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What does "exclusive" mean here? Exclusive to what? HBO/Showtime? Amazon streaming?


Exclusive to Netflix, meaning only Netflix.


Not as good as Starz but at least its a step in the right direction.


when will starz be gone?


Starz is gone next week


Wait a movie released this decade on streaming. Wow that is news! Here's hoping this keeps up. I would be happy to come back and stream with a fuller more recent movie catalog. Even for more dough!


Unfortunately, this appears to be the future that Reed and Netflix are working towards:

Netflix 2012: 10,000 streaming titles for $7.99/month

Netflix 2022: 500 (newer/exclusive) streaming titles for $127.99/month

Reed sees HBO and cable as his biggest threats because he wants to become them.

Dave P

and so say IMACynic, lord of all, with future knowledge at his fingertips! Look at the way he capitalizes his name and despair!

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i have a dream,that one day i can really appreciate the blog posts instead of commenting it.


I'm sorry, Dave P, did I hurt your feelings?

It just seems that week after week, Netflix and the press are trumpeting some minimal license acquisition as if it is the end-all, be-all of entertainment.

Hey, look! Netflix got an exclusive deal with another studio...for a handful of titles that will trickle in over the next three years.

Wow, check it out! Netflix is producing another show...buckets of money spent on a few episodes of a show with limited appeal.

Meanwhile, over a thousand titles are set to expire overnight and Netflix remains quiet.

It's like the dam has a huge, gaping hole and Netflix is a guy trying to refill the lake with a Dixie cup.

Now, before everyone tears me a new one for deigning to voice an unpopular opinion, let me say that I am still enjoying my Netflix streaming subscription and -- right now, at least -- it is well worth the cost. I will still have plenty of titles in my queue to watch after March 2. However, the current trend is disturbing.

Netflix is not in the same kind of position that Apple was in with the digital music market. Hollywood still retains complete control of the future fate of Netflix...and they know it. So, I just feel like the future of Netflix isn't a rosy as Reed (and a lot of passionate posters here) like to pretend.

Excuse me for stating my honest opinion. And, come on! What else can you expect from a guy with "Cynic" in his name?


"the current trend is disturbing"

And has been for more than a year. I agree with you; on the current trend, NetFlix is going to pursue content ever more aggressively, and price increases will continue till NetFlix is as expensive as cable. Sure, there will people that love it even then but it won't be the same people that loved NetFlix two years ago.


Good points Cynic. Also Itunes is very different as not only are they an a ala carte model but they also have leverage in that they do have leverage to shut off the studios to access to that hardware. Amazon has leverage as they can refuse to carry certain studios or otherwise impede media sales for unfriendly studios through their retail arm.

NF has no leverage on the streaming front since they are in one business.

I just wish that NF would get creative about their streaming in tiering their streaming at different price points or even buying a bucket of views for more recent content instead of the unlimited license I believe they pursue. Once the bucket is gone it is gone but that would be an interesting model to look at.


How about some solutions instead of telling us what we already know. While starz content will be missed, its not that major of a loss in terms of quality. Besides, I think most agree that their content was not worth the price they wanted.

The problem with tiered pricing is that not enough people will pay to justify its cost. Thus it may be better for netflix to increase the subscription rate slightly (e.g. $2) to everyone for more content or perhaps netflix could add a 15 second ad to cover the content cost or give the customer the choice. Either way, some people will complain.

If netflix could ink a "windowed" deal with movies that go directly to DVD (e.g. no theater release) that would help them quite a bit.


"Netflix 2012: 10,000 streaming titles for $7.99/month"

I think you have that wrong. 48,145 streaming titles for $7.99/month:



While exploring solutions is always helpful, since when is it a prerequisite for complaints? Just because I can't stop the wind (as no one can) does that mean I've no right to complain about a hurricane?

There may well be no solution that will lead to the digital utopia that Hastings envisions. This is at the crux of my concerns.

All of my ideas are based upon logic and thus would be summarily rejected by the rights-holders.



Sorry, I forgot; Netflix counts each episode of TV shows separately. I always forget that because it just shows up at one entry in my queue. ;-)

Great link, by the way. I'd never heard of that one. Saved it as a favorite for future reference.


FearNo1: Good ideas. I like what you are saying. Let's hope that NF is also thinking of some creative ideas to acquire content. I truly think they have by far the best distribution model for streaming (and of course for disk also) and would love to come back as their content value increases to my household.


Of the list only Coriolanus was of mild interest and that is only because Charlie Rose had Fiennes on his show and Fiennes surprised me to be more in depth than he has appeared in some of his recent roles.

I've found a new home for streaming. But if Coriolanus is available on DVD I'll add it to the queue.

Seraph of darkness

Im just hoping maybe they will release godzilla (1985) and godzilla vs biolantte. Seeing how its the weinstein company that owns the rights to it


The Artist, Undefeated, W.E., Coriolanus, and Bully

The more netflix goes to old tv reruns and things that are of no value to me, the more I look for something else.
So far no luck..

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