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Supernatural Seasons 1 - 6
hit streaming today.


Supernatural will be good the check out. I've heard good things about Boss also. Looking forward to Lillyhammer next week.


Don't get so excited.

I looked at Example Short 11 Min 23.976 Remote. I was a big fan of their earlier work -- I thought Example Short 23.976 was pure gold, and while their sequels (Example Short 24 and Example Short 25) were obviously similar to the original, they shared in the original's je ne c'est quoi qualities which made it so mesmerizing.

Netflix's later work has suffered in comparison -- Example Short 29.97 was dangerously derivative, seemingly only different by virtue of its frame rate, and their detour into the world of episodic television content with Example Show was an unmitigated disaster, quickly shelved (there are only two episodes available).

This latest episode shows all the hallmarks of a production studio out of steam, a creative team out of time, and a vision fully depleted. It's the same content, practically shot-for-shot, with no new or redeeming artistic merit. I'd say skip it.

Especially after the price hike earlier this year, I expected better of Netflix. Is this the new content we've been promised?


When is Alias finally going to be available??


"When is Alias finally going to be available??"

I'd like to know the same thing. It's The Wonder Years all over again.


where is season 4 of farscape


Does anyone know if the BBC & Carsey Werner shows will be renewed when they expire end of Jan/beg of Feb?!?! Like "roseanne", "that 70's show", "keeping up appearances"....& many others....


Hopefully netflix has more content to announce as the loss of starz will be noticeable.


they just said they are getting these new releases. Netflix will get The Adventures of Tin TIn, Hugo, and Rango in 2012 as part of the Epix deal, and Thor, Transformers 3, Captain America, Super 8, Immortals and Footloose from other deals.


Well Boss started streaming this week but it's a Starz play title. That would mean it'll only be available until Feb. 28. And no season 2 or beyond. Bummer. Season 1 is only eight episodes so better get them watched this month.

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To go along with M's titles, it looks like Lincoln Lawyer will show up in the next month and I'm thinking we'll get Everything Must Go, The Innkeepers, Haywire & Goon before the end of the year.


Yeah it's good and all that Netflix is going directly to the studios for content as Starz was a middle person but Starz seemed like the only middle person to get recent Disney titles and such.

However quality was also a huge issue. It's rumored that Starz might cut using a middle person for streaming like Netflix and go direct with a channel on streaming devices and charge a Monthly fee. Of course if they can offer there content in better quality than Netflix they will might be worth a look.

However it's also rumored they may be going with Blockbuster streaming too.


Sucks as through the Starz loophole is the only way to get recent Disney Titles streaming and Disney loves old media still.

Then again discs are still being rented and Disney titles are still being delivered on those too.

Another reason why discs aren't going away anytime soon.


Several of Netflix's streaming deals, don't come with a lot of catalog titles, but will bring newer titles from here on out. The Relativity deal is why we'll get Haywire, Mirror Mirror (The snow white flick with julia roberts), act of valor, the raven, etc. The Open Road deal will get us The Grey (No. 1 movie last week), Killer Elite. The Film District deal will bring us Drive, The Rum Diary, Playing the Field, Evil Dead Remake. Relativity is the oldest of the 3 and it's only been around since 2006. Film District/Open Road both opened up shop in 2011. Thus the lack of catalog titles, but hey all have or are in production of current films. Couple those films with the EPIX/Dreamworks Animation deals and newer titles should be coming very soon and on a steady basis.

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There is also the Nu Image / Millennium deal which will bring Conan, Elephant White, Expendables 2 .. OK not likely great movies, but at least they will be new

Mr. Nethead

I rented Contagion from Family Video a month ago. It was pretty good.

Netflix's recent blunders have apparently given new life to Family Video. Our establishment has a sign up saying they're looking for employees to staff the 60 new stores that they're opening.

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Supernatural! Gonna check it out :O


whole buncha shows just left NF...don't see 2 much coming anytime soon.......


Hmmm...would YOU want to watch any of the new streaming titles? I've never heard of them. It seems to me that Netflix is a place to look for movies I can't watch. And congratulations on going into Europe. Now they can share in the disappointment and frustration that comes with membership.


The streaming titles announced are just a handful, and just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean anyone else hasn't (and since when did movies have to be widely discussed to be considered worth a watch?)

I'm impressed by how quickly rentals go from "very long wait" to being delivered. I got both "The Tuskegee Airmen" and "Drive" a few days after seeing them as "very long wait".

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