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"22 hours a week of premium content" - can you even figure a number like that out with Netflix putting entire seasons out at a time? Even if you can, where did 22 hours come from?

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Prime Time programming =
Mon-Saturday 8:00PM-11:00Pm Sunday 7:00PM-11:00PM
Total hour 22

I like this way of thinking. Maybe they will start giving Netflix access to the first few seasons of longer running series such as The CSIs and NCSIs. This could give them a bump in revenue and possibly a small bump in ratings as it could bring more viewers to (or back to) these shows.


Okay, I gotcha, thanks for the explanation. I still wonder how it applies to Netflix's business model. CBS obviously sees Netflix as some form of threat thus their refusal to license most of Showtime's originals. CBS is a weird beast, on one side you get news like above. On the other it's refusing to join Hulu. Then you have them putting most shows on their website and I believe they own TV.com. They seem to be all over the place. I just wish WB wasn't so fricken awful. I cut the cord months ago and was enjoying 2 Broke Girls from CBS' website until WB put a stop to that. The vast majority of shows that don't have full episodes available on the network that airs them website are produced by WB.


Remember when Netflix was a movie rental service rather than a TV channel...?


Yeah I don't like Netflix producing all these shows, if it leads to getting CBS TV shows then I can understand. Most shows I watch are on CBS and I can't get them on Hulu, if Netflix could stream some of them I would be a happy camper.

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I remember when the reason to get the Netflix DVD movie rental service was because they offered things Blockbuster did not such as:

1. Wide Selection Independent Movies
2. Foreign Language Films
3. Decent Selection of Anime
4. Unedited Films

Fortunately the Netflix Streaming Service is pretty good at all these things plus the have a large section of TV shows.


Hmm, it's a long shot, but I wonder if they're talking about a new Star Trek series. CBS owns the rights and they're extremely unlikely to put that on their own network. A title like that would fit right in with all the other Star Trek Netflix is streaming and would likely attract new customers.


I find myself spending more hours watching TV series beginning to end than watching movies. I wonder if this represents Netflix viewership of others.

the troll

i canceled hulu plus as they have no cbs shows
perhaps this will be something


This is a real dumb move for CBS, but good for us consumers. What if this show is a huge hit, how would they respond. This is like the Starz deal all over again.


@ScottZ. The answer to that question according to NF is yes. They have stated in many interviews and press releases that the core of their streaming business is those watching TV series, and gaining the rights to TV shows is their primary goal. This is why we have seen so much TV content appear in the streaming library over this past year or so. It would also appear they are interested in more and more original content based on the other two headlines from this website today. I'm ok with all of this as long as subscription prices remain reasonable. We'll have to keep an eye on that, but I think sometime in the next few years we'll be paying more if we want NF.

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I watch a lot of TV series through Netflix streaming. Cheers, Frasier, The Larry Sanders Show, Hot in Cleveland, etc. I enjoy these show, but I also watch them because there are precious few current movies available. Yes, there are lots of mediocre movies out there, but very few fairly recent decent movies. This is where I miss getting the DVD's. I see new stuff through Amazon.com streaming. With Amazon beginning to carry what Netflix does, the $79.00 Prime membership there is becoming more attractive. Once Amazon is able to figure out a better indexing system for their movies, they might have my business.


Give it time Patchouli. Need time for new streaming deals to kick in. Lincoln Lawyer was good (I thought very good), it will be on Netflix later this month, if IMDB is correct that will be less than 1 year from when it debuted in theaters. Netflix will be getting a host of more main-stream titles shortly after their DVD release (most deals look like 90-180 days after the DVD streets). The Grey (Liam Niesen) should be streaming before the end of the year. Same can be said for Haywire (Yeah, I know it didn't do so hot).


Wait, since when was all of CBS' content "premium"?

(ba dum psh!)

But seriously, I get his point. (I also like a bunch of CBS shows.)


I've had an interesting observation. The XBox 360 has an Epix video app. XBox Live is getting Epix content slightly before Netflix. For instance. I saw True Grit available though the Epix app a few weeks before it turned up on Netflix.This is not a rant because I pretty much only watch Netflix through the PS3.


The deal with EPIX-Netflix calls for a 90 day delay. Once it debuts on EPIX, 90 days later NF should be able to debut it. Did it seem round that time? EPIX is currently airing Everything Must Go, Rango & Lincoln Lawyer... Netflix should have all of them shortly.


>Remember when Netflix was a movie rental service rather than a TV channel...?

Not really, since I've been renting TV show DVDs for a VERY long time.


I think the real reason why the majority of their customers watch tons of TV shows is because the customers who stay with them have no other option. I had Netflix’s streaming service and hated that I could rarely find movies I wanted to watch and that the only new stuff they had was TV shows. Eventually I cancelled and now have Blockbuster @Home from my employer, DISH. It’s so much better and has tons of new releases. Instead of creating more content, Netflix should try to expand their streaming library.

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