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I think it's ok on my iphone. I know the screen is small, but I just hold it closer to my face. :-)

I do prefer the ipad though. I sometimes watch movies after my wife goes to sleep and the ipad is great with the headphones.

So if I am out and about, I use the iphone. At home, I use the ipad.


I would rather listen to music than watch a show on my tiny phone, I have a 8GB microSD card full of music and I listen to Pandora. I carry my laptop with me on business trips and watch Netflix when I have time.


When we first brought my daughter home I would watch 1/2 an episode of something while feeding her in the middle of the night.


I watch Netflix on my iPhone when I'm at the gym


30 degrees, camping in the high desert at a techno party ... four of us bundled in the back of the truck watching Avatar on my phone via Netflix (hooked through car stereo) to keep warm.

I watch cartoons at the gym sometimes too (with headphones)


I watched the majority of Mad Men on my lunch break on the iPad or iPhone 3GS (and 4S after it came out). Was better than nothing, and it never interrupted/paused/crashed. The encoding made it look pretty good too, even on 3GS. Had a bit of neck ache after, but I craved the Draper.

Steven Hoober

Wife does it all the time. For the convenience mentioned etc. She even has a ruggedized phone, so watches it while taking a bath, which is much scarier with any other device.

As far as the "oh, it's so small!" argument, that's fairly, um, BS. See the images here:
People interact with different devices by placing them (or themselves) at different ranges. Handset-sized devices occupy the same field-of-view as a laptop, or TV. With the resolution of current devices, this works fine and as long as it's not a social viewing experience, then it works fine.


nope..poor eyesight.But i love to try though.


I use my phone all the time, but I connect the phone to my TV when I do it.


I used to watch TV at bedtime on our 32" bedroom HDTV. Switching to Netflix on the iPhone with earbuds allows me to watch without disturbing my wife as she tries to go to sleep. Further benefits: I can lie on my side while watching, and I can take off my glasses (nearsighted) and still see the screen clearly.


I'm one of the (few) people who turned off Netflix streaming (in fact, my acct is currently on hold entirely).. But when I had it, I did use it on my phone. I killed I think 2 hours at WWDC last year watching some of "Guns, Germs, & Steel".


No, my attention span is not LNG enough to watch a movie on a phone screen. I do watch a ton of YouTube stuff on my iPhone when traveling or away from my DVR.

D.M. Lanham

Netflix on my phone keeps the kids busy in the car and for some reason my daughter prefers watching Netflix on her Nintendo 3DS.

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