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I don't have any major complaints about streaming and disc delivery. Sometimes streaming content is in the wrong aspect ratio. I would like to know why a few episodes of a series, within a season full of streamable episodes, are "disc only".
As for the site itself, I wish it had the ability to add notes to the selections in the queue, similar to what YouTube has started doing when something is added to favorites.


My disc are delivered so fast that it's hard to find time to get them watched and there's way too much stuff on streaming, my queue is getting bigger and bigger. I need more time in the day, can Netflix give me that?


I need more time in my day too to catch up on my streaming queue! I am pretty happy with the service and the rate hike didn't bother me too much as I just dropped the DVD side of it and haven't missed it much at all.

My only big complaint is like most of us, I wish the streaming side had all of the DVD catalog as part of the streaming service. Maybe one day, but I still have plenty to watch. I cut the cord this summer and it's been great.


Conspiracy theorist!


This is easy. That you can no longer contact customer service online. The fact that I cannot simply email them when a streaming title is messed up some how (bad audio, cutoff video, or simply the wrong content attached to the title) is a joke. I do not care if they mostly got new title requests when they had a form. They should be reading/listening to those too.

Then, if you call in to report that a title has a problem, the very polite, but seemingly ineffective, telephone reps will agree there is a problem and say they will pass it on, but that's it. The title isn't taken down, it seems to take forever to get the problem fixed, and they do not contact you when it is fixed, so you have to keep going back to check, which is an unnecessary waste of my time. Afterall, I contact them about it, how hard would it be to send me an email when it is taken care of?

Oh, that's right, if I created a system with follow up to the customer at the end, that would create accountability. If I wanted to design customer service that discouraged the customer from ever contacting me, this is how I would do it.


I love Netflix (I mostly use it on my iPad) but the app is buggy & crashes probably once per usage session. Called Netflix to discuss this & 3 different techs (not the people who answer the phone, but the techs they escalate too) told me this kind of thing has to be taken up with Apple! I'm, no. Also, if there is a simple problem like a streaming title has flaws, I want to be able to email in a trouble ticket. Calling to talk to someone is a big PITA for me, not least because I often have a hard time understanding a disembodied voice through a phone handset in the absence of visual clues such as lip shape.


They are sabotaging their DVD business, which is pissing me off. Why is there no iPhone app for the DVD queue? They want to force people to use the streaming service--yeah I get it. The streaming service still needs more scale. As a customer, I want to do what I want to do. Netflix should stop forcing me to do what they want and subtracting useful services. THIS IS NOT HOW TO COMPETE!

Thomas Armstrong

I have a real complaint here:

I live in Chile (southamerica). We speak spanish. But we hate audio translations, as they are done in Spain/Mexico and just sound funny/irreal to us.

We are used to have audio in original language, and subtitles in spanish (or english). This way we get the real feeling of what the director wanted to achieve.

But Netflix does not give me choice in audio!! Most of the streaming is in spanish! Some in english. Even worse: for TV shows some episodes are in spanish, some in english. I can NEVER choose. Arrrgh!

My wish is that I could choose audio and subtitle language.

(All comments valid for PC/Wii/iPhone/iPad streaming, as I use all these devices)

Daniel L

Movies available for streaming should be available in their original aspect ratio. Netflix has a bad habit of cropping movies when they upload them to an aspect that looks like something between 3:2 and 16:9. Why? What's the purpose of cutting off a little of the image?

Also, if Netflix is going to upload the English dubbed version of foreign movies, which are usually absolutely atrocious, then they should also make available an "original audio, with subtitles" version as well.

I want to watch movies in their original aspect ratio with their original audio, not some dumb ass format Netflix deems appropriate so that the movie is more accessible for the masses. Guess what? The masses don't want to watch rare, obscure movies and TV shows, which is what most of Netflix Online has for streaming. It's time to start catering to the movie freaks.

Daniel L

Also, I agree completely with Bill and Webhill.

If there is a problem with a movie in their streaming catalog, there is no good way of reporting it to Netflix short of calling Netflix. The "report problem" page is insufficient.

I probably find one problem a week with their online catalog. I shouldn't have to call them once a week. I should be able to contact them easily online to tell them precisely what the problem is.

Not that it matters, since no matter what you do, they don't fix the messed up movies in their online library. I would gladly help out if they would at least try to fix problems.


If Netflix is going to be mainly a streaming service. Then they should stream their films in the correct aspect ratio. This is my biggest complaint.


The only reason I axed the dvd netflix is that with the price hike it became cheaper to rent the 2 or 3 movies I watch a month thru amazon. I still have instant streaming and I use it daily. Have never had much of a problem with the service except for the list of saved movies rearranging.


Does anyone remember the old site navigation? I remember that I was able to see more of what Netflix actually offers and browse titles within a category in an alphabetical index (no DVD covers). It was so much better!

Now I feel like it's just pushing certain titles or trying to decide what it thinks I want to watch with "fun" little side scrolling DVD covers. How pretentious?

If I know what I want to watch, I just use the search bar, but most of the time I just want to browse the abyss.


Netflix lost over 600 of my movie ratings and they have no clue as to how or why and therefore can't fix it. I had to call customer service SIX times and 5 out of the 6 times I had incredibly rude and bad service. I've used Netflix for 6 plus years now and I have never had such problems. Why is it that when they make their own mistakes costing them 800,000 plus subscribers to leave... they are even less loyal and efficient to the customers they have remaining? I have been a happy, loyal customer for 6 plus years and now they treat me to extremely bad and rude customer service calls and magically lose over 600 movie ratings? That is my primary use of Netflix, I rate movies and use it as my own personal database to refer back to. Now what's the point? They lost a lot of my information and clearly don't care enough to try and resolve the issue. Has the lost ratings happened to anyone else?


To steve, it's a bit of a pain, but if you select a specific genre, then 'see all' of that genre, you can still get the sortable list feature. I wish they wouldn't hide it through multiple pages of navigation, but it's there.


I don't really have much of an actual 'complaint' against Netflix. I think they've made some bad business decisions this year; and I really enjoy having a satellite provider that gives me other programming, like news, sports, local and more. I think it is interesting that my provi8der, DISH, ended up doing the exact opposite of Netflix, and it's working out great. When Netflix split its company, DISH actually purchased Blockbuster and combined two great names. Now, instead of making it more difficult and expensive to get content (Netflix), DISH made it easier and more cost effective, and with a MUCH broader content base than before. The Blockbuster Movie Pass gives customers access to more than 100,000 titles, either in-store, by mail or streaming live!! TV Shows, Games and Movies are all included, with NO late fees, and with an additional 20 HD Movie channels added to each subscriber's lineup!! I would have gotten this movie package even if I didn't work for DISH, and I can still rely on the great sports and news coverage I have come to expect from DISH!!


I don't have a problem with their delivery so much as their website and my queue. I've lost count of how many times I've had to call them in the past couple of weeks due to glitches like DVDs being shipped out of order (when those at the top of my queue are available), three DVDs in a row that were never even in my queue being shipped to me, not being able to add new DVDs to my queue except doing it via the actor page (if I try to add a movie the normal way, it doesn't take) and the queue reordering itself so TV episodes are hopelessly out of place to the point I just deleted all the TV episodes.

A more permanent problem I have though is that I'd like all DVDs to have English subtitles. Not because I'm deaf or hard of hearing but because the sound quality is so messed up on a lot of movies or else the actors mumble or slur their way through the dialogue, rendering what anyone's saying unintelligable. Yet, if someone onscreen puts down a coffee cup, the sudden bang just about blows my speakers to pieces.


Deeply grateful that the company is sticking with a streaming/DVD model. And it's so wonderful that they raised the limit on the queues to above 500!!

Still have not recovered from the disappearance of unavailable streaming films with *no notice* so that they could be at least printed and saved. Who knows what was there? Wow, that was MEAN.

Recently, I've had trouble signing into my 'daughter' queues, but I called we got that straightened out. I get the feeling they'd like to eliminate multi-queues. If that's so, they should provide better tools for switching films between queues.

BETTER queue tools overall, would be my plea and hope.


I've been a customer for 7+ years and have seen a serious decline in customer service. Had to call 3 times just to receive a replacement disc. I did finally get the bonus disc the first representative promised me- wasn't easy though.

Ben Pike

No complaints here - quit your bitching.

Steve G

Their movie selection for streaming sucks. They seem hell bent to destroy their dvd service; however, I will only drop my dvd service once ALL of their dvd inventory is available through streaming. Also, I have found it is VERY common for episodes to be out of order or missing on their streaming service. For example, The Tudors, the order is all messed up. Camelot, they only stream episodes 2 through 4. ??? Why would you not stream episode 1? And if I order the disk to see episode 1, why bother streaming the following episodes if I already have the disk at home?


When you start seriously watching the streaming service, you realizes that a significant amount (10%?) is improperly presented, either by bad aspect ratios, mis-labeled episodes, audio glitches, dodgy video, or even worse. And it seems like Netflix doesn't care, because their online reporting method is pathetic. How about an email address?

I've lost track of all the content I've had trouble with, but, above all else, it's scandalous that Fahrenheit 451, a movie about censorship, actually has 20 or so minutes missing from the middle, and despite the comments being filled with remarks about that, Netflix apparently doesn't really care?

Joe Siegler

That my instant queue keeps getting out of order. Having to fix it about once every other week or so,


I'm hearing impaired and a number of stuff with captions or subs aren't in sync or have problems showing the appropriate text at the appropriate time.

Also, netflix has a bad habit lately of captioning stuff just a week or two before they leave the streaming service or only captioning parts of a series. That's kind of worthless for a 2 episode miniseries/tv movie like Hogfather for example.


I have rated over 5,000 films during the course of my many years with Netflix, and they have held a much-publicized million-dollar contest for a better film recommendation algorithm, and yet to this day I only get 3 suggestions from them. They have a wealth of data available from all of my ratings, and their anticipated star-rating for films for me is often on the money, but I have no way of listing all of the films I have not yet seen that they would anticipate I would rate higher than 3 stars. This is not rocket science! Amazon manages it pretty well; why can't Netflix?


I've had some serious issues with cracked blu-ray discs (not standard DVDs). Somewhere between 20% and 30% have the same tiny crack along the outer radius. I think I had to send Dogma back 5 times before I got a playable copy.


When I stream a tv show, it often glitches and won't play when there is roughly a minute and a half left in the show.


they keep messing with the order of my instant queue and i wish they brought back the saved section on the instant queue


Biggest problem is my streaming queue gets rearranged on its own repeatedly. At least a dozen times so far.

Mine has over 200 titles and its a pain to find what used to be at the top of mine.

Calls to customer service work just like not calling customer service. Nothing gets done about it.

That said, Im not a netflix hater complaining about everything. And I didnt cancel months ago and still come here to pile on.

Nobody likes price increases but the reality is, most things in the supermarket have increased over the last few years.

You dont see me on message boards blaming the grocers.


In no particular order...

1. I miss having a $10 option that included disks and streaming. That was the magic service-and-price point that they have lost. Even if unlimited-everything for $10 was not cost-effective for them, why not a $10 plan that gives you, say, 4 or 5 rentals for the month, and 5 or 10 hours of streaming? I thought about getting a pair of $4.99 plans which is only slightly skimpier than that, but it was too much of a nuisance.

2. On a non-streaming plan, you can no longer see which titles are available for streaming. (That's really stupid on their end... I might be more enticed to add a streaming subscription again if I noticed a bunch of things I was interested in were available. Free marketing to your existing customer base is usually the best kind!)

3. I don't like when DVDs are missing special features, and wish it were clear on the site that a given DVD was missing features that the retail copies have so I could decide accordingly.

4. You can no longer tell who wrote a review or how similar netflix thinks their tastes are to yours, and you can't look at their other reviews to see if their tastes really are similar to yours, which makes the user reviews far less useful than they used to be.

5. I don't like that when you re-subscribe after a hold, your card gets charged without any notice of how much the card will be charged. Twice I reactivated after price increases, and didn't know how much I was going to be charged until after I authorized them to charge the card. Very annoying (and, I suspect, possibly illegal).

6. Maybe it's just bad luck, but in the past month, two or three times, it took them longer to send out disks than usual.


do you add titles to your instant queue form sites like this one (or feedflix or instantwatcher)? That is the only time my queue gets reordered. I pulled feedfliks form my app list and stopped adding titles through sites other than netflix's own site. That has kept my queue in order.

Riverside Guy

In no specific order:

1. wrong aspect ratio for streaming TV series shows.

2. extremely limited pre-set "choices" to write them an e-mail about an issue.

3. rarely knowing that a streaming title/series will disappear

4. my streaming queue being re-ordered

5. the god awful UI of the PS3 client... far worse than what it was over a year ago

6. "DVD only" episodes for streaming series when there's NO reason for it

7. lack of information for customers... there should be notices about all the above points... while I may not LIKE the response, at least there should BE one!


My biggest complaint is how you suggest content and browse movies is presented. Netflix has the best recommendation engine but continually finds ways to limit its usability. You really need to find a better way to present it, that gives the customer more control. Also while it is the best recommendation engine it is still imperfect. I have not heard anything in regards to making it better. One of the biggest issues I have is when you are looking for new movies to watch, your suggestions can get kind of stagnant. Overall though just giving the customer more control and more ways to personalize their netflix account would be amazing.


iPhone app needs to be able to manage DVD queue. By canceling its plans for a corporate split-up, Netflix has reaffirmed its commitment to disc-by-mail...so this iPhone app feature should be a priority.


No new Criterion Collection Blu-Rays. Come On!!


i would like to see them go back to the by studio option. it was easy to find a title.


They to stock catalog blu-rays. I know they don't focus on DVD business anyore, but new bluray catalog releases are being carried consisiatntly by netflix. Blockbuster online has a much better selection of catalog blurays than netflix, while netflix charges and extrea bluray fee that Blockbuster does not.

If older totles are consistantly listed as "very long wait", maybe it's time to order more copies, I have several titles in my queue listed a very long wait for months.


My complaint is about managing my account. I wish they had an account model that acknowledges the simple fact that people live with other people -- families or roommates to whatever -- and that there are probably things that only one person wants to see, and things that multiple people want to see. I want to be able to organize my husband's and my queues (both streaming and DVDs) into "him", "me" and "us."

There's just two of us, so we use a profile for DVDs, but even that's a pain because we have to switch from the profile to the main account to even see if a title is available on streaming. And then within your streaming q, you have everything jumbled together. We solve this by using some titles as "bookends" (for example, "everything between the two pilates videos are yours, everything before the first pilates video is mine, and everything after the last pilates video is ours") but it's an inefficient pain. It would be so nice to have management tools that actually acknowledge that most people live in this kind of situation.


After promising for over a year, and despite THREE lawsuits against them, Netflix streaming is still less than 50% captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing (actually, closer to 45%). (They promised 80% by the end of 2011 and claimed in February 2011 to have captioned 30% - it was actually only 15% - it took them until June of this year to ACTUALLY make the 30% mark!)


Love Netflix, very satisfied with both DVD and streaming plans.

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