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20B hrs/20M subs/3= ~30 hrs per month per user? That's an hour per day.

That is way higher than I was expecting.


Another day and another big press announcement from netflix. Apparently netflix is trying to start the year off with positive press.

People complain about the lack of streaming content, but that is a lot of hours watching stuff.


I'm probably at that 25-30 hour/month point between what I watch and some shows my kids watch.

Hugo Ramirez

Captain America cool but it better not be the low res Starz Play version and better be in HD or I will be ticked. Can't wait until Feb 28 when all of the Starz junk is gone.


I'm definitely helping out with these numbers:

Currently watching Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Office, How I met your mother, and Nikita

Next up: United States of Tara


nice to see them give no props to warner brothers and to starz. and a nice little dig at starz by using 3/4 of the titles that are coming to netflix are epix titles. saying hello to the new lover while the old one leaves you . nice.

why not

Why not say hello to the new lover and leave the old one in the cold?

Stars did wait til Sept first, arguably one of the worst pr days for netflix (day price change went into effect), to announce they were bailing on contract negotiations.

Im still amazed and a but annoyed that the stars play category still appears on my front page.

Daniel L

My average Netflix streaming is about 3 hours a day. Some days less, but most days more.


And this article perfectly makes the point that DVD by mail service is no longer the primary business model. The silent majority is obviously getting exactly what they want out of NF. Now I have no problem with those that want to receive discs even though I don't anymore. But there are an awful lot of doomsayers around here that think NF is dead because they're moving away from discs. I think this bit of news dispells that myth. On demand streaming is the future.


An hour per day doesn't surprise me at all. I almost would have expected it to be higher.

Bruce Campbell

Any given day we watch Netflix at least 2-6 hours so it puts us in a higher percentile watching close to 100 hours a month if not more depending on IW releases. X-Files anyone? We finished that in a month which in itself is close to 150 hours in programming, that with South Park, Arrested Deveolpment, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Sons of Anarchy, Damages, Portlandia, Todd Margaret, The Office, Spaced, Peep Show, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Malcolm in the middle, King of the Hill, Home Movies, Mr Bean, chappelles Show, Archer, Rescue Me, THE F*CKING LARRY SANDERS SHOW, Soap, Black Adder, Party Down, Kids in the Hall, and 3rd Rock/Rescue Me/24/Reaper/Firefly if that's your sort of thing, but right there that's 3200 hours of programming not including movies go watch something decent if you can't find it there then the shit you watch appals me you fucking Network scumbag.


See this is why I DON'T READ THE USER COMMENTS. People can't just post no they have to use offensive language. I am deleting this bookmark from this page.

Daniel L

Well Tony, you can still utilize this website by not reading user comments. You already know the solution...you said it yourself. Don't read the fucking comments. Then you can continue to use the site just fine and be happy.

Why did you break your own rule in the first place? Don't take it out on the site because you can't control your primal urges.


Getting Hugo is a surprise. The Epix deal is really paying for itself I see because that one is rather big and it's new. Those who say Netflix is only cataloug titles aren't paying attention.

However I still liked Starz for it's Disney and Sony content. Disney is somewhat playing along but Sony may be tougher to get. They have Crackle after all and if they deem streaming to be worthy of premium content they'd most likely put it there first.

Walt D in LV

I have been a Netflix fan since 2001. I am a huge lover of Blu-ray and do not watch streaming at all. I have been very alarmed by Netflix' move away from DVDs/Blu-rays

With this recent press release, I am alarmed at their business which has always grown by leaps and bounds. They say "With more than 20 million streaming members in the United States, Canada and Latin America".
While this statement doesn't say exact figures, only "more than 20 million", I can't help but think back to October, when they had more than 25 million customers, according to an investor Q&A session: http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2011/10/netflix-q3-2011-global-results-2528-million-subscribers-822-million-in-revenue.html

From 25 million to 20 million in just a few months?? Scary!

Account Deleted

I just checked my Netflix history using FeedFlix and from Feb 25th 2011 - Dec 27 2011
I have streamed 4158 Titles

Can anyone beat that? or do you all have lives?

Daniel L

Siam, every time I stop and start a title, it makes a new entry on my "watched" list. Also, it will enter an item onto my list even if I only watch something for a couple seconds.

So let's say that "completed" means that you watched 80% or more of the episode or movie. How many of those are unique, completed entries?

Account Deleted


I believe FeedFlix only counts completed viewings (a minute or 2 left) in their tallies. When looking through the last two weeks of my history (again on FeedFlix not Netflix) There is not one duplicate even though I know there have been times when I hit Play on a TV show and it played me an episode I had just seen.

Daniel L

Damn, impressive. I watch Netflix streaming for hours a day but I doubt I come close to that.


@ Walt D in LV
25 million represents the total number of netflix subscribers, e.g. streaming *and* disk subscriptions. 20 million represents the number of streaming subscribers. Thus there are 5 million disk subscribers.


Sucks for kids or Disney fans with Starz leaving.

Wonder if families will care enough to leave or stay?

Well see how Starz does. I know I will be waiting for Season 2 of Spartacus. Unless it streams on the Starz site.

Wonder if the loss from Netflix will hurt them?

Then again they are supposedly joining Blockbusters upcoming streaming or going lone wolf with there own streaming channel?

Well see....

Netflix will survive.


*Waiting for Season 2 on DVD or Bluray.

the troll

and i am one of them

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Watched Ted and Barneyon How I met and Rose Byrne on Damages.Just cant get enough of these shows.


Your numbers are not even close. "5 million disk subscribers". The majority of NF American subscribers that still get disks in the mail is over 13 million. This information was on NF investors relations page back in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Anyone who has followed NF this past year, especially this website, knows better. So please check your "facts" before you make such false claims.

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