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Larry Dallas

Not much I can do about it. I still want the new titles when they come out.


The PO changes and the Qwikster fiasco were my reasons for dropping the DVD portion of Netflix.

The regional PO processing center is 30 miles away. They were rumored to be closing it and moving it 150 miles away.

That would have added 2-3 days for each DVD delivery. Most of the titles in my DVD queue were not must-see titles, either.

I do like and intend to keep the streaming, unless and until Netflix gets another bright Qwikster-type idea and messes their streaming up.


This could go either way for Netlix, could help them save money on postage as people are able to get less dvd's in a month or customers get less dvd's see less value in the service and some ultimately drop. It will be a mix for sure, but too early to tell in which way it will lean the most.


If you add a day or two to delivery and eventually drop Saturday deliveries (as rumored) DVD-by-mail becomes very impractical. Services like redbox will flourish even more.


If Netflix wants to survive they better look into providing new releases on a pay-per-view basis via streaming. Adding another day or two to get movies in the mail would probably make me drop the service because the value would no longer be attractive. I may as well stream the new movies from Amazon or via satellite and pay for them individually.

Hamilton Whitney

Currently we have the one disc plan. If we watch the movies immediately and send them back the next day we end up with two discs a week so around 8 a month, which is a good deal. If there's an extra day added to when Netflix gets our disc back and then another added to when we get the one shipped, that's going to end up at just one movie a week. At that point it's going to be cheaper and more convenient to go Redbox...


For casual/light Netflix users this isn't a big deal. Only the heavy Netflix-DVD users will be significantly impacted, think of it as throttling via USPS. This would likely lower Netflix shipping costs, maybe they would pass on the savings to its users.

The beauty of having Streaming and a 1disc DVD by mail plan is the ability to watch most content via streaming and using the DVD as a compliment for titles that are not available for streaming.

My suggestion to Netflix is to offer 1-2 DVD(s) by mail per month for streaming customers.


Well that would suck. When I heard about this on the news I thought they were discontinuing their special next day delivery option, $$$ that you can just as well do with UPS, FedEx, etc. I thought it sounded like a good idea, leave that kind of service to companies that specialize in that sort of thing.

I don't know how leaving mail sitting around just to spite people can save money. If anything it'll raise costs since they'll need facilities to store all the mail they're not delivering. And Netflix has got to be one of the post office's biggest customers; thumbing their nose at them doesn't make a lot of sense.

Schmye Bubbula

Don't blame me, I vote Libertarian!
Abolish the Private Express Statutes and sell-off the Post Office to private business!


This will not affect me that much. I have two (DVDs) out at a time and watch those movies on a weekly basis. Occasionally I have tested NF to see how many DVDs I can get in a billing cycle. I tried to get 4 movies a week, but found that NF will "throttle" the disc after the 3rd week. Instead of a 3 day turn around it takes 6 to get my movies.

So even with the USPS changes getting 8-10 discs a month for $15.00 is still better than going to any store or Redbox. The USPS has been talking about these changes now for over two years and Congress has to approve some of the changes. So I'll believe it when I see it and not a minute sooner.


I'm old enough to remember when the USPS was the only way to send a letter or parcel, it would take 10-12 days to send a parcel to the midwest from CA. Letters would take 5-7 days. The USPS was slow and inefficient because they knew they had a monopoly.

We now have been accustomed to fast delivery because we want everything tomorrow, a few extra days won't kill us.

The USPS is in the red because people pay their bills online and use FedEx/UPS to send parcels, the USPS needs to make drastic cuts.

I only stream now so this won't effect me.

Patrick Sweeney

It might be most frustrating for those of us who live or work near our Netflix processing center. Unless of course they allow walkup service!


I'm a heavy netflix user, so this will cut the amount of dvds I get per month in half, unfortunately making the netflix service half the value to me.

Fred Talmadge

Yea it's kind of a bummer, but right now I'm not watching that much tv/movies so I'm not overly concerned about it. Not much that can be done about it.


Currently, I can watch a disc over the weekend, mail it on Monday, get another one Wednesday, watch it that night, mail it Thursday, and have another by Saturday to repeat the cycle.

With no next day service, I would be watching a disc on the weekend, they would send a disc Wednesday, and I would get it on Friday, nearly cutting the number of discs I can watch each month in half.

I would hope that Netflix would either lower their rates, or bump the number of discs allowed at a time to compensate for this. I don't mind paying the current rate for 8 or 9 movies a month, but if it drops to 4 or 5, Redbox is a much better option.


Not a big deal for me. I mean, sure it'll be a little less convenient getting DVDs a day later, but what's to be done? And it's not the end of the world.

This is why I really like having DVDs and streaming together. I get exactly what I want on DVDs and find something else to watch on streaming while I'm waiting for the DVD.


I went from being able to get two discs a week (mailing on Monday and Thursday) to now having to wait 4-5 days between discs. This started happening when I switched my plan from Instant + DVD to just DVD, sometime in October 2011 (right before the new pricing would affect me). I know this company is trying to turn into a TV station rather than the hip film club it started out as, but only getting 4 or 5 DVDs a month is pretty sad.


we need the pony express to step in


This is a great deal for netflix as it will decrease their postage costs & increase profits. For customers, on top of the price increase. not so great.

But, still better than driving 2 miles to & from the closest redbox.

I will probably just downgrade to 1 at a time and rely more on streaming content.

Then when they get me sufficiently hooked, they will jack that up to $12.99 !


If you think these closures will reduce postage you are dillusional, the USPS will have to raise postage to cover the billions they are in the red. All postage rates are going up in January:



Obviously the USPS can't manage first class mail efficiently. Time for congress to allow Fedex and UPS the chance to bid on first class delivery.


Similar to some of the other posters, I carefully monitor the costs per movie consumed. With current delivery times, and the 1-at-a-time plan, I get 2 per week. That’s 8 films/month for $8. Right at the $1/ movie cost I want. If the post office messes with that, and Netflix fails to either a) lower the cost of the plan, or 2) increase the number out at a time – then it will effectively double the cost of movie consumed for me. That will force me to go somewhere else for movies at the $1/movie target value (Redbox). I would bet that a great number of Netflix users pay much more attention to these costs more than the management thinks.


Did Netflix end their policy of "throttling? I have read several comments about people getting 2 discs a week (one out at a time) for a total 8 a month for $8.00. If this is true then Netflix no longer slows down delivery for heavy users? At least for the one-out-at-time users, very interesting....

Since Netflix sorts (zip codes) DVDs at their distribution centers this process allows the USPS to skip sorting at their centers. Netflix has over 50 distribution centers located near the USPS centers that are all likely not to close down because they are located in large populated areas.

The average Netflix customer has nothing to worry about only heavy users.


I like movies by mail to get movies not available on streaming and newer releases. But if Netflix does not adjust the price of their mail service downward with the reduced value of the service. It would be a no-brainer for me to unsubscribe from the mail service.

Scott of Detroit

This is yet another reason that the DVD and the streaming service compliment each other.

Streaming offers great instant availability, but poor selection.

DVD's offer great selection, but you've got to wait.

The services need to be remarried with a discounted plan for both services.

DVDs - $8
Streaming - $8
DVDs + Streaming - $12

This would especially work out when DVDs are throttled by USPS.


I'm disabled so driving to a Redbox is out, I relied on the DVDs by mail since our DSL is slow but it's cheap. I used to be able to get 8 DVDs a month, and I have BluRay access.

If this USPS crap gets approved, I'd be lucky to get 4 DVDs a month! What a ripoff.

Robert Lovett

We already wait 30 days for new releases what's another few days.


Not only will netflix save big on postage, they could & probably will shutter a number of shipping facilities as they can blame it all on the post office.

Now we are seeing why they wanted to separate the services I guess.

To moviegeek who thinks a 1 cent increase in postage is going to make up for shipping thousands of fewer discs every single day, I guess common sense isnt your strong point.

Like others have commented, this hasnt happened yet. And it remains to be seen if it will. This is probably just their cry for help via higher rates or taxes or whatever.

If they do go to a 5 day week, why day are they contemplating doing away with ?

Saturday ?

That might mean 1 movie per week. Im not paying an extra $7.99 for 1 movie per week.

This is an opportunity for redbox to offer a subscription model or 2-3 day rentals on 2-3 discs. A number of possibilities.

It will be interesting.

It seems one way or another I am going to be weaned off DVDs.


robert lovett

Waiting a few more days isnt the issue. Thats not a problem. Even 6 or 8 week delay isnt a big deal. What IS a big deal is the value proposition. At least to those of us who try to maximize the value of their subscription.

If you let a disc sit there for a week before viewing it, you are NFs dream customer.


This change is moronic. In a time where they're losing volume to instant delivery, email, why make the service slower? This will mean that more people will switch to online billpay, and companies like Amazon.com will kill the contract (how can USPS guarantee Prime 2-day delivery if there are fewer processing centers)


Until we see exactly how it will really affect things, I don't think I can make a great determination how bad this will be.

But I don't think it will cause a mass movement to Redbox, etc. (Even though I _have_ been using Blockbuster Express recently since my netflix is on hold and I have a bunch of free BB codes that are about to expire... I still don't think I would use BB or Redbox as my primary movie consumption device, though I would probably SAVE money doing so, with how long I've let netflix DVDs sit sometimes.)


Wow, what a group of posters ... am I one of you?

I'll just up my plan from 3 to 4 a month, and be grateful I can still walk the dvds up the hill to my mailbox, and have the next ones in a couple days, or maybe now 3, and watch on streaming in the mean time ....



No, you are not one of us.


Unfortunately I have to agree with most of the negative stuff already written. (If I were rich like vp, I would adopt his plan. But I'm not.)

I am a heavy user receiving 2 on Monday, 2 on Weds, and 2 on Sat. By various methods I timeshift the viewing of those dvds. Add in streaming and my cost per dvd is about $1.25. Double my cost (by changing delivery times) and it makes Amazon downloads to my TiVo cost effective.

Also: Reed Hastings may not be the worst CEO but he sure is in the same general area. Whether he is or not, his actions were arrogant and very user-UNfriendly. Luckily, the Motley Fool gave fair warning to get out of the stock before the heavy hit.


If the number of discs I receive per month drops off substantially, I'll regretfully drop the Blu-ray plan. DAMN the inept postal service.


I'm not sure that the announcement regarding the First Class delivery will affect Netflix. The Post Master General was on the PBS News Hour last night and made it sound like the Post Office's core business (which is commercial delivery @ over 70% of volume) would NOT be affected by the additional day added to delivery timelines. He stated that, so long as the commercial mailers got their stuff to the distribution centers (of which there will be half as many) by Noon, their mail would be delivered the next day. He made it sound like the only real looser here will be the retail customer and the 35k people who will be out of work because of it.

We may see a problem in the return of the disks, but even there, all post offices sort Netflix as a separate and distinct class of mail. There have even been postal employees fired over delays to Netflix specific shipments (if I recall it was up in Washington State, where a bulk processing center refused to process a Netflix truck because it showed up like an hour late after the processing deadline.)

It's not in the Post Office's best interest to delay or have a detrimental impact on one of their core business partners, who rely on the US Mail for a sizable portion of their net revenue. This is in both directions, from Netflix to Us and from Us to Netflix. It looks like it's only the unrepresented constituency (that birthday card to grandma, or perhaps a bill that you'll have to mail a day earlier) that is the real target of these cuts.

Also on the throttling, I'm a 'heavy user' on a three at a time plan (for those of us doing the math on the most economical plan, it's three at a time), and I've never experienced any deliberate delays on the part of Netflix. I've been able to track down the disruptions in my service since 2009 and they have all been related to a Netflix admitted mistake (i.e., we got apology e-mails) or something about my local Post Office (staff vacation, truck breakdown, heavy volume, etc.). I turn at least six DVD's around each week. And more if I get a TV series, watch an episode or two of the show, not like it and ditch the disks on the same day they arrive.


I'm willing to ride it out and see what happens. If USPS approves this measure AND it takes 2-3 days to see a DVD, then I'm going to drop to steaming only. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. My home is quite close to a Netflix shipping center (about 10 miles) and it's quite quick, so I may not see a big time change if USPS makes this move.

I don't mind waiting about 1-2 days for a DVD but I'm not waiting 3+ (that is, standard shipment from my local center). No way.

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ive already dropped netflix for maybe 4 months and may not sign up again for several months to catch up on some bills. if the mail delivery gets slow and they wont get us the netflix movies in 1 days time, and the netflix raised their prices, then id be getting like half the movies that i was used to getting in a month for a more costly price. it wouldnt be a very good deal. then that will probably be another reason for customers to drop netflix . like someone else said, netflix relies on the usps to help their business profer. if they cant do that , netflix will get mad because they may lose lots of customers .

Walt D in LV

Since I'm only watching movies on the weekend, an extra day delivery will not affect me.

Last I checked, the Netflix Distribution Center in Las Vegas, Nevada was located near Spring Mountain and Arville, about EIGHT miles away from the Main Post Office located near the airport.

When I was a very heavy user, 8 movies at a time, I could routinely go through 64-65 movies a month. I never experienced throttling as a delay of delivery. I would not get sent the more popular titles right away, even though they may be on the top of my Queue. The 2nd, 3rd, or 4th less popular title listed on my Queue would be sent instead, but without any delay in shipping.

Finally, if this proposal goes through, it DOES seem that it would add to Netflix' bottom line, so it would keep DVDs/Blu-rays more profitable, hence maybe they would put forth more effort to support them.

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