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Android user

Dear iphone users, you can manage the dvd queue on the website. No need for another app. I am truly surprised so many iphone users are unaware it has a web browser.


Now that they have lost a major contract for movies, you would think that they would want to do everything possible to make it easier for remaining and new subscribers to discover all of the content that they DO offer. Instead for many devices, their updated UI makes it more difficult to discover content. Their new UI for the Revue Google TV no longer lists the main genres with the sub-genres. There are entire genres that one can't find with this UI unless one goes to the website including Sports&Fitness, musicals, Spirituality, or even the link straight to Starz Play so we can see all of those movies before the contract ends. The search option only appears at the very top of the screen and one has to flip back up through page after page to get back to it- it should be always visible and accessible. Netflix should recreate the ease and clarity of their computer based website interface on all other platforms to create a more consistent user experience and to ensure that all titles are discoverable to users of different devices.
The latest Netflix update broke the use of the Revue mouse/touchpad for navigating. The arrow keys or even the FF/REW buttons often goe haywire when trying to use the scrubber to move through a title. It becomes impossible to stop the scrubber from moving forward. It is telling that their app for the Google Revue and the Android App do not have a contact us/report a problem or suggestion option. Have they become so complacent or arrogant that they no longer feel they need customer input to help improve the service?


I have never had a problem streaming to 2 devices at once until lately. If my kids want to watch something on netflix in their bedroom, they have to wait until I am done in the next room


main complaint that i have is that they don't have smallville and supernatural episodes i want to watch these series


I am an old-time Netflix consumer, will stay with them for now, but the more annoying things for me are:

  • Lack of selection in Streaming offerings.

  • Lack of quality (Blu-Ray) for Streaming

  • Omitted or reduced content on Rental disks (extras, different cuts, etc.)

  • Delays in getting new disks

  • Increased costs

  • Glitches in Queue Management

  • General dumbing down of the site

It seems to me that Netflix has been, historically, a very well run, innovative outfit, but clearly the streaming model is not working, due to quality and lack of content, so as much as we'd all like to move there, it's not on the horizon any time soon. The recent gaffs (Quickster!!?) have been fairly major, but I am assuming that there was something behind the scenes, studio negotiations or otherwise, causing the Netflix execs to look like complete, even self-destructive, idiots. Innovative people don't generally go that dumb that quickly. Take a misstep, lose momentum, sure, but this goes beyond that I think. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I suspect the real Netflix story will have to wait for some autobiographical or similar book to come out, or at least some lawsuit, to "Get the rest of the story.".

But in the interim, Netflix, just get back to basics, let me have a single queue to manage both disks and streaming, get me the disks quickly without content restrictions or delays.

netflix guy

The streaming selection kinda sucks now. It looks pretty dour if they plan on ditching DVDs entirely. I know losing Starz is a big reason, but there used to be a time where I was overwhelmed with all the movies I could watch.

I know they got Arrested Development, but that's not for quite awhile. Reminds me of when HBO subscribers would have to tread thru offseasons of the Sopranos and Deadwood with fare like I dunno, something like Arli$$.


Put me down for a complaint about all the cropping they do on some of their streaming movies, i.e. cutting 2.35 ratio movies like the Hustler down to 1.85 or less. at least they should run a warning saying that the film has been modified.


I really, really don't like Microsoft's sliverlight.


Streaming in general has been pretty good but streaming of TV shows has many times been a buffering and wait affair. It is very annoying and my wife and I really can't believe Netflix is charging as much as it is for its inconsistent streaming.
Another point that may have us leaving Netflix is the increasing lack of availability of independent and foreign films. As I look around to revisit some of my favorite small indies or foreign films I notice that many of them are not available anymore. I've been looking into Greencine and I may give them a test run to see if they perform better than Netflix.


1. Increasing # of dvds will not play in computers, but will play in tv/dvd hookups.
2. Site Movie reviews have no value since author cannot be attributed.
3. The same damaged disc is mailed back as a "replacement"..( I know because I put a small mark on the label, and a customer service rep admitted that this was happening, even telling me to NOT mail back the damaged disc until the replacement had arrived)
4. No streaming available to non-Windows based users.Only Silverlight can be used on a computer, which of course does not work with Linux.

Jason Stewart

Half assed Navigation and Design choices make what used to be a fantastic easy interface, a frustrating and clunky experience.

Specifically, Netflix on XBOX Live. The newest update is mostly terrible, with a couple of welcome additions. Netflix navigation on XBOX is the clumsiest, and poorest designed out of all the services available on Live. Hulu navigation is way nicer.

Let's start with we still don't have access to the entire streaming library on Live, and have to go to the website to browse all of it. Search doesn't count, I don't have the whole library memorized.

Why has TV and Movie New Releases been combined? I watch movies far more, but always checked the new TV additions. And all children titles should be separate also, I don't have kids in the house, and don't need to know there is new Caillou.

Looking through the lists is visually clumsy. Both horizontally, and moving vertically through categories.

The switch from box art to random movie still is both irritating by it's expanding size, and completely useless, as it almost never tells you anything more about the movie, or give you more or less reason to watch. One frame I took notice to was nothing more than a shot of someones upper arm, from forearm to shoulder.

This feature is especially annoying for those of use who cycle through reading the box art. And the expansion shifting the other down in one direction or another takes your eye from what you are reading, back to the useless movie frame.

The movie description below is a nice addition, but after a few seconds while you're reading, is automatically scrolls down to the actor info, which is frustrating and stupid, because by now we know what we need to do to scroll the info.

Selecting the movie should not auto play the movie, this is where you could have a frame from the movie, but pick a useful one. And why can I only rate a movie while it's playing? Sometimes I want to rate a movie I have already watched.

I do like the movies suggestions that come up once you have finished watching, but this should be an available option once you have selected a movie, without the movie playing right away.

All of this is unsurprising given the terrible navigation and design of the streaming section online, which is additionally annoying when navigating the website on a phone. You can't hover over with a touch screen. And visually it's just lazy. The dvd section navigation continues to be a far better experience.

Netflix seems to be making one mistake after another in the last year, which is hard to understand their choices given how good things were going previously.

Unfortunately the Pros and Cons are far too equal these days.

Jason Stewart

CORRECTION - I just realized I was wrong, you can view the 3 similar suggestions when you first choose movie, I missed that before

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