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I havent tried either amazon or hulu. Im not PAYING to watch commercials.

Amazon tried to give me $5 worth but screwed it up and I ended up getting a $5 credit which I used for something else so I still have never tried amazon video.

So neither are for me but both are important to keep Netflixs price reasonable.

George Isaacs

Cheaper would be good, especially if there's less content. But if they can get stuff that isn't on Netflix, even better. I think there's room for multiple services at the $8-$10 range.
Netflix has a lot of Anime, but much of it is still English dub only, so Crunchyroll fills that niche when I'm in the mood for it.


I would welcome a Netflix competitor but most of the content on Amazon is also on Netflix, if they had a cheaper price point($5.99) I would sign-up. The main thing holding up exclusive content is the movie studios, they sell the same crap to everyone but hold the good stuff for PPV.


Amazon will probably have a base price similar to Netflix, but give a discount to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Robert Emmerich

One of the good things about Amazon naming it's "shipping" program "Prime" is that it could mean anything. My guess is Amazon would just offer "Prime Video" on a monthly basis, $5.99 as previously mentioned. No reason for them to offer a discount to current Prime subscribers, they are already getting it, this is just a way to bring in people who are more comfortable paying $6 per month than $79 per year (buy 11 months get 1 free says the calculator, so nearly the same price).


I welcome a competitor, but it would have to be viewable on TV devices (e.g. TiVo) too... and would have to have some form of queue/watch-list/organization.

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