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But I thought Netflix was supposed to be out of business by now? Damn me, I listened to the internet again! First Snakes on a Plane, now this!


Touch screen TVs? People barely touch the buttons on their TV as it is.

Maybe a touch screen remote, but not a touch screen TV.

I'm sort of saddened by the way Netflix is pointing to. It's sort of slowly becoming a premium TV channel.


Well it's been roughly estimated that about a half billion people use the internet today. In seven years a billion will be using it at 100mp's?? I doubt it. Sure 100mp will be available for a price from your generous cable/phone company, and you'll have to have fiber optics to your home for the higher speeds to work and newer hardware. I'm not going to run out to buy new equipment until the old breaks down, and most people won't either.

"Every TV sold features Netflix, and every TV has a red Netflix button." So says Hastings the Bullsh"tter. I have watched and listened to Hastings B.S. over the years and didn't care about his lies he would tell the interviewer as long as I was getting my movies. Most TVs sold today are not Netflix ready. Don't believe me? Just go to any retailers web site (that sells TV's) or store and see for yourself. Best Buy is good for breaking down features. Best Buy has 390 flat screen TVs listed on their web site and 66 of them have Netflix. That means that 83% of them don't have Netflix as a feature.

Hastings wants NF stock to keep climbing so he Bullsh*ts and his potential stockholders believe him.


Good grief, calm down Wbad.

I don't get the IPad comparison. I see TVs evolving into voice/motion controlled, the Kinect is a major leap in that regard.

I'm waiting for Netflix to announce their first movie. Sorta a 'made for tv' movie, but with a real Hollywood budget. AMC theaters went down that road, they wanted better programming (better movies) for their theaters and we got Open Road Films & 'The Grey'.

Bob Emmerich

Wbad - he's saying "by the end of the decade", which may also be BS, or maybe not.
Nate - he's talking about iPads but he means iTVs. Apples new $1200 tv with Siri controls and every channel and website is its own app. I don't think he means touch controls.


I think Reed is delusional and needs to go, besides the stupid things he did last year I don't like the direction of trying to compete with HBO. I don't want my money going towards original content, I want it going towards more network TV shows and movies(like the good ole days). As for 100Mbps internet, it will only be in large cities and it will cost a fortune.


Hastings may be exaggerating a bit on the number of ppl with 100MB connections. Hopefully compression improves with time and that kind of speed is never needed for streaming.

Clearly Hastings meant *smart* TVs having the netflix button, which is true. Besides most HDTVs have a console or STB connected to them so the probability of netflix still is high.

Klass Klown

"Hastings estimates that a billion people will have 100mb Internet service by the end of this decade, and TVs in the next few years will be "giant iPad's" with apps, touch and voice control".

These are forward looking statements and he has once again opened Netflix up to a class action lawsuit. The class would argue that they made their investment based on his estimate and if the estimate doesn't pan out then he's on the hook. Damn, all one has to do is commission a study then reference the study.


I fully agree with moviegeek. I don't want Netflix to be another HBO. I want it to be my movie library.


I prefer netflix go the HBO route as I prefer compelling TV series over the overrated hollyweird blockbuster movie. Besides epix (Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM), weinstein, Relativity Media, FilmDistrict, miramax and Open Road Films provide the movies.


100mb internet for how much money. i hate to tell these people but if other things in my life go up in price food, gas, power, ect...
the first thing to go are the internet,buy and doing things that i really dont need or do. so they better hope things get better for people so they can buy these things.


Well right now you can get 50 Mbps from Comcast for around $100 in most areas and they are going to have 100 Mbps in my area soon for around $200. This is with docsis 3.0 technology so as 4.0 comes out and speeds can be increased ever faster. I can see by 2020 having 100 Mbps for the price we're paying now for 30 Mbps around $40-55. Possibly even faster, it just depends on if the ISP's continue increasing speeds and how fast they do so. Comcast is already dropping certain tiers of speed and dropping the next fastest to that price.



You are very luck, in my area we are lucky to get 15Mbps Internet. We 'might' get 20Mbps in the near future, but they have been saying that for 2 years now.

I don't even live in the backwoods, I live in a major city. I don't see me getting 100Mbps Internet in my lifetime!

Don't feel bad.

Where I live, I can get up to 7Mbps (in actuality it'd be closer to 4-5Mps) MAXIMUM.

Even if Hastings is right the disparity between the people getting the full 100Mbps and the rest of the people is going to be enormous.

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