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It's either the transition to streaming or the mass exodus of customers from Netflix...


I agree with Shaun. You lose as many customers as Netflix did, and it's bound to have an affect. Not to mention that Netflix is pretty much letting it's DVD business go to hell in a handbasket.

And you may start seeing an exodus from streaming as well with all the titles expiring between now and February 1st with nothing much on the horizon to replace them. This includes at least these series: Rosanne, The Cosby Show, That 70's Show, Third Rock From the Sun, a boatload of Dr. Who and many, many, more. Check the list under expiring titles at Instant Watch.

It makes sense to me. Expand your overseas operation while letting your original base deteriorate. Great plan there Netflix. This company is really being mismanaged right now. If some of these contracts are going to be renewed, I think now is the time to clue people in instead of waiting until the last minute. Keep your eye on your queues boys and girls, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


I've received two damaged disks this week alone. It would appear that a fair number of those layoffs are from the quality control area.



Titles leave, and more come back all the time. According to a few sites I looked at, in the next week there is about 50 titles being added.

Larry Dallas

@ Casper - you have zero idea what you are talking about


I suspect people are migrating to streaming only simply because its a better value.

Having discs AND streaming competes with each other.

That is, you could watch more streaming instead of spending an extra whatever for DVDs.

I am soon coming off a prepaid subscription and I may test going from Streaming only one month to 3 DVDs with no streaming the next.

That way Im not competing with myself.

I think some people are just feed up too with the new releases going into LONG WAITs if you dont get them on monday of the week they come out. NF is clearly buying fewer copies which means LONG WAITS.

It might even be worth swapping accounts just so I can keep one with my DVD titles and the other with streaming. Assuming you can still manage your streaming one if its on hold like you can with the dvds.

Its clear to me they are giving us the nudge with worse service & longer waits and that their attempt to separate the company was to avoid negative goodwill to netflix for what was about to happen to DVD service.

As always, we should vote with our pocketbooks.

It seems the economical way is to watch what is on streaming and if it doesnt come on streaming, overpay and/or face poor service compared to what we got used to.

Or cancel them both and spend hours a day complaining ! LOL


@Wakka Wakka

Oh my! Fifty titles with over 600 expiring between now and the end of February? Wow, I really take back what I said. It's even worse than than I thought. And remember, the Starz title will not be back regardless.

And most of the streaming titles with only one or two exceptions as of late have been obscure crap. And it's not just me saying that.


Streaming only folks are not movie lovers. They limit themselves. They pay their 8 bucks a month to keep their weak mind entertained. Hastings loves them. You streamers only don't know what your missing. So sad. Life is to short to be a limiter.


The majority of subscribers are NOT going to go the streaming route as long as Netflix's streaming catalogue is so measly and internet companies insist on usage caps which they do in my area. The latter may not be a problem for those who steal their internet access from coffee shops or libraries but for those of us who pay our own bills, it'd cost approximately $1,000 a month to stream the same number of movies I pay to receive by DVD a month for about $15. Plus no streamer can call themselves a movie lover not only beause of the measly catalogue but also because of the streaming quality.


I think what you mean is that no streamer can call themselves a videophile. I think you'd find there are plenty of movie lovers that don't care that much about picture quality, nor do they limit themselves to titles that are only available on streaming.


@ Casper: Yeah...you have absolutley no idea what you are talking about. You really, reeeally don't.


I would like to know the source of this information, actually.....


" Plus no streamer can call themselves a movie lover beause of the measly catalogue..."

I agree. All the better movies are on DVDs. And not so many of them anymore.

I've been thinking of cancelling the streaming part of my membership - I really hate the new interface.

Even some films that used to be on streaming have been now placed on DVD only.

Mr. B

My DVD shipments certainly take longer than they did a couple years ago. I dropped streaming when the price change took effect... it's not really their fault, but the selection is pretty dismal... especially for someone like me who's been a customer for eight years and already seen hundreds of movies through NetFlix.


You guys are all correct. Netflix is 100% in control of what content they put on the internet. First sale doctrine applies to putting content on the internet and they are all counting your money and holding back content just to hear you whine about it.

Get a clue. Until the studios or content providers play ball, Netflix will just have to continue to throw money at the problem and watch it slowly improve.

How can you all blatantly ignore the fact that the content you all want just plain isn't available to Netflix at this time?

What do you base your sense of value on?

Another little pro tip. QA starts with the customer. Did you ever stop to think about the fact that Netflix doesn't charge you for the discs that you damage? They have to buy replacements too which isn't always possible.

It's so easy to point out the flaws, but just like in government noone ever does anything proactive to fix the problem. Netflix will continue to succeed because their product is good for cost.

Now that their stock is cheap you all should buy some.


It is probably because they are no longer permitting new customers to sign up for DVD by mail. I've unsuccessfully tried for weeks to give Netflix my money for DVD by mail, but they will not take it! Netflix surely is killing the DVD by mail part of their business.


Start your account as streaming only and switch it to DVD only after. Fixed.

They are marketting their longterm product which makes sense.


Uh, Larry & Anon -- I don't think reporting the simple fact that since reports of layoffs I'm having more trouble with broken disks than ever before is a call for trolling. If you disagree with my conclusion, fine, but a bit of civility wouldn't hurt anybody.

I might add that I also received another broken dvd and a couple of returns gone missing in recent weeks. This after five years of almost no problems. And they haven't replaced the 2nd broken dvd in 5 days. I don't know everything about their process, but I know what's happening to me in the last few weeks.

I spent 33 years working in a production environment. Many times I have seen what layoffs and rumors of layoffs do to morale and productivity. I know A LITTLE about what I'm talking about.


"I spent 33 years working in a production environment. Many times I have seen what layoffs and rumors of layoffs do to morale and productivity. I know A LITTLE about what I'm talking about."

Very little apparently.

Netflix is not a production environment. They are a sorting and content distribution company. Netflix does not hold their discs to a belt sander to damage them before they ship out. Netflix customers damage the discs. Netflix attempts to compensate for this with QA and re-purchasing.

Netflix does NOT, I repeat does NOT handle the shipping of DVDs. This is 100% in the hands of the USPS. If a disc does not arrive or does not return, then you are either dislexic and can't handle typing your address on a website or the post office dropped the ball.

Netflix stands to gain nothing by losing or damaging their property.


"Netflix attempts to compensate for this with QA and re-purchasing."

Not anymore.


I sure hope they don't take roseanne off of streaming. That is going to make me think twice about keeping this subscription.


The DVD's are sorted at the PO by high speed sorting machines. It's a wonder that anyone gets the DVD's in one piece. It's all about speed and quality be damned! I worked at the PO for 34 years. Saw it every day.


I'm not happy with the removal of shows like Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That 70's show! Why did they remove these shows, i was really enjoying watcing them and was only half way thru season 2 of Roseanne!! They better not take Buffy or Angel off there!

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