too may have to leave Netflix and I've been with them for almost 8 years.

Robert Emmerich

I understand new stuff comes and old stuff goes, but they really need to do a better job informing people. I'ld say 1 month notice. They have about 20 different categories, just have one labeled - stuff going away in the next 30 days. All 1,000 of Starz going away the end of the month? That needs to be in BIG BOLD LETTERS at the top of the Starz Play page.


Not sure if this was already mentioned but United States of Tara was also added which I've seen the first season and thought was really good.


Keep in mind that a lot of the stuff listed as new or coming soon, were previously available movies and shows that were gone for a few months and are being added back. So the list of truly "new" content is pretty darn small.


Glad to see True Grit finally showed up. Although Amazon streaming and Red Box had this title at least six months ago (different pricing models of course). Nice work on The Fighter a few months back. Now then, where is The King's Speech?


anyone else having NF streaming issues on their Roku? Amazon & Hulu play just fine but alot of my NF shows keep buffering & getting 2 dot quality??!!


Senna is back streaming (again).

A Facebook User

that "going away soon' category is a good idea. also can't wait for supernatural. my mom is geeked! do you youngins' still say geeked? ;)


Where the heck is Season 6 of Doctor Who? Didn't it end back in October or something?

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