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Where is Lilyhammer?

Account Deleted

Lilyhammer is live, Watching it now.

Another notable is
Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition


I know its available I just find it interesting that it was not included in the list of available titles. Especially considering the story prior to the releases is photos from the red carpet at the premeire of Lilyhammer.

Account Deleted

When the new streaming list is posted here it always covers the past week and not the upcoming week, despite the misleading title. The post was made prior to Lilyhammer being made available.

Robert Emmerich

So how was Lilyhammer Siam? You probably watched 2 episodes between your posts ;-) Or are you going to watch all 6 and give us a thorough review?

nf should advertise the Justin Beiber addition on FB and get some 'tween girl subscribers.

So, anybody have an actual real date for Starz Play going away? The last time I asked on here I was told Jan. 31st but obviously that didn't happen.

Account Deleted

I am on the 3rd Episode now. I don't want to give too much away, but it is better than I expected.

I was concerned that it would either play like a bad fish out of water 'comedy' or bad guy turns good, becomes local hero. While there are elements of both of those things present it really is a different beast .. maybe a more serious 'My Blue Heaven' .. that really isn't right either.

There is a running B story with the police that wasn't expected and is pretty amusing .. so far anyway.

Re:Starz .. I believe Starz Play ends at the end of February. If anyone hasn't watched Boss yet I urge you to do so soon. It really is an excellent show.


Starz is end of February

Robert Emmerich

Thanks for the "End of Feb." comments, I'll watch what I can. Any thoughts on how nf will handle it? Just pull the entire page or put up a warning for each film?

Glad to hear Lilyhammer was "better than expected". That's saying alot for almost anything on streaming. Maybe less so after Starz Play goes away.


I don't know if the starz titles are actually going away at the end of Feb or if they just won't be getting new Starz titles after the end of Feb. I keep hearing that it is all going to vanish at the end of February, but so far, that doesn't seem to be the case.

As an example, I went to this site:

I searched for Tangled, which I know is a Starz title, and the expiration date is set 9/5...



Netflix streaming movie service is kind of outdated..I really am not satisfied with their movie library..I've actually started recording some of their streaming movies to have them for offline wathcing at a later time..in case I decide to move to another movie streaming service like Lovefilm.


Where the heck are new episodes of Doctor Who? Sherlock? Warehouse 13? Family Guy? (streaming goes though 7 but I believe TV up to season 9 by now!) Futurama?
But yay, we can have Justin Beiber -_-

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