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Make the unlimited streaming 1 disk out into unlim streaming 2 disk out but keep the price the same..


Netflix should resolve to first do no harm to their disc customers that gave them their start. They can be the truly long tail by accepting all manor of obscure bluray and dvd. Complete the catalog!


linux client

Daniel L

If I were Netflix, my New Years resolutions would be:

1. Provide movies (both streaming and DVD) in their original, intended aspect ratio. Other aspect ratios can be provided as well, so long as the original, intended aspect ratio is always an option.

2. Provide every movie (both streaming and DVD) with it's original audio track. This means no English dubbed foreign films. It is okay to offer a dubbed version of a movie, so long as a version with the original audio track (ie non dubbed) is offered. Subtitles will be needed.

3. Once a movie or show is uploaded for Netflix streaming, Netflix will have an employee personally watch each uploaded item in it's entirety to make sure there are no errors. Such common errors we will look for are: frame rate issues, sound issues, picture quality issues, and sync issues. We now recognize that it is pointless for us to upload something if we upload it in a way that is unwatchable.

4. We will provide better, more accurate methods of problem reporting for customers. If a customer notices an unusual problem with a DVD or with a streaming title, we will make sure that the customer can let us know easily via our website exactly what is wrong. We will work quickly to correct any problems with our titles.

5. We will give more warnings to customers when our streaming titles are going to be brought down. 1 week is not enough. We will give 4 weeks notice in advance.

6. We will release a better website in 2012. Our current website is terrible and we apologize for making everyone have to use it for so long. The list of problems with our current site is too long to list here. Suffice it to say that our new website will offer about a million different options for the users to set up the website in a way each user wants. The power is in your hands.

7. We will fight hard to make sure the DVD's we send you let you fast forward all the movie advertisements and other garbage that plays when you first put the DVD into the player. We don't want you to waste your time. We want you to be able to get to the movie you rented as quickly as possible. Forcing you to sit through ads and other nonsense is ridiculous and the studios have crossed the line.

8. We will send you DVD versions with the bonus materials on them, as if you had purchased the DVD in a store.

9. We will work to get all of our streaming titles properly subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing.

10. Last, whenever we make a change to a title, such as fixing the audio problem a certain streaming title had, or adding subtitles to a TV series, we will announce it to our customers. We understand that you don't want to have to check the show every week to see if it's been fixed, so we will tell you when it's fixed. We know that communicating with you is the best way to show you that we respect our customers, so we will start doing this by telling you every time we fix titles that are messed up.


everything daniel L said


1) Netflix will stop astroturfing on this site.


So Daniel, are you prepared for another price increase? Because that's a lot of work for a company that charges so little to begin with.

Daniel L

Yes. I was never against it.

Even without a price increase, the problems I listed are issues that need to be addressed. They aren't unreasonable. Items 6, 7, and 8 can be cut from the list if you are really worried about a price increase. The others though need to happen.


Daniel L.

3. I kind of agree, but then I kind of don't it would take a long time to watch all the content that Netflix gets the rights to in a major deal, like with NBC or Fox. but i definitively think we should be able to report errors.

7. I hate when you can't skip the previews, but this is a studio problem, Netflix doesn't have any say on the DVDs.

8. If these are cheaper, then I don't care, I'd rather they pay for the plain DVDs, then retail price for the sets with extras.


Netflix should resolve

1. ... to change that watch instantly interface back to the way it was - especially making it easy to check the "not interested" box. Hiding that does not make a movie any more attractive if it is a dog. [I still use the old interface but it is gradually disappearing, layer by layer.]

2. ... to keep the algorithms that predicted movies that one might actually like in its former state of accuracy or better (not worse). The corollary is that I would rather never see listed the kind of movies I never like or have no interest in. Continually suggesting crummy movies does not make them any more acceptable... it IS annoying.

3. ... to eliminate the "carousel". I wonder how many people go into flicker fusion seizures or get nauseous from that screen motion?

4. ... to add more videos and movies from New Zealand and Australia and Canada. They have some really good programming there. It would be nice to be able to sort movies and videos by country of origin. For example, some old German films like "Wings of Desire" are really good but finding them is usually by serendipity.

5. ... to continue to pay attention to smaller niche audiences. Not all of us like most of the so-called box office "hits". For example, more good sci-fi would be nice. (And DON'T label fantasy as sci-fi in a combo genre - they aren't the same. Sorting out all the fantasy via "not interested" is a pain).


1. Include trailers so that I can get a sense of what I might watch.

2. Make the site and Apple TV app more browseable. How about a way to browse the most watched films on Netflix? How about a ranked list of the best classic films on Netflix? A static list of "10 Indie Films You Might Love" but have that list be the same for everyone and not tailored by my erratic viewing habits (Yo Gabba Gabba to Sons of Anarchy). Netflix has a double problem. First, there doesn't seem to be enough good movies available for streaming. Secondly, and I think this is related to the first, there doesn't seem to be an easily reliable, low effort way of discovering the good stuff that is on there.

3. Why are ratings relative? Why the "best guess?" Can't someone say "hey, we think this is a five star film and if you don't agree, tough stuff."

Thomas Armstrong

Offline viewing for iPhones/Android. I think we all really would love to watch our favourite streaming while commuting!


I like the ratings to be from the actual audiences. If you want a list of films that are great in someone's opinion, there are the lists of awards and/or the Critics' opinions.


I've recently noticed that it is now impossible to suggest a movie to be added by Netflix via "Contact us".

In general, Netflix is now less consumer oriented and more designed by an efficiency expert from the corporate viewpoint. They should go back to the consumer orientation and dump the MBA efficiency expert.


Better customer service, which is currently abysmal. They could do like many other companies, and create a ticket system, where when you submit a problem electronically, you get a ticket number, and so this would also allow you to go back and enjoy a video when you are notified that the problem is fixed.


Netflix should resolve to tackle streaming head on, if they really truly believe it is the future. Fix the frame/audio issues. And GET BETTER CONTENT. I am happy with what I pay for Netflix streaming, I think it is a fair price. Before the price increase I thought it was a steal, Netflix needs to get back to that. Bribe studios for more titles/closer to release dates. Studios wanted "Buy now" links next to their titles on Netflix's site, Netflix tested it and decided against it? Why? Tell Sony, if we can get better streaming titles you can be the exclusive owner to the "buy now" of our site, only your movies will have it. Then go to Paramount and tell them, we have millions and millions of DVD subscribers, you can exclusively have the inside of our disc mailer (The tear away portion), to advertise your upcoming releases... you can exclusively have this prime real estate if you give us better deals for streaming and so on and so on.


if i have one resolution for netflix it would be for the consumer to stop thinking that netflix streaming is the be all to end all. it's a network. like fox , cbs , tnt , usa , hbo , showtime. movies are going to come and go. they are going to get some good ones and bad ones. they are going to get good prints and bad prints. the only reason i signed up for netflix 2 years ago was for the streaming. i do have problems with the service like the new release section should rotate better. older titles that just came on should get a section. but outside of that it still a great service.


Stop trying to destroy DVD rentals. Nao. I have zero interest in streaming, and I guess I'm just a cavewoman to them.


Captions on my Sony TV for streaming titles!

Netflix should resolve to first do no harm to their disc customers that gave them their start. They can be the truly long tail by accepting all manor of obscure bluray and dvd. Complete the catalog!

Ditto. I agree. This would have been my suggestion too.


"Netflix should resolve to first do no harm to their disc customers that gave them their start. They can be the truly long tail by accepting all manor of obscure bluray and dvd. Complete the catalog!"

I agree. The best films are on the DVDs and not on streaming currently. Make new friends but keep the old: one is silver, the other gold.

Devon C

Fix streaming issue. I have no clue why Netflix works perfect on the PS3 and Xbox 360, great on my Galaxy S2, but is forever choppy on my laptop. Either make a desktop application or fix you're online streaming. That and I'd like to be able to clear my viewing history and browse other movies n such while watching like Hulu Plus allows.

Kurt B

They should resolve to fixing the streaming interface to remove the useless slow preview and most importantly fix the filtering to not show previously seen/rated titles. It is so annoying to have to surf through the items you have already watched to get to the unwatched content.

the troll

would like to see more western tv shows from back in the 60's and 70's etc.

Scott Mace

Make it really easy export of all my ratings and queues. Netflix, if you love your customers, set them free!


Maybe Netflix should KEEP some of their promises from LAST YEAR!

During 2011, Netflix made several promises regarding the making of their service more accessible to their deaf and hard of hearing customers.

They need to not only KEEP those commitments (which, for the most part, they HAVEN'T, so far), but expand on them by making ALL of their content accessible on ALL Netflix devices.

The 30% of all content captioned promised in Feb. '11 was only 15%. 30% didn't actually arrive until June '11. 80% was promised by the end of December -- they only reached just over 40%!!

XBox 360 & Roku support was also promised by the end of the year. XBox - YES, Roku only has captions on their newest Roku-2 boxes. Older Roku users are out of luck as are the many TV & Blu-ray owners with no accessibility options!

Daniel L

@Scott Mace

I agree that Netflix should have an option for users to export their ratings and queue. In the meantime, here is a script I used to export my Netflix ratings.


First you install the program greasemonkey into a browser like Firefox. Then you install that script, and you can export your ratings. Works like a charm.

Jeff Kay

make deals with pay channels like hbo to carry their content, and cut out the evil cable companies and they're bundling scams.


Can you get DVD/Blu-Ray only? - a buddy of mine would like to get just that but is having trouble getting around the streaming + DVD on the web site.
I have both so not a problem for me but unless DVD/Blu-Ray only is a money pit you should make it easy to sign up!


NetFlix should resolve to split the smart way, into
1) a dedicated streaming company (which will fail, because getting enough compelling content will be far too expensive)
2) a DVD + low cost streaming company (which will go gangbusters, just like they did up till they started ruining it in 2010 with too-expensive streaming deals).


Netflix should bring back their DVD by mail service.I tried to subscribe this evening, but there is no option on their website to subscribe to DVD by mail. Are they intentionally trying to run the company into bankruptcy?


Netflix should resolve making subtitles available for all of their titles. since the promise has been made for several years. It's time to even live up to their "80%" by the end of 2011, guess what it's 2012 and it's not even close to 50% subtitled. It's time to support the Deaf/HOH culture.

sean mccoy

1 fix your xbox 360 go back to the old one

2 stop going down every sunday night

3 make a better app for the xbox 360 BUT dont take any options out of the old app

4 let us email u

5 get your reps back on facebook and help your customers out

6 on your twitter account are u afraid of us u tweet less then 2hr mon-fri you need to be there more then that

7 retrain your reps and techs

8 GET RID OF REED HASTINGS he just cant make up his mind anymore and when someone gets his photo he looks like (CRAP)


- Let customers watch streaming on the XBox without a gold subscription
- Add the parental guidance notes to the game system interfaces
- Lower the price of plans (I went from 3 out to 2 out after this year's increase)

Christopher Brown


Netflix User 80

"Netflix should bring back their DVD by mail service.I tried to subscribe this evening, but there is no option on their website to subscribe to DVD by mail. Are they intentionally trying to run the company into bankruptcy?"

LOL You can, you just have to go into Change Plan under Your Account & Help.


-If Netflix is going to buy edited versions for streaming, it should include a disclaimer.

-ENOUGH with the quiz show format in those stupid radio commercials!

-Embrace your customers from before you became ubiquitous and a household term, who started subscribing to Netflix to watch older movies not found on the shelves of the then-dominating Blockbuster and Movie Gallery stores. Not all of us just want to watch the newest movies or new releases right away. Before about 2007, Netflix use to be our refuge but now it caters to the usually fleeting customers who just want to get another Redbox. Replace discs that have become unavailable (usually kept by cheap subscribers). These movies (and TV shows) are still being put out on DVD, and many people still get the service via DVD. If getting something to streaming takes so long we decide to just go to Amazon and buy, then you are missing out.

-Realize your customers just want to rent and watch

Netflix User 80

Oh, yes, the resolution I'd like to see Netflix conquer in 2012 is:

Fire Reed Hastings.


Bring back the social media functionality. Enable my netflix ratings to post to my facebook news feed.
Enable the netflix 'friends' where I can see what my friends who use netflix are watching and recommending and detail how compatible our viewing habits are.


They should resolve to invent a time machine, so they can get a do-over on 2011.

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