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john nicholson

I can certainly see why satisfaction with Netflix has dropped. In the past 6 months I have seen an ever-increasing number of DVDs on my Queue immediately go to "short wait, long wait or very long wait." These are NOT new releases, but non-descript movies or documentaries. I suspect Netflix is trying to save money by not purchasing the quantities of DVDs they did in the past. With more people streaming, you would think the wait times would go down, but in fact the opposite has occurred. If Netflix continues to frustrate members like this, eventually, as the satisfaction level goes down, so too does the paid membership. As my wife says, "this is ridiculous."


In addition to the long waits for dvd's, the streaming movie select via "Starz Play" is a joke. There are too many VERY OLD westerns and very old TV shows, like Perry Mason", have individual episodes appearing as movies on the listings.

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