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Neat. Go Roku.


"My biggest concern when I bought a Smart TV was how often is would be upgraded, "

I was concerned too how serious they would be. I bought an LG Smart TV and in a little under a year I think I have gotten 7 or 8 firmware updates. There was an official "downtime" a couple of weeks back. When I purchased my TV their lineup was lacking Hulu Plus, NHL GCL, Viewster, Skype and a couple of other channels. They have all been added since I bought it. Which brings up a bigger point, will TV manufacturers allow this device or will they block it to force people to use their service? I hope they are smart and open it.

Reputation Management

".. Roku updates their software monthly."
-this is great news,is it automatic updates or is gonna be an update that needs to be d-loaded?

Riverside Guy

Is a Skype client in Roku's near future?


Rep - If it's the Roku 2 setup it is automatic, you can't turn the unit off (Short of unplugging it).


roku1 was great, the roku 2 was swarmed and still is with bugs. Good idea but i am very leary @ launch


Roku 1 was always on as well and updates automatically. I keep mine plugged into a smart strip so it's typically only on a couple/few hours a day (when my TV is on) but it updates just fine.

[The Roku is low power and doesn't really need a smart strip, but my receiver gobbles 20+ watts when 'off'.]


The stick is cool, but I hope that they announce a native YouTube client for their devices at CES!!!

Roku 2

This new Roku dongle is going to be awesome! The dongle takes over your TV for a native experience through your television! And when the hardware is obsolete, toss it and buy a new one! And the best part... No extra remote! Love it.

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