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While it's not my #1 preference, I often watch Arrested Development during lunch in the office, or Futurama in bed. As far as it being a selling point, I do think it is a valid one, at least for me.


I LOVE watching on my iPod touch, which is basically an iPhone. I actually enjoyed it more than streaming on the Wii because of the video quality. Now that we have a Roku, I tend to lean towards the Roku. :)


i try when im bored at a hotel, but its just too small for me to focus on the movie/tv.


From the airport - YES! Whether a delayed flight or just waiting for whatever, busting it out on my phone is WAY more convenient than carrying along an iPad or laptop


I've had a ton of doctor's appointments over the past year, once being stuck in the waiting room for six hours while waiting for insurance approval for a procedure. It passed quite a bit of time that day until my battery gave out.


I watch shows and movies on my phone everyday. Netflix is the best on-demand service out there.

Daniel L

I would not watch anything on such a small screen unless (a) I had seen the title already and this was at least the 2nd viewing, or (b) the movie (or show) is a title I don't really care all that much about and the situation is such that there is nothing else for me to do to pass the time, such as waiting for hours in the hospital.


i do if im waiting in the lobby for my doctors appt, airport or place. thats it.


When I am not around a computer with internet connection or something, yeah.

Kealani Smith

I'd rather watch on my Nook Color as my phone screen is tres petite.

Thomas Armstrong

Agree: watching something during lunch or late at night, using headphones, is a must for me! portable and quiet.


At work.

Robert Emmerich

I watch Star Trek cartoons on my iPod Touch while sitting in my car during the kids soccer and baseball practices in the rain.
And you don't have the right to think I'm a bad parent unless you've had 2 kids in 2 sports for 4 years each. Practice is practice. Everybody is in their cars in the rain.


I can't believe so many people watch long videos on their phone. Seems so unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Emil Rekasi

On my lunch break, in the waiting room, on the bus, on the train, in the car wash, in bed with my headphones as to not wake up the gf....so yes, I do stream on my phone.




I do watch a little on my Droid X, but I much prefer my iPad...


I don't have Netflix streaming at the moment, but I watch a lot of videos using a cable that connects my iPod Touch to my TV. I think you can watch Netflix the same way. I don't watch enough video to justify buying a separate box for streaming (especially since my TV is 20 years old and not "HD" at all) but it was an easy and inexpensive way to watch video on my TV. (It's also handy at hotels.)


If I have access to PS3, Roku, or Macbook, of course it's better to watch Netflix on there. But put some earbuds in at the doctor's office waiting room, or connect the phone to my car stereo and prop it up on the dashboard while I'm waiting to pick someone up at the airport and the time flies by. I've got the Droid X with a large (for phones) 4.3" screen and it suits me just fine in a pinch.


It is nice to have something to do when you are waiting at the doctor’s office but I don’t think I would go with Netflix. I actually have the DISH Remote Access app through my provider DISH Network. I learned about the app when I recently started working for them and I love it! With the Sling Adapter hooked up to my receiver I can access all my DVR recordings and subscription channels. I can watch live TV anywhere I can get a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. I use it all the time when I am working out or when I am sitting at an office waiting. My kids use it when I am doing the grocery shopping. I love this app and I don’t need Netflix when I have this.


Yes, yes I do like watching movies on my iphone. Being able to stream movies over 3G on my phone is a key to keeping me as a Netflix customer.


I do more now that I have the Droid Razr. The screen is huge!


Nope I have terrible eyesight. Plus bad hearing. So subtitles on a phone? Nope.

Mike S

No, I do not. I have a hard time enjoying anything much longer than five or ten minutes on a phone screen. I don't anticipate changing my mind about that until phones are equipped with "eyephones" similar to headphones, something that appears large in your view.


Nope - tried that when the iPhone first came out years ago. YouTube maybe, but not full length movies...


Yep.....it's the perfect thing while in the waiting room at the doc, waiting for the groomer to finish haircuts on THREE dogs, in airports, motels, late at night in bed....just plug in the ear buds and you're on the way. Small screen??? I wear bi-focals anyway.....even on the small screen the video quality is HD. I've got a charging cradle for my phone sitting in front of my PC's monitor...I'll work and have a show going....LOL.


Sometimes I'll watch an episode of South Park or Futurama at the gym when I'm on the stationary bike.


I wouldn't watch anything visually stimulating like an action movie, but I'll put on some sitcom like How I Met Your Mother or something on my Droid sometimes.


The screen is too small to get any real enjoyment out of it. I didn't even watch more than a couple of titles on streaming before I got a Roku so I could watch on my TV. No, I'd rather enjoy movies and shows from the comfort of my couch. I can find other things to keep me occupied when I'm not at home.


as a last resort. especially if i am somewhere with a long wait but has good wifi, I will watch netflix on my android phone. (The captions help, too if I forget my headphones)

the troll

i love it .
i watch movies while driving and it's not so boaring on long trips ..


I even enjoyed watching the news and movies on my Axim5 before Microsoft killed it. The Axim had a nice screen.


Yes. I watch Netflix shows on my HTC EVO 4G. 'nuff said.

yuppie scum

It's good in bed.


I like watching a tv show on my Kindle Fire. Go figure.


Phones are great for watching movies while on the toilet.


I've watched TV shows but nothing longer than that. I have a Motorola Droid and that if slipping to the wayside as we speak.


I've watched TV shows on my phone when waiting for things. I wouldn't sit on my couch and watch my phone when the TV is right there, or would I use it over my laptop.

However, when there is nothing else, it is worth using.


It's an unused convenience for me, so I just downgraded my phone's data plan. I like the convenience but I have not had enough time to watch a complete selection uninterrupted while being in a waiting room or someplace similar. Headphones are a hassle, especially when I would need to listen for someone talking to me or for information.

Netflix User 80

I watched 2 1/2 movies on my iPhone while getting a tattoo done. That's about the only time I've ever used Netflix on my phone.

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