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According to Instant Watch, 1385 streaming titles will expire between now and the end of march. I just removed 40 from my list that will expire in the next couple of days. These cannot all be Starz titles. I'm pretty sure I had no more than two or three of those in my list because I generally steered clear from those. Looking at the above streaming list you posted, Netflix will have to do better than that.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one Warner Title was available in Redbox on it's release week A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, and they have J. Edgar this week. Look for these titles on Netflix in about two months, if anyone still cares by then.

Kale Barton

''The Lincoln Lawyer'' was also made available on Instant Watch today (Mar 27)...


Why is it taking so long to add streaming movies, the list is very old and out dated. Whats the point if I have to go rent current movies!!


Netflix, seriously, I'd gladly pay more than $7.99 if you can provide Redbox style content. Now Starz is leaving and you haven't said anything about replacements. Most don't care about Starz, but with my 2 year old Disney movies were alwasy a hit.


kurtstudio and Noah, if you're expecting NF streaming to provide you new release titles you're in for disappointment. Trying to compare NF streaming to RedBox is apples and oranges. If you want to compare NF DVD's to RedBox then that's a fair comparison. Yes, RedBox will win in regards to Warner movies coming out sooner, but add up that $1.20/night (and most people do keep them more than one night) and the value of the service is what you compare. To compare a streaming service with a DVD service is useless, might as well compare VHS quality to Blu-Ray but expect them to cost the same.


@TomFresh - That's why I stated I will gladly pay more! Obviously the $7.99 plan is on par with what they offer, but even if it were to go up to as much as $19.99 a month and have redbox content I'm sure many would join and stay happy. Netflix themselves stated they will phase out the DVD plan because streaming is the way to go.


Look up Netflix's licensing deals. I've listed top movies that were released in 2011 that will be on Netflix Streaming in 2012 numerous times in other threads. The content is coming, Lincoln Lawyer just hit. Anybody catch the Academy Awards... yeah The Artist, Undefeated and Hugo will be on streaming at some point this year also. There's lots and lots more.


What TomFresh said; the studios control what is released and when and they will squeeze every last penny out of the consumer possible. NF can sign deals for streaming but, as has been shown in the last price increase debacle; must keep prices down for its consumers. Bottom line--how many of us are willing to pay cable/HBO/Showtime prices for streaming? Not I, for one.


@Nate - Glad to hear. Don't get me wrong, netflix at $7.99 is a steal considering how portable it is. There's nothing out there that compares.


Hey NOAH portability is the sell here. That and for cord cutters it is a great thing at it's current price. This seems to be the new reality.

Though I don't foresee NF getting stuff from aggregators like HBO, Starz etc. They appear to be able to negotiate directly with independent studios for ala carte recent titles. I think the DVD side and pay cable channels are safe from NF. The only thing I am seeing that could offer some positive spin (for those who want more recent content to streaming) is if NF gets swallowed by someone with deep pockets who can afford to strong arm the studios. I don't think that is likely to happen though. Amazon is about the best positioned for that and they only have prime streaming to bolster kindle sales.

On the other hand NF could just offer rented space on it's streaming platform to those who want to stream content. Here is hoping for a consumer win somewhere in the future of NF.


@Chris - Yes, having NF offer $1 rentals for new movies would be great. Redbox is good and all, but having to wait in line and/or drive around town to find the movie you want is cumbersome.

Jim King

If I were NF, I think that I'd be going after live streaming on a local level. Call it cable if you like, but I feel it would be a big money maker for NF. IF IT COULD BE DONE. Just my opinion.


Archer Season 2 streaming, nice!


@Noah - Hallelujah that brother. That would make me a very happy camper.

Perhaps they could do that and just not make money on the PPV $1 rentals to give the full buck right to the studios. If they did that on top of the $7.99 current catalog that would be awesome. I would be happy to pay ala carte for new releases to go directly to the studios and NF could still make money on it's "favorites" $7.99 catalog for today. That would be real neat. Have the consumer required to subscribe to the $7.99 to add the $1 ppv new stuff. That would be a win for everybody if $1 100% profit is enough for the studios. It is better for the consumer since the current $3.99 PPV on Amazon is crazy and NF gets to keep the $7.99 people on a voluntary subscription for the possibility to stream newer stuff. I wonder what Amazon pays the studios per view to stream their new hits?



Good luck finding 99cent movies on YouTube now, it has since been killed. Been there tried that guys. Again, the studios don't want it.


A little off topic...

What's with the unavalibilty of The Help on Netflix. I have been attempting to receive this film since December, but has not been available. The wait has never been this long. ON the phone, the CSR said that the batch of DVDs received from the studio were mostly defective. I say, return them and buy more...what's the problem?

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