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Okay, Mr. Rasulo. So why not license some of those wonderful old World of Disney shows you have in your vault and apparently aren't going to ever release on DVD or bother with broadcasting on your own cable show? There's a whole bunch of gems in there just collecting dust. Or maybe turning into dust.

Also, I'm still mad about the crappy VHS quality pan and scan version you did of Natty Gann and some of your other catalog titles. Why not get some use out of these and perhaps find a whole new audience, that is if you actually mean what you're saying.


Yeah, the best way to give old content new life is to, you know.. sell it.


Sell your content to Netflix then Disney! You rarely show your old movies on your own channel so sell 'em to Netflix!!!


The DVD releases of Disney cartoon series from the '80s exhibited a cluelessness about Disney's old content. For example, "The Gummi Bears" was never completed, and that including DVDs for other series lacked any sort of nostalgia-based extras, which many fans of those shows would appreciate. It seemed as if Disney figured people would simply buy those discs for their millennial babies.

danny hicks

that would be cool if disney put some old stuff in the canadian netflix site i would to love to see all of them again and would even pay more to see them

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