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Doug Nelson

I really do not like the new Xbox interface. They leave off the year in the description, and forget trying to watch a specific episode of a series. Even worse is browsing episodes.

I was trying to browse through the How It's Made series yesterday. First you have to start playing the show, then pause it (because I made the mistake of not pausing and when the show ends it kicks you back to the main interface). It only shows about 5 episodes per page (the old interface showed closer to 20).


"Does anyone remember the old site navigation? I remember that I was able to see more of what Netflix actually offers and browse titles within a category in an alphabetical index (no DVD covers). It was so much better!

Now I feel like it's just pushing certain titles or trying to decide what it thinks I want to watch with "fun" little side scrolling DVD covers. How pretentious?

If I know what I want to watch, I just use the search bar, but most of the time I just want to browse the abyss.

I could not have explained it better. The old interface was far better. I wish I could get it back.


"To steve, it's a bit of a pain, but if you select a specific genre, then 'see all' of that genre, you can still get the sortable list feature. I wish they wouldn't hide it through multiple pages of navigation, but it's there."

Can't do that on the PS3 or Xbox 360, which are my streaming devices. I don't like going to the website except to manage DVD's and BD's which are a much smaller portion of my Netflix consumption now.


As a home theater enthusiast I absolutely love the disc by mail portion of Netflix. Their Blu-ray selection is great, so I can enjoy true HD content along with beautiful uncompressed Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD sound.

Their streaming collection is vast, but contains mostly old content. Forget about new releases. In my opinion the streaming quality is barely acceptable for even casual viewing. For those of us that have spent many thousands of dollars on our home theater systems, streaming Netflix is not really an option.


Overall I am satisfied. I feel I am getting what I pay for, before the pricing changes I felt like it was a steal. My biggest problem is the lack of control. I can put Pin #s on most things to prevent my daughter from streaming premium VOD content that costs $$. But I cannot prevent her from watching Rated R movies on Netflix. This isn't a problem unique to Netflix, Crackle also has this problem... but I don't pay for Crackle. Also, my wife doesn't want to watch my History Channel/Discovery Channel shows and I could care less about Tyler Perry Movies. We almost need a profile solution to this. From reading other comments I see I'm not the only one that would enjoy this. Netflix all ready took heat for the captions problem from disability groups, I wonder if the PTC ever gets a bug up their butt about kids being able to watch whatever they want we might see a little effort devoted to this.

Nathan Hoover

I've been a customer for over 10 years. Here are some disappointments:


Should have a discount for doing streaming and discs. I cancelled discs to send this message.


Some discs don't have the special features - they are rental ones? What a letdown.


Audio out of sync with video on Kindle Fire.

Typically can't watch foreign movies in the right language. I an not interested in dubbed English! I want to watch the real movie with subtitles.

No 1080 streaming

No 5.1 sound on Roku (unlike Amazon)

No special features when streaming.

That being said, Netflix has screwed up a lot lately, but they are still the best game in town.


My biggest frustration is whenever I get into the redesigned part of the web site--you have to hover the mouse and let the pop-up show you basic things like the title, the predicted (or your assigned) rating, whether or not the title is also available on disc. These are readily available on the old interface and it was totally stupid to hide all that information. And it is really convoluted adding a disc to the DVD queue: you have to click on the title in the pop-up (which, by the way, the web designer failed to show as a link), to take you to a movie page, and sometimes you have to navigate to yet another page before you get to the place where you can add the title to the DVD queue. Is there a better way to sabotage the DVD side of the business?

About two months ago I had also reported the "Display all instant activity" link from the DVD/Instant queue is broken: if you exit out of a stream and then later you resume the stream, each exit gives you another line on that display. It's still broken in the same way. However, if you go through "Your account & help" and click on "See all instant watching activity", you are taken to a different URL that displays the information correctly.

I don't like it when the Netflix description shows a number of specials on a disc, and when you go to the specials menu on the disc, you are told to purchase the retail version of the disc. If the specials aren't on the disc shipped, why is Netflix telling us they are?

Also, why doesn't Netflix offer a "manage vidoe quality" quality that is equivalent of 4 stars (the best before getting into HD)? There are a lot of TV shows that render just fine on my 46in HD TV with my old Roku set to stream the 4-star stream but a 3-star stream would show compression artifacts and an HD stream would be a waste of my monthly quota. But the day my Roku dies, I'll have to use the Netflix web site to manage the video quality when it doesn't give me precisely what I often want.


I want to be able to add DVDs to my queue with a streaming only plan. I don't have enough yet to merit getting discs but now I can't keep track of movies I want to see but don't stream.


I've been with Netflix for almost 11 years. Back then it took almost a week for 1 movie to go from my house to a facility and then a new one come back to me. No streaming either and I was paying a little less than I am now. Today, movies are 2 days to turn around and I have thousands of titles to enjoy streaming. I don't complain about what I have outside of my queue reshuffling from time to time.


Nothing that goes into my Saved queue ever goes out of it! The saved queue is the Black Hole of Netflix

I have over 100 titles in the Saved queue; some of them have been there for more than five years; all of them can be purchased from Amazon; and I can only think of two titles that made it into my DVD queue, and maybe three that are offered as Streaming now. That's a terrible track record. I get the feeling Netflix is just living off its DVD inventory and not replacing anything. I know where that's going to go in a few years.


Considering that I (we) pay for Netflix, I would like to know why information about titles set to expire or be added to streaming can't be provided for the customers from Netflix, without having to go to sites like Feedflix. Sure, sometimes Netflix has an upcoming expiration date or "coming soon", but not with as much notice. How do those other sites get their information?


I love Netflix but the following things piss me off:
1. Secondary profiles can't see which movies on their DVD queue are available for streaming.
2. I'm getting more and more "Rental" DVDs that don't allow you to fast forward endless ads and previews, don't have bonus features, and in some cases don't allow you to watch the Unrated version
3. Streaming selection is lacking


My complaint is the price hikes.

Rob O.

Like Scott, I miss the $10 2 disks at-a-time and unlimited streaming option.

If the company wanted so badly to force us all over to that mode instead of physical disc rentals, they should've had the content -before- making that aggressive move. Their streaming catalog is very weak.

Mostly, my issue is with Reed Hastings for his blatant and smirkingly cavalier disregard for me as a customer. I was an early adopter of Netflix from more than a decade ago and I've since suspended my account in protest of the needless price hike this Fall.


1. Rent games to give me a reason to quit Blockbuster movie pass. I also have the $20/mo Netflix sub.

2. Fix the Netflix Xbox 360 interface to allow FF/RW like it was. Now when you FF through a movie you cannot easily see what frame you are on, only what position. Makes it difficult to skip through anime/tv introductions.

3. Find a way to speed up the startup times of the iOS/Android interface. It takes up to 5 minutes to select my show to watch. This is on an iPad 2 and Galaxy S phone with both on WIFI.

4. Stop re-arranging my instant queue every few days.

5. Don't list shows in the recent or rental area when I watch less than 5 minutes of a show. Most of the netflix apps do a preview now that starts the show and lists it as watched.

6. Stream new TV shows. I would pay a premium for this feature so that I can quit my cable TV.

I will continue to stay with Netflix. For the price it's a great service. They have worked very hard to make it a great product for the user. If you don't think so, check out Blockbuster online, Comcast online, Dish Network online. They don't even come close to Netflix!


I cancelled my subscription due to the lack of new streaming content. If you enjoy old not so great movies, Netflix is for you. Netflix went from the greatest thing around to a shell of what it once was. I hope the stock declines to ZERO.


Don't know if this is happening to anybody else, but after the most recent Netflix PS3 update, I have not been able to stream in HD on my PS3. It is NOT my internet connection, which continues giving me 10 MB download speeds as it is supposed to.


I am a streaming-only customer after being a DVD and streaming customer for 3-4 years. In general, I am satisfied with price (I know they were taking a big hit with my old $10/month plan). The streaming selection is OK, not great, but there is certainly more desirable content than I can reasonably watch, so I can't complain about that.

The big weakness of Netflix is their complete and utter lack of responsiveness to and understanding of customers. Remember when Reed Hastings said something like "You're getting streaming for $8/month and DVDs for $2/month" in justifying the price changes? It was clear that he was massively out of touch with customers: 9 out of 10 customers would have said "Um, no. We were paying $8/month for DVDs, then you added streaming and raised the price by $2/month. Clearly, given the size of the respective libraries, DVDs are worth about 80% of that $10/month, not 20%."

If they interacted with their customers more, they would understand their customers more, provide better service, have more customers, have more customers willing to pay higher prices, and not lose those customers to (ever more attractive) competing services.


Some specific things they could fix tomorrow:

1. Customer service is inaccessible and unresponsive. How are they supposed to improve customer service and fix problems (and there are MANY problems with streaming movies) if they disable their access to the free labor of customers who are willing to report problems? There should be full-featured ways to report problems and suggest features. Both could have voting, to differentiate popular requests/problem reports from one-off weirdo posts.

2. The "Save" button is missing from the streaming service. It used to be there, it went away a few months ago, and it has not returned. Here's the scenario: I hear about a movie, I want to remember to see it, but it's not available yet, so I go onto Netflix and click the Save button. When the movie becomes available, I get to see it. Simple. Why won't Netflix let me do this, especially when this feature used to be available? My perception is that Netflix has bad streaming selection, even if a title I want eventually becomes available, because I forget to check for it and don't realize it has become available.

3. As other posters have reported, many films have aspect ratio problems, and it's not possible to report these problems on-line. Why does Netflix not take the obvious step of having an "Other" choice and a text field when you want to report problems with a streaming selection?


When the hell are they gonna get any dvds of Hatari or The Spy With a Cold Nose?


I was such a huge fan of Netflix for so long but I'm slowly souring on it. Where do I begin?

One of the reasons I signed up when I did was to revisit classic televisions series. Now, not only are they not purchasing any of the newly released ones of which there have been many in the past year, too numerous for me to list. To make matters worse, since ones they have purchased previously are not being replaced when worn out or because of too many damaged discs, renting a series is a crap shoot where you may be able to get one season but not another.

Series streaming is only marginally better. The selection is not as great, and then there's the bugaboo that when you go to watch some of them, you run across "DVD ONLY" on many episodes. So why bother watching something when you'll be interrupted in the middle to get the discs?

Waiting until the last week before they go to tell you what movies in your queue are being dismissed is no big help either. I just had a boat load come up as expiring on January 1st so I just deleted them from my queue. Better that than having them move into an invisible saved queue that I can't see.

I've given up on keeping my queue arranged the way I want. It just won't stay that way. Not a problem if you're watching on your computer, but when you watch on your television, it's annoying to have to scroll through your queue to get to what you wanted. This is especially bad when it comes to many Television series.

Lisa Kennedy

Still waiting for multiple queues in the same account. Been a member almost from the beginning and I can't believe they don't have this option yet. With multiple family members who use the instant streaming my husband does not want to search through all the Dora The Explorer episodes to watch his stuff. What exactly is the hold up on multiple queue?


Well, I hate the lack of online customer service, I hate the fact that if a streaming title in my queue becomes temporarily unavailable, it just vanishes from my list with no notification, and of course I hate the fact that their entire DVD list isn't also available as streaming. Most of all, however, I hate that some seasons, or just some episodes, of a streamed TV series are only available on DVD. If Netflix has the rights to stream the series, then stream ALL of it!


1) Give me a price break if I get both DVD and streaming services. Business 101 Reed.
2) UI really stinks,fix it
3) I would like to be able to see who is posting movie reviews again. Some people I liked to follow because thay had great movie taste and I could trust their review.
4) Make it so we can contact Netflix and have video issues resolved. Think "Amazon.com" customer service.
5) Oh, and fire Reed. His smerky apology was insulting.


Random loss of functionality and complete pain in the ass interface changes on streaming devices (android app, xbox, etc.) I am not a complete interface luddite but the new ones have progressively sucked more, and offered less actual capability, with each generation. The current heavily visual tabs are basically impossible to browse through, especially for multiseason / multiepisode series, which force you to play an episode just to see the list of other episodes. Even sitting on FIOS its just too damn slow.

Oh, and maybe something other than the drumbeat of sub-B movies that seems to be the only offerings these days. I am very much a long tail subscriber, but even I get alienated by most of the shit that they are putting online as other actually watchable content "ebb and flow"s.


Mainly why I currently have my Netflix account on hold is due to the lack of Blu-ray availability. It's not that the discs are on Long Waits, Netflix does not carry them at all. New TV shows like Doctor Who, new movies like Rare Exports and Absolute Superman, and Blu-ray upgrades of older movies, especially from Criterion are completely unavailable. In many cases, Blockbuster carries these, which is frustrating. Even more frustrating is that I pay extra money for Blu-ray access, and so many movies are not available. I may end up at Blockbuster at this point.

Jeff D.

On the whole I still like Netflix, and even though I'm poor, the price hike seemed manageable to me (although of course the manner in which it was rolled out and the Qwikster debacle were less so). But there are two things about Netflix that still bug the crap out of me, and if I ever get rid of it, will probably be leading causes for doing so:

1) The website sucks. It used to be *great*. Back in 2005-2006, I can remember just spending hours navigating around Netflix's website, looking at interesting recommendations, checking out user lists, looking at what my friends had been watching, and so on. Now it's impossible to find anything unless you know exactly what you're looking for ahead of time. It would be hard to overstate what a step backwards the 2011 Netflix website is from the 2006 Netflix website.

2) Recommendations suck. Whatever happened to the Netflix prize and NF's innovative recommendation engine they were (rightly) putting all their energy into 5 years ago? Now it's a total crapshoot whether I get recommendations that are any good, and that's assuming I can find them in the first place (given what a pain the website is to navigate).

Fix those problems and I won't care about the price hike. You don't even need to put resources into it. Just revert the damn website to how it was 5 years ago and it'll be a huge upgrade.


I like that they have a TV series on one page now, HOWEVER, I would prefer to rate individual seasons. This allows me to remember which seasons I have seen/how far in the series I have gotten....

Also I find it irksome that there are odd single shows of a series missing from streaming (e.g Deadliest Catch).


wish we could access/view/edit DVD queues from mobile apps, PS3, etc.

we also hate the current PS3 interface...it gives you a headache to browse through all the titles


I have been a member since December 2003 and I have no complaints about Netflix. I am on 3 DVD at a time program. The post office has delivered just the front sheet a few times. When I called Netflix about it they resent the DVD and on many occasions gave me a bonus DVD for the inconvience.


I used to add DVDs to my queue just so that when they became available for streaming Netflix would automatically add them to my streaming queue. Now, if something is DVD only, I get an ad for DVD service. That's a serious loss of function. How is one to queue something NOT YET AVAILABLE for streaming? I'm using IMDB to keep a list, but I still have to manually add items as they become available.


I wish there was a way to delete watching activity. It's not that I'm watching something that my parents wouldn't approve of but I have to share the account with my step-mom and little sister. I watch Californication frequently and, well, the episode titles are different. This sounds stupid. But I don't want my sister to have to wonder what the hell a whore is. I can't create another account, my step-mom was generous enough to give me access to this one. That's my only complaint, otherwise I'm satisfied with Netflix.

I simply wish they would update their television show selections more often- Californication only has it's two seasons, and I'm pretty sure season three, possibly four, are out on DVD? And it's very behind on Weeds, several other shows/movies/etc.

Sounds like a lot but I'm really quite satisfied with Netflix, the lack of seasons I can deal with but it would be nice if I could remove my history, not make it private (that's not even an option on Canadian Netflix,) but remove it altogether.

To sum it up I simply wish there was more user control. There's not a lot of options and settings, like removing things etc. I know it's just used for watching television and films but still, it's reassuring to have some control over your settings.


Kathi Nielsen

The streaming content of Netflix is just becoming worse and worse. The bandwidth being taken up by the crap they are buying just isn't worth it. Yes, yes, I completely understand the studio deals are the problem i.e. huge price hikes for content contracts...but there are many excellent, older movies out there that are cheaper and easier to negotiate for to satisfy customers. I worked in film distribution for over 20 years. Don't buy the Netflix Koolaid that this content problem is all the greedy studios fault. Netflix is not in touch enough with the wants of customers and their bread and butter demographics. Bollywood movies are not going to satisfy 95% of us when you are pulling great titles off the selection. I'm not happy with Netflix and it's only a matter of time before someone steps in and gets it right.


Ever since the Wii App was updated it has become really laggy. I prefer the version before this update.

My other complaint is that the user interface should allow me to completely remove a genre from ever showing up within any of my lists.

Kell Brigan

I don't think it's any accident that approxmately 30% of ANY search results in Netflix, regardless of the topic searched for, is homosexualist propaganda, and sometimes outright homosexual porn. Boolean search parameters are the default for all internet programming, yet Netflix claims there's no way to screen out propaganda or obscenities.

Kathi Nielsen

I strongly question where you pulled that 30% figure from (besides thin air). Maybe what seems "obscene" to you just happens to be an excellent film, such as Brokeback Mountain or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. You obviously desire that Netflix find a way to screen all films based on content; an impossible feat at best. What if there is a kiss exchanged during the course of a film by a same sex pairing. Is Netflix supposed to then dump that film into some special category just to save you from having to not see the box art? I personally find rape and crimes against women offensive so I guess under your rules, Netflix should filter out movies like "The Accused" or "Precious." Prudes like you encourage censorship of media material. If you are so offended by having to see movie box art for a gay film, perhaps you should go to a Christian only video store so your delicate senses aren't offended by having to push the "next" button on your remote control. "Homosexualist Propaganda"...now I know why some people just scare the hell out of me.


Watching any title via Logitech Revue has taught me a lesson in patience.


My main complaint:

Not all new releases are on BD. Commonly on Criterion, foreign, and DTV type movies. I'm charged a premium for access to BD... it's infuriating that these titles aren't available on this format. For example: Rare Exports, a new-release movie, is only available on DVD.


The thing that bothers me is not being able to get the extended editions of movies. Why is it that cable and satellite companies can offer them as rentals but not Netflix.


For two weeks now I've only been able to add DVDs to my queue if I go to the actors' pages and add them. If I try adding them from the new release or genre sections, it doesn't work. I complained about it to customer service a week ago and they said they were going to fix it and they didn't. Complained to them again today and they said nobody else has had the issue before but when he tried to add a movie, they didn't show up either. Really annoying and time wasting to see a movie I want to add and then open a separate page, type in the actor's name, find the movie and add it on there.

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