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Kenny Johnson

The third, obviously. I currently use the 2nd option so that the Roku in my son's room can be restricted to only kids shows (parental controls are set on that account). But I'd certainly prefer to save the $8/mo if I could.


Yeah, 3 sounds good. Even if it was like 2 bucks more a month for an extra stream at a time and a sub-profile on the account, that would be worth it.


Even when you could add the second queue for dvds, it didn't change anything for streaming. It would be cool if they could mimic that behavior. I'm the primary account holder, so I don't let the other people who view my queue rate anything, and that's how I solve this problem. Then they mock all the weird independent films in my queue, and it's still ok.

Daniel L

Yeah I can't believe it took them this long to realize that they need to implement option 3 asap. How a company can be so out of touch with it's customers is absurd to me. But if they aren't losing money over it, what do they care...they can take all the time in the world to address the issue.

Walt D in LV

Obviously, Netflix already has Profiles, for the DVD Queues. Simply incorporate Streaming into that, and all is well. Parental Controls, perhaps time limitations, all seems like that would be pretty simple.

Best of all, you wouldn't have to look at your kids "Last Watched: Glee" or Teletubbies, etc., nor would they have to look at your "Bare Behind Bars" or "Cannibal Holocaust".


just another thing i wont use and i dont care what others are watching
why dont they take votes first and see if people want this stuff before spending time and money


I agree with the comment above. Netflix has millions of members and I can think of a lot of other features i'd prefer them to be working on. For $8 a month I wouldn't expect them to allow multiple users on an account. Cable companies charge you for each tv on top of their regular fees. People need to remember that Netflix is a budget service and have realistic expectations. If you want your family and friends to have their own experience then get them their own account instead of being cheap and sharing yours. Seriously now, it's $0.25 a day, are your kids not worth that? Are your friends that cheap?

Jim Edwards

They seriously need Option 3. For all those who don't see why... Hang tight, have a kid or two... then start to realize your sifting through Sponge Bob, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Curious George (I can keep going, for hours) just to watch that movie you'd been waiting to watch once you get your rug rats to bed.


Profiles... what a crazy idea.

[cue laugh track]

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I use MultiQs.com on my Roku.

It can implement parent controls in its app but since NF does not allow for an embed player that app must launch NF to play the movie (where the same parental controls may not be in place).

But I don't use MultiQs like this. I use it to catalog titles we might be interested in. I have a queue for non-kid movies, kid stuff, tv, edutainment, anime, etc.


Some people are cheap and won't get an account for their kids, it's only $7.99 a month! That's two Starbucks coffees or one lunch. That way you can have total parental control over what they watch and they won't be messing with your queue.

My .02

Lee Millar

My queue is a mess and I want family members to have their own individual content on their queue. Nothing worse than not knowing what in the queue belongs to who and if it could be something they've already watched and just forgot to delete. Cheapness doesn't even come into the equation. A $280 cable / internet / phone monthly bill plus $22 for Netflix a month rules out that I'm being frugal. It all becomes annoyingly entangled when you've got one queue and a bunch of family members with different tastes. I don't think its too much to ask for the streaming queue to work in the same way as the DVD queue where you designate what titles go where. Long overdue and not frivolous as far as I'm concerned.


I agree with some of the other posters. People are too cheap. Why can't they just pay for the exact same content 3 or 4 times. And buy a separate Roku and TV for each member of the household for each room in the house. I did this, why can't everyone else. I even buy 4 copies of DVDs and make sure no two people are watching the same one. If friends are coming over I make sure to buy and extra copy for them, too. Really, it's shameful the way some people share resources. Cheap jerks.

Rick Fazz

If I'm reading other boards correctly NF use to have profiles for streaming. Maybe a charge of $1.00 for each extra profile. They need to offer some kind of option.


THey should just set it up like that have the DVD queues set up. I have one DVD queue for myself and one DVD queue for my wife. We have the two disc plan and each of us gets a disc. NFLZ doesn't charge extra for that, so why should they charge extra for setting up two streaming queues?

Daniel L

Charging any money at all for an extra streaming profile is one of the worst things they could do. Many of their customers are already pissed at them. If they are going to charge an extra dollar for something, the charge needs to be extremely justifiable. A dollar for an extra queue would be ridiculous, SINCE it should be free.


I'm not very concerned about multiple profiles. But I am concerned about how the recommendation profiles work on both streaming and DVDs. The recent changes have not been for the better. Some corrections have been made recently but not nearly enough to make it as good as the old algorithms were. The "cerebral" categories seem most affected. And last night I was trying to find a "spiritual" movie that I know Netflix has that featured HHDL - couldn't remember the title - and that genre only popped up about 20 movies - none of which were the one I was looking for - and most of which were a stretch to consider spiritual. [Buddhist Harp was also not on the list - a rather large omission for a movie that was recently featured by Netflix.]


P.S I suggest Netflix check the outer joins in the reporting structure. I suspect Netflix has been replacing real data managers with cheaper community college people. Just say it has all the symptoms of superficial data skills and/or poor supervision in the new crew.


I'd love to see this get put into Netflix ha ha.


Yes - I would definitely use a multi-profile feature.


Option 3 as I've been using Option 1 (multiple accounts) for a while now and managing 2 is a pain, I'd much rather have 1 account and pay a few dollars more and just manage the one. 3 in our household use streaming heavily so I manage our accounts a lot, I've been asking for this option for 5 YEARS, come on already.

Edward R Murrow

Wait, what? Hasn't Netflix had profiles on the DVD rental account? I think I remember something about Netflix deciding to remove profiles then reversed themselves like 2 weeks later and kept profiles. Flip-flop decision sound familiar?

Anyways, if the profile component was designed and implemented properly then it should be a piece of cake to integrate with streaming accounts.

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