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Nic Peterson 9

Should someone so dumb be allowed to breed?


A friend of mine called his girlfriend from our hotel room in New Orleans many years ago. We were drunk when we came in and he feel asleep while talking to her and never hund up the phone.

Ended up being a 7-8 hour phone call on our bill. he didnt tell them what happened but just said that cant be right.

They ended up reducing the charge to 8 minutes.

the troll

@Nic Peterson 9
to that i would have to say NO

Robert Emmerich

I don't see how the guy is "dumb" at all. If you were to ask 1 million random people in the US and Canada how much it would cost to watch 4 movies on their laptop using a wireless card, even if you gave them multiple choice,
A) $48
B) $725
C) $1,200
D) $10,000
nobody who isn't dumb is going to say $10,000. Can anybody anywhere on the planet, even people who work at Sasktel, really tell me with a strait face that it would cost me $10,000 to watch 4 movies? The guy isn't dumb, anybody who thinks it's ok to charge anybody $10,000 to stream 4 movies is a ferakin' lunatic.


I agree, he isn't dumb and you know what, myself and most Americans don't even think about the fact that we have to pay for something like this.

I mean, I only use my home wireless connection for my laptop, Wii, and iPod Touch. The only other place I use wireless internet is at school which is free.

Never would I have ever thought about the fact that you can be charged for exceeding your limit. So this guy isn't dumb and he must be quite smart to haggle the price down to $1000 cuz most of these types of companies are not so forgiving.


If you root your (Android) phone, you can use LBE Privacy Guard to prevent an app (each app gets it's own settings) from using the cellular network (among other features, such as controlling GPS/contact access). Specifically, there are two checkboxes for internet access, one for 2g/3g/4g and one for wifi.


It's too bad the video quality settings are per account, not per device. I'd love to lock my iphone to the lowest quality setting but have my other devices stream at the highest quality rate. It's not very conducive to change that setting on the iphone.


Roam if you want to...roam around the world.


I thought everyone knew roaming had the potential to cost a fortune. I guess this is an example of how we just expect Internet to work everywhere and think little about how we get it. Unfortunate and costly education.


Funny that Shrek and Spider-man aren't even available on Netflix streaming.


He probably has a Canadian account. I guess they have a different selection of titles.


Wow. Really?

I do Virgin Mobile pre-paid with a Motorola Triumph. $35 a month gets me 300 talk minutes ($45 would make that unlimited) and unlimited messages and data.

After 250mb of data they throttle, but it's still fast enough to play a video on Netflix, and I don't pay any more for it no matter where I am. There is no "roaming" with pre-paid.

People are actually stuck on contracts that make you pay extra when you're not in your home town? How lame.


macdude, right on. The quality/speed throttles should be per device.


I'm never really in a position to stream something on my phone, even though the ability was a perk for me when getting the phone. The phone companies really need to include data plans with their talk time; no one gets a smartphone just to talk. Of course the phone companies will keep them separate because people will pay, and it's another condition of that industry that society has just allowed them to foist on us without protest.


Ignorance of the details of your cell phone contract and the amount of data contained in a movie are no excuse.

Mr. Gibson decided to make it worse, however, by telling the whole world of his ignorance.


Read the article again.

Free MW3

the speed throttles should be per device..


THIS is why companies keep claiming streaming is the future. Not going to accidentally rack up $10K by keeping a DVD for an extra month.


Galagatron, why should people pay for data they don't use? People that don't use data shouldn't be forced to subsidize those that do.

Riverside Guy

100% the guy's fault... I don't even HAVE a cell phone, yet I know there are data issues, I know movies take a lot of data, and I know various plans can have huge roaming charges in addition to the minutes consumed. Not to mention it sounds like he did NOT have any kind of unlimited data plan...


Yes this guy is a moron, if you go to another country you KNOW you're roaming and you KNOW it's going to cost a LOT MORE! Even if people don't know this they should know it because it's in the contract or terms of use. If people can't learn to read then they deserve what they get. Reading is our friend.


"Yes this guy is a moron, if you go to another country you KNOW you're roaming and you KNOW it's going to cost a LOT MORE!"

Agree. This guy is an idiot. Who doesn't know that you are charged roaming out of the country? I've traveled into Canada a couple times and turned my mobile off completely because the charges they give you are crazy.


I love all the self righteous a-holes here. Yeah, you guys never ever make mistakes. Perfect divine beings, the lot of you. More likely fat geek filth with no end to their personality disorders. Most of us wish your parents had been prevented from breeding.


You always pay when you use the cell network in another country. No matter what your plan or pre or post paid. You will pay a huge rate for talk/texts/data if you are not in your native country.

For instance, I have a US unlimited plan. If I go to Europe I pay something like $1.50 per text. Even if I choose AT&Ts international plan all it does is slightly decrease the cost (e.g. $1/text)


Said he was using his laptop, not cell phone.

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