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I agree. I enjoy marathoning a show, rather than waiting a week between episodes... and there are probably a dozen shows in my instant queue that I will probably watch soon, but there have been shows I would rather watch ahead of them on my list.


I wonder if Hulu Plus will announce numbers for their new shows. This is an interesting dynamic and I look forward to seeing how it plays out. For a very long time TV Shows have revolved completely around Nielsen numbers. I find it interesting Netflix dumped the entire season out there. It makes sense because they do it for shows they pay for and their customers are used to this, but it does little for customer retention. Many people get HBO/Showtime specifically for their shows. A normal show-run with new weekly episodes will usually require a subscriber to keep the service for close to 3 months. Not the case here. HBO/Showtime care less about ratings as they do about subscriber growth, you would think Netflix would be in the same boat.


I'd guess by the fact that I couldn't get netflix to work on my Roku last night, that is was fairly popular.


Watched Ep 1. Didn't care for it.

If I wanted to 'read' subtitles, I'd buy a book instead of trying to watch TV.

Subtitles were viewable for too short a time to read and many were white subtitles on light backgrounds -- thus, unreadable anyway.

George Isaacs

Obviously the numbers are nothing to brag about (yet), or they would be releasing the numbers.

But they're right, not everybody will watch on the first night or even the first week. There's no pressure unless something you wanna see is going to expire soon.

I just wonder if they'll ever put it out on DVD.



"It failed miserably. We are too ashamed to post viewer data as it is soooooo low. We hope, over time, that viewership will rise and then we can lump it all into one muddled, mixed number"


I watched the first 2 so far. Its pretty good.

Give it 3.5-4 stars.

My fear is this original content is the begginng of the eventual $20 a month for streaming only. Gotta throw in a few original shows for $19.99 a month.

I will be LONG GONE before $20 a month but at $7.99, Its a good value.


I get that reasoning. I haven't watched it yet (but I want to) because I need to finish Boss before Starz goes away at the end of the month.


Trying to finish my starz picks first. I wonder if Netflix will give us the one week notice for Starz shows going away? It would help if there's something buried in my large queue. I noticed Instantwatcher did not give Starz shows there one month experation notice.


I have no interest in Netflix providing original content. Now I have to skip over Lilyhammer every time I browse for something to watch. I can't wait until Netflix prioritizes their content in the recommendation engine.


I thought it was a really good show. I have watched 5 of them and will look forward to next season. Mixture of english and subtitles didn't bother me and it opens it up for global viewing. At least it not the normal crap that is on the big 3 networks and I would put it on par with any paid cable series.


Meh..I watched the first episode. It was OK..nothing spectacular. The usual italian/mob stereotypes and lines. It is nowhere near the quality of sopranos. Having to read captions is also distracting. I don't see this show drawing or keeping members.

What netflix needs in terms of original programing is a quality horror series. For example ABC's The Water is top billing. If netflix could bring back the horror TV series, Fear Itself with more violence and nudity.


Lilyhammer is average. It's a decent series but not a game changer. I don't have any problem with NF airing it and hope they continue w/ this original content idea. As for viewership, I'm betting the numbers will be good. Out of the millions of streaming customers a great many are going to give this a look because it's something new. How many come back for season 2 will be the real test.


FearNo1, they're all ready on the same page with you...



Very smart move for Netflix, deamand increases pricing, if this was a hit the studios would want more money for season 2. And it would make TV channels mad, knowing if X amount of people watch this show instead of their show.


I actually thought that Lillyhammer was very good. It took a couple episodes to hit its groove but then became better. Watched all 8 episodes over two nights and found myself a little upset that there were no more to watch.

I hope that they do another season.

(and to those complaining about subtitles. If you're against the subtitled movies then you are cutting yourself off of some real quality films out there.)


It wasnt the worst show I ever seen but it sure did suck bad.


I don't see how the numbers matter. When Season 2 comes out, then the numbers will matter. Right now they have no reference point for numbers. What are they going to compare it to? It's nf first brand new series with little advertising. What number exactly would be "good" for them to announce?

just sayin'

Does Netflix show exact numbers for any title, ever? Wouldn't that be the same as showing your full hand in a poker game. It's in their best interest to find titles that customers will watch in greater numbers than the studios think the customers will watch. If the numbers are good, the studios will just jack up the prices.


it seems this show is a hit, with a 4.2 rating,


it seems this show is a hit, with a 4.2 rating,


Pretty good series. Its not HBO or AMC level programming, but certainly far better than 90% of the dreck that is on network television these days. Its the type of show that I probably would not go out of my way to watch were it on "regular" tv, but as a value-added feature to a service that I'd be paying for either way, I was happy to watch all eight episodes of the first season.

Van Zandt is essentially playing a lighter-hearted version of his character from the "Sopranos" here. He's fun to watch, and it is strangely comforting to see him display many of the same mannerisms and facial tics that he used when he was playing Sylvio Dante.

Here's he's playing a mobster named Frank Tagliano who has been given a new identity and relocated to Lilyhammer—per his request—after betraying his mob pals following a botched hit attempt.

For me, the two best episodes were the first and the last. The first episode involves his move to Norway and a wolf that is menacing the area he lives in. Some of the episodes in between were kind of hit-and-miss, but I felt that the storyline as a whole improved quite a bit around mid-series, once word of Frank's whereabouts gets back to his old mob pals (I'm not really giving much away here).

I liked many of the characters that Frank encounters, some of whom he brings into his inner circle as he establishes his own mob family of sorts. They are sort of a rag tag group of misfits, but fun to watch. One of the very last scenes from the first season involves a former outsider being welcomed into the group, and I thought it makes for some great possibilities if there is a Season 2.

My favorite character was Torgeir Lien, who becomes Frank's right-hand man early on. Even though he's never told explicitly of Frank's former life (and in fact, believes him to be former CIA), he certainly identifies the tough guy, maffioso-style way in which Frank carries himself. Its fun to watch Torgeir try to adapt to this and carry himself in the same way, using popular mob films as his point of reference.

I was initially worried that the show would devolve into a "scheme/scam of the week" type of thing, with Frank and his pals getting into some new venture each week. But fortunately, the show carries a lot of their antics across multiple episodes, with characters coming and going and coming again along the way. Its a bit like the Sopranos in that way.

Subtitles have never bothered me in the least, and I'm honestly baffled by those who claim that they won't watch anything with subtitles (no wonder half the world hates us Americans). But even so, most of Frank/Gianni's dialogue is in English. Typically, the Norwegians will speak the first couple of sentences in Norwegian (which Frank can understand but rarely speaks), but then revert to English when they realize they're talking to an English speaker.

All things considered, its a good show and—in the context of something that is basically free since I'd be paying for Netflix with or without this show—a good value. I did enjoy Season 1 and I hope we'll see a Season 2 now that there's a new addition to Frank's gang and some new intrigue with regard to another character in the town of Lilyhammer.


I'm surprised that Example Short 11 Min 23.976 Remote with Burned-in Subtitles is beating Lilyhammer in queued ratings according to Instantwatcher.com

James C

I ate the show up. Funny as hell. I cannot wait until season two. It's nice to see a show that doesn't portray mobsters as uncaring and inhuman. It's clear, despite the fact he doesn't always operate within the law, he sees the need to be as legit as possible. He is a true entrepreneur.

Walt D in LV

Not the perfect place to put this question, I know, but please indulge me:

Can anyone tell me how you can tell if something is available in HD on Streaming?


I know my LG Smart TV has a little "HD" icon when you click on a title. I think it might be dependent on device.


It's always listed on the website as well, as to whether or not a title is available in HD. Nate is right, not every device will show you that information.


I wonder if we can imply numbers based on other statistics from their website since we don't have actual numbers to go by.

The number of written reviews is 243. I looked around at other shows (not movies) to see how this compared. Mythbusters, which I'm willing to bet has a high number of views and has been on Netflix for some time has 250 written reviews.

On the other hand, it has 14,043 star ratings. Much less than Mythbusters, but Mythbusters has been here a while, and would have had years worth of being rated. If we compare something that came out on Netflix at about the same time and probably wouldn't have been rated before it came on streaming (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the extended addition), Lilyhammer has a lot more written reviews and star ratings.

I know, not the most scientific way to look at this, but it does give us one way to kind of gauge how it is doing.

mark c.

I just watched the whole season. I ended up getting hooked on the show and look forward to season 2. I read that it was already picked up for another season. It's wasn't amazing but as CW posted... it was fun seeing a lighthearted Silvo come back to life. The show made me laugh and kept my interest. Subtitles didn't bother at all. Better than most of the stuff on network tv.


@WakkaWakka I like your idea but I feel a more apt comparison would be the Starz show Boss and right now lilyhammer is dominating. Lets not forget that this is after Boss/Kelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama series.


i really hope there is a second season to lilyhammer. i just watched all 8 episodes back to back times 8. just as i was giving up on netflix,they surprise me again with it's own series. they need to make sure in season 2,there's more episodes and try to stretch it to at least 55 minutes. i was heart broken when detroit 187 was canceled after 18 episodes. i dont want to see the same thing happen to lilyhammer....give us more! i want at least 5-6 more seasons!!!


Great, Fun Series, We enjoyed it very much, it was different and very funny. Great show. Not sure what individuals on here are looking for, but I think Netflix has a winner, you have to start somewhere, Great job Netflix, keep them coming! We watched all 8 episodes over 2 days, in the same fashion most Netflix uses watch episodes.

David Bentle

Had high hopes for Lilyhammer. Thought the character would be a funny fish out of water tale, with criminal instincts. Unfortunately, he's just about all criminal, threatening people (and not in a funny way), killing animals, joining the elite to fight Eco groups. Ha. Ha... Not!


Sopranos, great show... Great series. Lilyhammer is no Soprano, but nothing ever will be. Lilyhammer is a damn good show, great acting, good storyline. Period. Most full blood, hometown, never seen anything but their own state, Americans may not be the biggest fans... But that's to be expected. Glad to hear about season 2! And the word is spreading fast. Everyone I told about the show is hooked! Sorry haters, looks like the show is a winner!

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