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Last week I noticed the missing shows when one sorts by genre. The religion category only had 20 or 30 shows. I even suggested on this website that the problem seemed due to a degradation of their data management.

Randy Sandberg

Thank goodness!

Someone else, besides a friend of mine and myself, noticed this issue. We both have Apple TVs and found HD shows listed as SD. I called Netflix support twice. They said they knew nothing about these problem and suggested it was our ISP's (i.e., Comcast's) fault.

That is, they said my throughput--to my Apple TV, Panasonic TV, and Computer--was between 0.4 and 4Mb/s which would cause the HD to SD issue. With Netflix support on the phone, I tested my network speed at http://www.speedtest.net and came up with a consistent 35Mb/s download throughput.

They didn't care! They just kept repeating that the throughput from me to them was slow thus it must be my Internet connection. I suggested it might be server issues on their end but got nowhere.

Thankfully, several days ago the issue seemed to resolve itself. I'll keep an eye out for a repeat performance and report it here.

Thanks again for the alert!


Perhaps Yury Israelevski's "monkeys" have run amok. His restructuring of Netflix data retrieval seems badly flawed.

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We were missing subtitles on the Roku2, but they were not missing on the Wii. Also, it was not every movie/TV episode, just some of them. By the weekend, the problem seemed to resolve.

Since our Roku2 firmware was not updated at any point during the disruption or afterwards, I agree NF's metadata is a good candidate for the cause.


Yup, my recent viewing of Mad Men is in HD but doesn't show the loggo during buffering the show as many others do show it.


Last night my PS3 wasn't even able to load. It just had the red Netflix loading screen. The laptop at least brought me to my home screen.

Free MW3

Yep. I also have this problem ;o

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