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Good for Hulu.


I am close to dropping my paid Hulu Plus subscription if they don't fix the PS3 app soon. Works great on ROKU but the PS3 app has never worked right after almost having it a year, plus updates...


I have the counter. The Roku is sluggish and buggy but my PS3 works great. Some have suggested it depends on what model PS3 you have but that doesn't make sense to me.

George Isaacs

"All three shows will be available exclusively on the free, ad-supported Hulu service and the Hulu Plus subscription service."

According to their FAQ, Hulu Plus is also ad-supported; http://www.hulu.com/plus

I was wondering if they'd done away with that, but nope.


I guess People Like Commercials!

Robert Emmerich

Imagine how many paid subscribers they would have if it weren't for their stupid idiotic so bad it hurts my brain limitation of all the tv shows that are available on the FREE site but are NOT available on the paid Hulu PLUS. It truly hurts my brain.

On the bright side, was soooo very happy to get an email from the free Hulu site telling me the new episode of "White Collar" was available yesterday - 1 day after it aired. We only have basic cable and that was the 1 show I would have missed. Already missed the entire season of Chuck due to it not streaming anywhere (morons). I really wish nf would email me new streaming content. nf should let you check off what genres you want to know about and send you a weekly email with new releases. But no, that makes too much sense.


Robert that would begin to be a long list, Netflix adds about 2-3 movies a day, not including large studio deals.

the troll

no cbs i will drop it


"nf should let you check off what genres you want to know about and send you a weekly email with new releases. But no, that makes too much sense."

You should go to feedfliks once a week. It will list what new shows have arrived and you can sort by genre.

Robert Emmerich

Tvaddic - 2-3 titles a day would be about 14-21 titles per weekly email, that IS a list, but nothing I would consider long. And it would be a LOT quicker to peruse 1 20 titles long email per week than to constantly peruse the nf website wondering whats new.

Groggie - doesn't it seem weird to you that we have to go to a DIFFERENT website to get the information that nf should have readily available and easily usable? I come to this site to get all the info about nf the company and it's competitors, the nf site should tell me what's streaming new and what is going away, I shouldn't have to go to another site. And if FREE Hulu can send me emails listing new shows I migth want to watch, I think nf should at least be able to compete with them.

thanks to both of you for the replies though.

Don't Trust BB/DISH

The reason your FREE HULU sends you those emails is because it is an ad-supported business model and those announcements are nothing more than paid advertisements. Netflix doesn't take ad money and therefore doesn't push one product over another. They also don't push new material over older material, they are simply a library of content. The tools are out there for you to search the library any way you want, don't blame Netflix for not doing it for you.


Why would someone pay money to watch commercials? Are people that dumb? Well, OK, it appears the 1.5 million people are that dumb.


Not defending Hulu Plus but ...

Have you never paid for either satellite or cable? People have been paying for commercials for decades, and yes it is dumb.


I love how they blame the "soft advertising market" on the "(economy)" -- because it's apparently inconceivable that the soft market could be due to the absolute garbage that Hollywood tries to pass off as entertainment.

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