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Futurama and Family Guy episodes updated finally in the last week and half.
This makes TWO updates I have actually been interested in within... 4 months? Finally, a step in the right direction.

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Thanks for the post.. Gonna watch futurama and family guy the new episodes.. hope it is gonna be good..


Glad to see Rock n Roll High School. I meant to watch it with my wife during our Amazon Prime free trial but never got around to it. Might need double feature night w/ Stripes, which she also hasn't seen.


Yet you married her?!?!?

(just kidding)

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Geez, Amazon is gonna come out of nowhere and kill Netflix if they don't step it up.

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Great, thanks for sharing this blog post.

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Just read from IMDB that the Weinstein company has signed a deal with Netflix to stream their library online!!! This is big news, especially when The Artist is in the running for best picture.


You are correct sir!


Score one for Netflix. Big addition, especially for the hardcore film buffs out there. I am all ready looking forward to seeing Undefeated!


Not their library BUT certain films from their library - read again!!!

"a new multi-year licensing agreement that will make foreign language, documentary, and certain other movies from the Weinstein Co."

- foreign language
- documentary
- certain "other" movies (whatever they wish to allow)

Still limited!


Limited but Exclusive... from what I've read from different articles: The Artist, Undefeated, Sarah's Key, Bully, The Intouchables, Coriolanus, W.E. Those are just the recent titles, one story said The Artist will hit streaming same day as the DVD. I'm wondering if certain co-productions are not included, namely My Week with Marilyn which isn't named in any articles. I thought the Weinstein Co. owned 25% of Starz... if so this deal is very interesting. Look forward to more info coming out.


That's great news about Weinstein, I hope it's available soon because Starz goes away in eight days and the stuff coming out lately(eg Britney Spears & Justin Bieber) is lame.


DIRECTV, & NETFLIX merge, will dominate most competition.


Comcast unveiled plans to undercut Netflix with a less expensive version.

Xfinity Streampix - $5 per month. Some Comcast customers who pay for multiple services, including high-speed Internet access and phone, will get Streampix at no additional cost.


Get ready, folks! You're queues are about to light up with "expiring soon" dates for all of the Starz titles.

Instantwatch lists 20 pages of titles that will disappear on Feb 29, with another 4 pages going on March 1. I'd be curious to see a comparison of total Netflix streaming titles before and after these dates.

I really hope Netflix can pick up the pace on licensing, but with prices skyrocketing, I don't see how they can.


Currently, they are at 48145:

Check again after the 29th and it should tell you.

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Instantwatch lists 20 pages of titles that will disappear on Feb 29, Get ready, folks! You're queues are about to light up with "expiring soon" dates for all of the Starz titles.

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