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does tietry have to pay anything to the writers of the show The League, taco made the same company called neckflix, same exact thing.


i'd like to see the writers for the league do something about that netflix for ties business.


ties are pretty stupid.

porn is where nf needs to go. Maybe that was the plan when it was to be sheded from NF ?

Between porn & games, I believe rentals could be very viable.

Big Dave

The rental of audiobooks will fail with this model.
1. the price ($25/mo.) is way too high. $10, maybe.
2. Most audiobooks, both physical and digital can be had at your local library for the whopping price of ... $0
3. There is a limited market for audiobooks. True, the people who like them are rabid fans. But their numbers are limited ... and not growing. Ergo, renting them would not be a growth business.

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dont't you want stay ye ye ye


I use an "Netflix for Art" company called Turning Art. Pretty great.

George Isaacs

"porn is where nf needs to go."

Streaming porn (that's probably a genre) would likely get them kicked off a few devices. Disc by mail porn? Sticky envelopes. 'Nuff said!

Quiet Desperation

Ah, for a practical and pragmatic world where the tie is tossed onto the scrap heap of history where it belongs. Thank goodness I have a high paying job where I can dress casually. I laugh at the guys who have to wear those linen nooses every day.


there's nothing wrong with suiting up!

It's going to be Legen... Wait for it!

Free MW3

ties are stupidd..


There are already "Netflix of porn" services, including Greencine which includes it.

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