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Well, they'll probably be able to get them through back channels for wholesale but it's obviously not an ideal solution and it makes it hard to get certain titles in quantity.

It's very difficult for a brand to sell some companies their product at wholesale but not others. They can't police every sales channel and you can risk running into anti-competitive issues if you try to strong arm distributors...

But needless to say, it's not good for Netflix customers who want to watch Boardwalk Empire and so on...

Ray Lehmann

I hear there's this company called Blockbuster with a whole lot of inventory to liquidate.


I wouldnt expect true wholesale pricing in this instance but they should still price them cheaper than retail else they are just paying a middleman.

I dont really think HBO is a viable alternative to NF for many of us who have cut the cord.

Its not like we are going to turn cable on again and then pay a surcharge on top of that for HBO, even if we might like some of their content.


This is another example of HBO missing the boat, this time with physical media. Netflix will probably stock fewer quantities of HBO titles resulting in non HBO DVD queues getting satisfied quicker.

As for streaming, Netflix has enough content for me to watch. If HBO content isn't there, no big deal, I will simply watch something that is available.

I think Netflix is just big enough to pull this off.


*Bleep* HBO if there gonna pull that snot.

At least Blockbuster will still have content on disc? right?

Could also be a reason for them to push HBO GO.

Well see....

2012 will be interesting indeed....

Showtime has a subscription-less app coming on the Roku platform.


One possible benny for customers - HBO DVDs from Netflix will come with extras.


Does this mean HBO titles will become available on Netflix one day after the street date?

Home Box Oriface

Sweet. No 28 delay in waiting? Thanks HBO!


Good thing I have HBOgo.


If the disks are retail, does that mean they will include extras?


Don't get your hopes up, since Time Warner owns HBO and Warner Bros they are going to have a 56 day wait on new releases:


Old Timer Too

There are DVD titles now available only via WBShop.com (Legend of Billie Jean is one of them), so it isn't surprising to see fewer and fewer DVDs via NF. I seriously doubt that NF will pay full retail to bring in HBO titles. The may end up shopping Amazon (another competitor). As another said, 2012 is going to be very interesting.


"One possible benny for customers - HBO DVDs from Netflix will come with extras."

I thought the same thing. Seems like a bonus to me.

"Don't get your hopes up, since Time Warner owns HBO"

I think the 28 day window goes out the window since they would be buying it from retail and the first sale doctrine then applies to the retail copies, and HBO can't tell them to wait 28 or 56 days.


I'd agree w/ Wakka Wakka about the wait being non-existent if they are paying retail. Also, that 28 day wait is only enforced by a few studios, most DVD's come to Netflix the same time they do everywhere else


"Also, that 28 day wait is only enforced by a few studios, most DVD's come to Netflix the same time they do everywhere else"

That's not true, all of the big studios(Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox) are enforcing the wait while giving Netflix a wholesale price. Netflix will either have to live with it or buy their discs retail, my money is on retail due to customer complaints.


I guess I'll just keep renting HBO series on DVD at my library for free then (yes, I know I pay taxes for that, but I'd be out the money whether or not I utilized the service anyway).

Honestly, HBO does have some very high-quality content and I'd be willing to pay a reasonable premium for timely and convenient access (ideally through streaming though that's not the issue here), but I don't consider the cost of a cable subscription plus the monthly HBO fee to be reasonable. IMO they have severely overvalued their worth and I hope more and more cord cutters begin to agree with me.

Larry Dallas

WB will stay 28 day window


It doesn't say the discount amount but that it's not a big hit for Netflix.

Netflix probably doesn't purchase many HBO DVDs or the discount was very small.


Someone said Warner Bros is gonna push a 56 day wait for Netflix & Redbox. Look above....

If that happens. Don't support em.


Looks like Disney is jumping in bed with Comcast too....

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Even though HBO is better than Starz, Showtime, etc their content isn't really all that great. I don't like dark and gritty shows. I prefer ABC and CBS over HBO. Now if only CBS would allow Netflix or even Hulu to air their content.


Not sure retail will be an easy solution. HBO can push retailers to not allow bulk buys conceivably. Redbox was trying to circumvent the delay window (For I believe WB DVDs), their staff responsible for stocking the machines were buying out the stock of retail stores. Now I'm not sure if back-channel pressure was used or they were just tired of having empty shelves, but Target then instituted a max. limit of DVD purchases (At 5 I believe). So instead of going to 1-2 stores about buy dozens of discs, the Redbox stockers had to store hop... not very practical. I could see something like this happening. Retailers will take heat from their other customers if they give all their stock to one buyer (Netflix).


Netflix should just drop HBO programming altogether. If I care about those shows then I either have HBO (with on demand or HBO Go) or I will buy the DVD's. How many people do rent these shows? Maybe it is more than I would expect but from my stand point I would say goodbye to HBO and spend the money on something else. I don't see a major loss in subscribers to Netflix just because they no longer rent HBO programs.

Karen Lee

HBO can do as they please. I cut the cord waay back and never looked back.

HBO shows are all over the internet for free these days, why pay to watch or rent?


Sounds like Time-Warner needs to make up their mind. Are they going to delay DVDs or make Netflix pay retail? Can they do both?

When they introduced the 28day delay window Netflix got cheaper pricing and streaming access. Now Time-Warner wants to double the delay window, charge Netflix retail, and increase the delay window? Either Time-Warner doesn't want people to obtain it's content easily or they are being anit-competitive. What do you guys think?

No wonder people pirate movies.


@pat, HBO used to be where it's at, but lately I've found that other channels are getting better. Showtime has Dexter which is what we've been watching here lately, and AMCs lineup is fantastic. Not to mention both of those channels have much friendlier relationships with Netflix.

The only thing out of HBO that I've really wanted to watch was Game of Thrones. I don't have cable though and I'm not willing to pay that much just to watch one season of one series. I do regularly purchase seasons of series through iTunes for around $30 and I'm perfectly happy to do that. But HBO doesn't want that money. I'm sorry to say that I ended up watching that series through other means.

HBO is definitely shooting itself in the foot.


HBO is going to be the AOL of this decade. They will still be around, but they will be completely irrelevant.

Netflix is the new standard. What I want, when I want, as much as I want.

If i were Reed Hastings, I would take a hard look at the numbers (they do know exactly how often HBO content is rented) and decide, can i live without this. I bet the overwhelming answer will be yes.

Cut them off Netflix..


I could see HBO being the new AOL. Right now they have a few good shows. Otherwise it's other people's content. Once the creative minds behind their content see better days and move on HBO is in trouble.

the troll



So now Netflix will be able to add HBO programming the day its availabe on retail. I mean, the HBO shows that have been released Netflix has already purchased them at a discount.
So if Netflix is getting say a 20 percent discount by waiting 56 days, just offer them 56 days earlier and buy 20 percent less inventory. Sure they'll be a longer wait, but that's to be expected for new releases.

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