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I recently read the books, then watched the Swedish version then watched the American version.

The American version is a million times better than the Swedish. The Swedish version is TERRIBLE. How anybody likes that better is mind boggling.

And the thing is, I wasn't a huge fan of the book. It was just a typical murder mystery story, nothing special. But the characters were good so it kept me interested for books 2 and 3. The American version is almost completely faithful to those characters while the Swedish version makes really dumb changes and cuts that completely change who the characters are. They are dumbed down to just boring movie cliches so I have no interest in seeing their story continue in parts 2 and 3.

Robert Emmerich

Having it split into 6 parts makes me hopeful that they added slow boring details cut for a theatrical release that will actually help the story. The extended LoTR versions didn't add anything exciting but a few characters made appearances and others got fleshed out. I am concerned that each of 6 parts is 93 minutes long so the breaks won't be at appropriate times if I want to watch 1 part at a time.


"subtitled but good"

Oh really?


Title not found on Netflix.


I LOVED these movies, haven not read the books......

Walt D in LV

I have not read the books. However, the book series was so popular, I did rent the Swedish versions when they came out. Incredibly good!
The first, in particular, blew my doors off! I've seen a LOT of movies, but it took me by surprise how good it was. I've since seen the David Fincher version (one of my favorite directors) and it's really first-class as well. There are favorable aspects to both films, but overall I like that the Swedish version is more violent, more raw. Perhaps for American audiences, they toned down the Fincher version?

In any case, the extended versions of these films has me wanting to try out Streaming. Although, Amazon has these extended editions on Blu-ray, released in December 2011, so perhaps Netflix will get them in a couple of months?
Meanwhile, can anyone tell me how you can tell if something is available in HD on Streaming?

Oh, and as much as I loved the original Swedish Dragon Tattoo, I must admit, the second was disappointing, and the third, while not as good as the first, was much better. 5 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars.

Finally, @lethargic, perhaps the bits they cut out of the book, the parts you say they took away, are included in this Extended Edition, making it a better, more faithful to the book version?

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