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Ew, yuck.

Aint gonna happen.... Like all the damn rumors....

I do like Yahoo Games.... That is it though.

Larry Dallas

some people must be looking to unload some yahoo stock today

trend: Company X rumored to buy Netflix, stock goes up, loads of shares sell, rumor killed

the troll

whats next google??


yahoo sports is excellent. everything else....


It's only a rumor beause Yahoo is going bankrupt. We went through this last month with Verizon, I have to agree with Larry that someone is pumping and dumping their stock.

If these so called analyst that start these rumors had a brain at least use a company with a huge market cap(eg Google).

Link Building

there's no truth to this...I hope!


This isn't a rumor it's some analysts train of thought.


This doesn't make sense, Netflix doesn't "own" any content, it licenses them from the studios. If Yahoo wants content they can just license it directly from the owners.

sean mccoy

I want verizon to own it


Oh god, no.

Considering how incompetent Yahoo is at everything it does, and the lowest-common-denominator market they target, I simply can't imagine that they'd do anything to Netflix but destroy it.

If you want an idea of the type of people Yahoo's services appeal to, read the comments on one of their news stories (or, if you want to retain a shred of faith in humanity, don't).


Yahoo still has problems it needs to work out. Netflix wouldn't be cheap, cheaper than it was but not cheap. With a market cap of 4 Billion, and growing license fees, they may be 1 billion this year, Yahoo should just leave them alone. They want Netflix's customer base, not Netflix.


I'd like to see Google take them over, or better yet start competing with them. I know a lot of people hate and distrust Google but I'm not one of them.

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