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Eh it's still gonna be expensive once all added up.

These old farts that run these media companies have no idea and are afraid of change.

We the people want everything on demand. Everything. Times are changing and we want to watch what we want when we want and we want to choose what content we want to pay for.

The future is now.


"only available for Comcast customers," therefore not interested.


Another fail since I don't have cable, sort of like the Dish/Blockbuster Movie Pass.

BTW: Streampix is software from NorPix, I hope Comcast got permission.


I would never ever do business with Comcast again.


Ya it may be cheaper, but if it isn't available to everyone in the US and is an add on to other more expensive services how can it really be a threat to Netflix?


Does it count against your monthly cap on the internet?

Daniel L

Crow550 said it perfectly and is 100% right. I endorse his comment.


If it isn't available as a stand alone service for $7.99 or less, it is in NO WAY shape or form competition for Netflix.

In fact, what are they offering that isn't already available ON DEMAND. I am not talking about PPV either. I am referring to all of the stuff that can be seen the day after it airs.

Unfortunately most of the bloggers and Wall street guys that generate these headlines talking about the line up of "Netflix Killers" and competion are just as clueless as a good portion of the general public that are not technically saavy enough to already subscribe to Netflix. The learning curve is happening and because Netflix is on every device capable of streaming, AND is so easy to sign up for and use, everyone else is playing catch up!

Last but not least...... for months now Xfinity has had COMING SOON on in the XBOx 360 app menu. Last night after getting the latest update for my XBOX it was gone. How exactly are we going to stream content from Comcast when it is not on any devices capable of streaming. Our mobile phones? With todays mobile data caps, that is not an option.


Free or $4.99 per month, huh? I've heard that before. Bait the customer in, eliminate competition, then raise the monthly rate to $49.99. No thanks.


Do we need to rent a cable box to get it?


"Do we need to rent a cable box to get it?"

Yes to view it on your TV, as of next month you will need a digital box because Comcast is turning off analog.


@Mrmanmac As moviegeek said if you want to watch Streampix on your tv yes, unless you have a laptop you can hook up to the tv. Now, as for needing a digital box for regular cable programming, all you need is a digital adapter from Comcast. They will give you 2 for free with your subscription and each additional is .50.

On another note, I checked out streampix and they have a few movies that look good that Netflix doesn't have, but they don't have much, but I can't complain since it's a free add-on to my Blast Plus internet and limited basic cable, which I'm only paying $45 a month with taxes, etc for the next 10 months.


I was being a smart ass asking about having to rent a box. I am currently renting 3 HD boxes, and 2 analog converters on top of my subscription. I just dropped the phone service because i had to rent the modem for 10 bucks a month on top of the phone service. (I got a magic jack) Because i dropped the phone service my internet service went up 15 bucks (no longer triple play)

There is already a ton of stuff available on comcast via ON Demand. I am wondering what they could possibly be offering that is extra. This just sounds like a bait and switch marketing move to make current customers think they are getting something new when in fact they already have it.


Comcast’s Streampix doesn’t rival Netflix, I am wondering why a customer would want to live stream from their couch. When I started looking for a service provider I needed to view my programming on the go and that was a major factor. I travel frequently on business for Dish so I’m not home to watch my content and need service like Dish’s TV Everywhere™. This would not be possible without Dish’s sling adapter, which hooks up to my DVR and internet and gives me access to all my programming and DVR content via my iPad wherever and whenever I desire it. I would think that new services coming out would be pushing more towards the movement of technology rather than standing still.

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