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I would be very interested to see what Netflix would look like there. The U.S. based studios are desperate to monetize Russia. DVDs of major films are often released there cheaply (and legally) months before they come out in the U.S. as a way to combat piracy. Maybe Netflix will get the same benefits.
My VPN has a Moscow server ready and waiting for this.

Free MW3

Cool can't wait for it to come out in Russia ;D

Karen Lee

Yes and that early release in Russia often results in the DVD showing up the next day on all the torrent sites.

the troll

can't wait for the Iran nuke either


I don't buy it. Out of all the places they could expand, I don't see Russia being a high priority... but maybe I'm wrong.


I will not get excited about any HULU news until they completely fix their app for the PS3...it's been forever and with all the complaints they still aren't fixing the horrible app...works great on the ROKU though...


Lars - My Roku Hulu app locks up. Not a ton, but enough to be annoying. From what I've read online Hulu Plus is the reason Roku added a reset button to the Roku 2. The app is even worse on my LG Smart TV. I find myself using it via my HTPC.

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