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Yes I would sign up in a heartbeat. I think $15 a month is plenty enough.


10 bucks or less for HBOgo and I'm your first customer.


I wouldn't sign up for more than it would cost me to add it to my cable bill -- which is currently $14.95. I'd possibly be willing to pay $9.95 per month for an HBO Go streaming only option.


Yes! As Jamie stated, $15 is plenty and I would gladly pay it on top of Netflix.


I'd welcome a subscription model for HBO. HBO is the only reason I still subscribe to cable, I'd be glad to go "online streaming" or over the air for all my television watching if I could maintain access to HBO


As long as they keep putting their shows on DVDs I'll just stick with Netflix.


Easy access to all that original content on my Roku boxes make HBO Go worth $10 to $15 a month, in my opinion.


They could work out the same deal with Netflix as with the Cable companies... You can buy HBO for $15 if you have a cable subscription (and cable gets their cut of that), so without changing their business model too much or getting involved with direct customer billing or customer support (infrastructure they currently completely lack), it seems like they could also offer HBO-streaming to Netflix customers for $15 (and Netflix would get a cut of that). That would be good for HBO, good for Netflix, and good for consumers, and would probably require very little effort or cost to implement.

Jan Studebaker

I believe the current Netflix streaming selection is 'much' better than HBO (which I had for years on satellite).

To pay more for HBO than Netflix would be out of the question for me. If HBO Go was to get popular at a higher price point it would only push Netflix to raise their rates.


I would gladly subscribe to HBO Go if available. If it were in the $10 or less range, I would be a constant subscriber. If it got to the $15 a month range,....I would subscribe when there was a show I would like to watch, then cancel when I was done with that show.


As an HBO subscriber and a Time Warner Cable customer, I'm still waiting for the free access to HBOGo that I'm supposed to have.


I think HBO's heyday was in the 70's & 80's and they need to adapt for the 21st century. That being said I would pay $10 or less per month.


No more than $10 and that would be a stretch. The instant content available is no where near Netflix's selection. Anyone familiar with HBO knows that when you first sign on there are maybe a few newer movies to watch and once you consume those they are recycled for the next 6 months. As to original content (GOT, Boardwalk) I guess its up to a person if its worth the cost of 4 new episodes a month for the money. Eventually it all gets released via disc anyways.


I would pay 15$ a month for HBOGO, 20$ a month if it included Live Sports (boxing). Same goes for Showtime. They have to continue to expand their platforms though, getting on XBOX is nice... would like to see things like the Kindle Fire soon.

Robert Emmerich

What it would be worth per month would be dependent on what it offered. Correct me if I'm wrong - I researched it but still can't figure it out - but some people here are pricing it like it's HBO, $10 or $15 per month. This sounds more like HBO ON Demand which is normally and extra $5 on top of a monthly HBO fee. Plus you wouldn't necessarily have to pay $80 or whatever for cable to get HBO, you could have it on your Roku or iPad. So it's HBO, plus HBO On Demand, plus on your portable devices. Considering the tv and movie library they have going back 40 years I'ld think $19.99 would be generous on their part if it included access to all of that. I'm pretty sure there are people who would pay $20 per month just to continuously watch repeats of the Sopranos.

George Isaacs

10 bucks or less (I'm sure part of the reason media companies hate Netflix is that they've established the expectation of cheap streaming media).

I don't see HBO going directly to customers right away. I suspect there would be some sort of retaliation from the cable and satellite companies. Unless it was more expensive ($20-25).


I would happily pay them around $10/month.


I would probably pay $20 a month. The HBO original series are pretty great and without cable, I have to wait FOREVER for them to come out in season releases. They are the only shows I can't get access to since I canceled my cable. Get with the future, HBO!


If it's just content from HBO only why would people pay 10 dollars or more a month for it when HULU costs $7 a month and it's content from several providers?

Is HBO offering movies with the to go service or just HBO TV shows?

Its not worth 10 dollars a month just for that!


It is too late! Outside of original content, HBO doesn't own the content either! There will come a time when their current contracts with the studios run out, and Netflix will be there to outbid them for it.

In the meantime I will stick with Netflix. They got my 20.00 a month first, and I have NO intention of buying HBOgo, Sony, Showtime or any other subscription service out there. If i could afford that I would already have the premium channel package from the cable company. There are just too many of them.


Yep, I'd sign up for their original/exclusive content. Game of Thrones, Enlightened, Boardwalk Empire -- most definitely!

HBO for $20/month- no thanks

I’d gladly pay you upwards of $19.99 a month for direct access to HBO Go



$8 a month. Something similar to Netflix streaming as HBO will have a more limited overall selection but better movie selection. Anything to avoid paying $15 to the cable company. I'm actually surprised they have not offered this yet. It makes sense to give us the content outside of cable. How many people would actually stay with HBO if they offered an HBO Go seperate subscription?


I don't think HBO Go has enough content to be charging the same amount as Netflix...be a good add-on to netflix account, but not more than 3-5 dollars a month.


If you're curious as to what HBOGo offers, just check out their website. It's basically every thing HBO/HBO On Demand offers from what I can tell. Movies, Shows, Sports... my question for anyone that might have the service, are boxing events delayed or are they live? I'm pretty certain they are delayed. Live would be awesome. But as Mrm above said, if HBO starts losing content it won't be worth it. That seemed to be the major point of the article/letter, get with it now HBO before it's too late (Didn't HBO all ready lose Dreamworks Animation to Netflix?). Since cutting the cord the only unethical thing I've resorted to is relying on boxing streams to get that content. I don't like doing it at all, but I also don't feel it's right I have to have a 40$ basic digital package, 15$ a month HD/DVR box from my cable company before I can ever drop the 15$ to get HBO. The 15$ a month for the box really began to irritate me... as other devices did more and more here I am paying 15$ for this huge single use box. The Xbox can now do games, play DVDs and stream content from all sorts of sources (including HBOGo in a month).

Edward R Murrow

Slightly off topic - HBO just dropped "Hung" and "Bored to Death". If Netflix is serious about acting more like HBO then Netflix should pick these shows up. Both series are actually quite good, albeit somewhat quirky.




Heck yeah I would gladly pay up $15 a month for HBO GO Streaming service. I think HBO is stupid for not already offering this service sepreatly.


Netflix streaming content is worth much much more to me than HBO's content. No way I would be willing to pay more for HBO owned content than Netflix streaming content.

If I were a content owners I would certainly be working with Netflix to get money for old content.


I'm an HBO subscriber on DirecTV. I can stream HBO-Go to my phone, to my PC, to my laptop, to my netbook. Wanted to buy a Roku and stream it to my TV but although DirecTV will authenticate that I'm a subscriber, they refuse to authenticate from a Roku device.


Agreed with all the above. HBO needs to open up the Go service but 20 a month is too much. their content isn't all that.


>If it's just content from HBO only why would people pay 10 dollars
>or more a month for it when HULU costs $7 a month and it's content
>from several providers?

Because Hulu has commercials. I would not pay $7/month for a long time for commercials (I could potentially see using it for a month or two if I missed some shows that weren't going to eventually get on DVD).

That's why I Tivo everything I watch -- to skip commercials.


Yes, I'm in.

Daniel L

I'm surprised anyone is willing to pay more than 10 bucks for HBO Go. They have very little content compared to Netflix. Sure, some of their content is original, but much of it isn't.


I would, but it shouldn't be more than a cable sub..in fact it should be a little less ,Maybe $8/month..cause if I am paying full price, why wouldn't I just sub to the channel and get streaming free?

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One word : Yes...over the years from Deadwood to Rome to Game of Thrones the quality of their programing remains high ~ but for a price point of around $10.00 and not much more.


Unless people start dropping cable in droves in favor of streaming content, I think HBO and other networks should stick to what's working for them now.

While it might seem nice to branch out, if they were to contribute to the split from cable and satellite, they only hurt what is the main source of their revenue, contracts with various cable and satellite providers to offer their services.

As long as cable can keep raising fees and keep enough subscribers to maintain profitability, the likes of HBO should remain exclusive to the business models that are currently successful.

Big picture, it's good for consumers to have the Netflix and Hulu services out there leading the charge for an alternative method of offering TV and movie content.

It's not for HBO to look into until they see the trend dictates that exclusivity will soon hurt rather than help. For now, I'd say they should milk the cable / satellite thing as long as people are still willing to go with what providers dictate.

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