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Just the way it is.

Video stores are a rare beast.

Daniel L

If Blockbuster has 25,000 titles available for streaming to a computer, how many does Netflix have?


I think netflix has around that many, but the big difference IMO is that netflix movies can be watched on any of numerous devices hooked up to your TV. Most blockbuster movies are watchable only on computer.


Netflix hasn't given a number of titles in quite some time. One article cited an analysis by Dish Network that puts the number of Netflix streaming titles around 32,000. So, Blockbuster/Dish is definitely catching up.


Do you still need a dish network subscription to use @home? If so, not worth it. 60 bucks a month for less than what netflix is offering for 8 isn't worth it.

The last thing I saw said something like 40k on netflix.


Nowhereman's website says 48,201 titles, about 2,000 will disappear on 2/1 when Starz expires.



Media-By-Storefront is dead. Media-By-Mail will soon be dead. Media-By-Vendmachine may last a bit longer but death is its future as well. If content owners can't gorge themselves with spectacular revenue from physical media sales then they have no choice but to kill whatever it is that replaced the consumers spending habits for physical media. Oh well, the hay-day of the O’s was a fun and inexpensive time to be a movie fan.

IMO, the jury is still out on the future for Streaming.


The last time I looked a very large portion of the "Streaming" content is in fact the same as "ON Demand" that cable offers. Still more of it was in fact PPV the likes of what Itunes, and Amazon offers.

I could find very little that was "Streaming" the way Netflix calls it Streaming".

Still the same old Blockbuster. Bait and Switch, and if that doesn't draw them in... lie to them.

Arthur Fonzarelli

Having somewhere upwards of 25,000 titles available to stream, Blockbuster seems to be changing the way movies are rented again. I love their new Blockbuster @ Home feature that I’m getting through my DISH services, this is great! I have a ton of different options to look over when I’m streaming straight to my DISH receiver, but I can also get disc rentals in the mail. These come with no due dates or late fee,s and working for DIHS I know that you can even exchange them in the stores to save time.

Don't Trust BB/DISH

Well at least you had the gumption to admit you have a completely biased opinion, but can you explain why I should be paying my television provider for content of which more than half is only available on my computer? The DISH On Demand section has more than 10.000 free titles to watch on my TV.


It's sad that people seem to enjoy statistics like "25,000 titles", because quantity has nothing to do with quality. Why should I care how many titles Netflix or Blockbuster or Amazon have when 90% of them are complete seasons of horse shit reality TV shows?

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