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Wow, those Instant titles are embarrassing as hell. They really haven't made up for the tons of licenses they lost on New Years Day.


I haven't added to my queue for weeks! If this is the kind of stuff we're going to get I'll be out of here. I still have lots of episodes of old TV shows to go and I hope by then Netflix will have gotten its act back together again or something else will have replaced it. Not looking good!

Kale Barton

I'm seriously thinking that they're playing possum with regards to Instant Watch this month...With Starz content departing in Feb, they might be holding back on putting material up to counter any assertions that losing Starz would be a mortal blow to the service.

Daniel L

That District 13 Ultimatum stream better not be an English dubbed version.


Another week... and absolutely NOTHING.


Ahhhh, the great NF streaming plan. Too many eggs into an unfinished basket.

I have a basic NF disc only plan for fuller coverage, a BBO plan for games and titles NF does not/will not carry and I'll get my streaming from Amazon Prime if I need it along with the other free Roku offerings, as well as VOD thru Directv.


hey it's bob yea its bob nothing nice to say about nf and not a nf cust. Although he used to be and he will gladly tell u that he would rather pay per title than nf. Yay your back
you are pathetic go away


Butterfly Effect 3 was surprisingly good. Not the best time travel flick but not the worst either.

Don't look into it as a sequel. Just it's own thing. Worth a watch.

Not much to say about Netflix except they need more Movies as well as TV shows.

Well see how they do after Starz. Kinda sucks they are losing recent Disney Titles.

Which I'm sure families enjoyed.

Good luck Spartacus. You were good while you lasted. I think most of the Starz watchers were with Netflix.

Well see how they pan out in 2012. Still have content worth watching.

Will Netflix be getting even more streaming titles from Warner?

If not they should tell Warner to *bleep* off & get discs online and avoid the 56 day wait if Netflix doesn't get anything for us customers out of it.


Yeah the reviews for Butterfly Effect 3 on the Netflix are surprisingly good. Will check that out...

Daniel L

A bunch of stuff expired today (Jan 16th) on Netflix streaming. Is there a list of these titles anywhere? I'd like to see which titles expired, because I know some of them were on my streaming queue, and I forgot to add them to my DVD queue before they disappeared.


Here's at least a partiall list from Instant Watch. It may even be complete. I have no way of knowing.

49th Parallel 1941
All Dogs Go to Heaven 1996
All Dogs Go to Heaven: Season 1
All Dogs Go to Heaven: Season 2
All Dogs Go to Heaven: Season 3
AmericanEast 2007 R
Ball of Fire 1941
Brief Encounter
Cagney & Lacey 1981
Cagney & Lacey: Season 1
Cagney & Lacey: Season 3
Cagney & Lacey: Season 4
Cagney & Lacey: Season 5 Cagney & Lacey:
Dark Shadows: The Complete Revival Dark Shadows: The Complete Revival Series 1991
Elephant Tales 2006
Evergreen 1934
Fame 1980
Fame: Season 1 1982
Fame: Season 2
Green for Danger 1946
Henry V 1944
I Know Where I'm Going! 1945
The Killing
Labou 2009
Laurence Olivier's Hamlet 1948
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943
Odd Man Out 1947
Oliver Twist 1948
The Pride of the Yankees 1942
The Red Shoes
Spaceballs 2008
Spaceballs: The Animated Series 2008
This Sporting Life 1963
The Train 1964
Wild Man Blues 1997


Do you know if any of the new DVD releases will be on netflix streaming for free without buying the DVD.


I only want to see Abduction, apart from that nothing really worth watching IMO.

Daniel L

Thanks a lot Clydes. The 4 movies that are gone are on that list. Woohoo!

Kale Barton

GI Joe The Rise of Cobra expires Feb 1, and then shows up on USA Network Feb 4.

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I'm quite alarmed that almost all of Doctor Who and House of Cards along with a lot of BBC stuff are expiring at the end of the month. I really really hope there's a swift renewal for those.

Nathan Hiatt

As much as Netflix can try, there are going to be ups and downs with streaming titles. Sometimes a lot will drop, other times a lot will be gained. As for losing Disney-Starz stuff, it will stink but I'm sure folks will love when the Dreamworks Animation catalog gets added (Along with future releases). That's 2013 I believe. I will say it again, I don't understand the reaction people have for/against Netflix (particularly the streaming). It's 8 bucks a month, drop it if you don't think it's worth it.


What Nathan said.


I agree too. That's what's great with Netflix is that you can join and cancel when you please. :)

Netflix never claimed they were the be all in all service.

It's cool to mix & match services.


*be all end all service.


crap. crap and even more crap

Robert Emmerich

About a week ago I put 2 Pokemon titles in my queue and then 3 days later they were gone. nf really really needs to handle this stuff better. There are only 2 weeks left in Jan. before the 1000 Starz titles go away but no mention whatsoever on the Starz tab page? Are they going to post it 1 day before and say - "You have 1 day to watch 1000 movies before they are gone tomorrow."? I understand shows come and go, but nf must know the end dates, and as such we should get ample notice. And I really don't like that stuff disappears from MY queue. If it's no longer streaming then it should say that next to the title, titles shouldn't just disappear. I made my parents a long list of stuff when I gave them a gift subscription for the holidays, a lot of it was gone Jan. 1st. I only made the list a few days before Christmas, nf must have known what was going away and it should have been listed as such on the site. I'ld say 30 days or 1 month notice would suffice. Hulu - the free version as I won't pay for less content - does a good job of listing expiration dates of everything on my list. Maybe that's what nf should actually do, everything in streaming has an end date, even if it simply says "No expiration date" which I'm guessing very few titles have. Do it Reed, be honest with your customers for a change, tell them things are "limited". There is plenty of room under where it says "Streaming Details" of each titles page and where it says "Notes" in my queue, every Note of my 52 is blank at the moment. I'ld rather see end dates than an empty space.

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