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I noticed this recently when I was perusing the "suggestions for you" category, which I never really check. There is a link to "taste preferences", and you can go through several descriptions when choosing to set qualities, storylines, release date, sub-genres, children's age, sports and fitness, music, story source, cultures, special interests. Some are "man vs nature", "courtroom intrigue", "Sept. 11", "Whistleblowers".


I only recently started watching on my PS3 and I assumed all my categories were random and made up on the spot. Most of what is in my queue are foreign films from an article on this blog awhile back. I get genres like - ultra violent foreign vengeance dramas.

kelly luker

I'd love to see a category for end-of-the-world movies, major disasters, etc. i.e., Day After Tomorrow, The Peacemaker, 2012...


I got the viral plauge one. Ironically, I am about to finish reading The Stand and will be checking out that miniseries. Looking forward to seeing the Molly Ringwald/Lt. Dan/ Parker Lewis love triangle.


Jeez, I've never checked out the Suggestions for You section because my queue is always packed and I don't need more ideas. I had no idea how comprehensive the settings are.

Daniel L

The only thing I don't like about these categories is how some movies are kind of awkwardly categorized by Netflix. The Prophecy series is marked as "Satanic stories." It's a good series and not anti-religious or pro-satan or anything like that. I'd hate to think that some very religious people might avoid watching the movies because they are "satanic stories," even though they really aren't satanic stories.


I can't imagine someone really going through those selections and choosing "always" and "sometimes" and "never", and just going by those choices. Most of the time I have no idea what subjects will be in a movie I'm about to watch.


I think category recommendations would be more useful if Netflix let streaming-only customers still rate disc titles. It is infuriating that we can't.


My categories are almost always very accurate (and I took the time to set it up in the first place). Of course this is BECAUSE it gives me things like "mind-bending, visually imaginative foreign films", "violent cantonese language films from the 1980s", and "dark witty British sitcoms". The only problem is that the majority of them are all things I've already seen or currently have in my queue. It's quite a shame that I rarely have something suggested to me that I wasn't already aware of.

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