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On the Roku, you will have to use the search function. It's not highlighted in a category yet.


So glad the cover art doesn't have a big red label in the corner "NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE" which is what I figured they would do with it.

Jim King

I click on the Lilyhammer to ad to my line up of shows. I got a message that it could not be found.


Contrary to Gabe having to use the search function.. I have to click over Lilyhammer everytime I want to browse a section other than my Instant Queue. I find it rather bothersome and annoying. I use the BoxeeBox.


No issues on my LG Smart TV finding/viewing Lilyhammer. I've watched the first 2 episodes, it's okay, gonna finish the season and see where it goes. The show must be dirt cheap to produce. Van Zandt's character is a slimeball but gives you reason to root for him with how he interacts/cares for others on the show... with that being said, this show is all Van Zandt, very little meaningful supporting roles.


Good show so far. I've watched two episodes and it was surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of mobster shows in general, and so I was thinking that I wouldn't like this, but I was wrong.

Account Deleted

I am through 4 episodes, it is a pretty solid show.

According to this there will be a second season



I saw the first episode, and I liked it.


Yeah, it was problematic that there was no way to add this to my queue in advance and even when it was, my roku wouldnt show it so I had to search for it manually.

Havent watched it yet, just the trailor last week.


I wanted to like Lilyhammer especially since my Mom like him in The Sopranos. But when I have to pause and read every line because it is in Swedish it just doesn't work. Why didn't Netflix have an English version like Borgia streaming did??? :( Looking forward to the next Original "House of Cards" -- I think that one will work better for us. Disappointed that there wasn't an English language version of Lilyhammer....


Why would you need to pause it to read the subtitles?


@ Kyle: because I and my mother are older and are eyes just aren't what they were when we were 20 or even 30 something. So yes I have to pause and read. This series didn't work for me and I wished it had an English language version. Frankly, I'm surprised for the type of show it is that many individuals would take the time to read subtitles. I could not see The Sopranos being as popular in subtitles at least in the USA -- just my opinion.


I enjoyed the first episode. I like the style. I have to agree the subtitles are a problem. Not that they're there. It's just they used a tiny, white font which is really hard to catch. Fortunately, it's at high resolution but there are a lot of things I think I missed.

Fortunately, it kinda helps me understand how the main character would feel.


I'm glad it work for some just not for me and my Senior Citizen Mother. It takes the fun out of a show when you have to read it all and I have to do it out loud for my senior citizen Mom -- so it just didn't work out unfortunately for me and her.... I think we'll do better with the second Original "House of Cards" -- that should all be in the English language -- hopefully.


I am in episode seven and really enjoying the show. I have no problem with subtitles, watch movies with them all the time, but at times it does seem like in this show that they are not up long enough. I am a fast reader and have had to rewind numerous times when the subtitles switched before I had finished reading them.

Robert Emmerich

I only watched the 1st episode, not a huge fan, but I'm hoping it was time well spent as build up for the show to start proper.
I watched the first 2 episodes of Weeds and loved the first comedic episode but the 2nd was so dramatic I said forget it.
As for the subtitles, I thought it was weird as he seemed to understand everything everybody was saying anyway so just have them speak english. I like subtitles in my films - watched Shaolin on Sat., that would have lost all intensity dubbed - but they do seem unnecessary here. Maybe just occasionally in the background if the old guy with the gun ever gets to speak.


I watched the first 2 eps. The second was better than the first. This isn't going to win any Emmy's but I'm glad the 2nd episode was a bit better than the premiere.


It's not a bad show. A decent debut for a NF production. The 'fish out of water' premise alone is entertaining enough, and the idea of relocating to Lillehammer is unique to say the least. The drama and comedy are solid. My only criticism really is Van Zandt over-does the mob gumba stereotypes. Not really necessary; he could have played it a little more straight I think. Still, it's worth watching. It kept me interested and entertained. Nice job.


I watched the first episode while my car was getting work done at honda dealer. Its OK...pretty much what I expected. The usual mob type dramedy, wish it was more serious tho. I imagine italians are not that happy with the mob typecasting. I hope the next netflix stuff is more original.

Keep it reel

The next Netflix exclusive will be from the Philippines Film Industry and the language will be Tagalog with English subtitles. Can't wait!


Watched episode 2 last night and think I've had enough. Archie Bunkers Place relocates to Cicely, Alaska to partner with the Sons of Anarchy should either be a lot funnier or more dramatic. I understand them wanting to slow down the pace of the show to represent the slow and beautiful life (a la Twin Peaks), but that doesn't make me want to watch it. The widely critically panned "Knockaround Guys" I thought was much better than this.
I understand it's their first show and it's not bad, just not giving me enough reason to continue watching it.


I tried watching the first episode. I only lasted a few minutes into it. I wouldn't mind subtitles but I never got that far.

I've cancelled my streaming account effective next month. Most of the good series and movies are only on DVD anyway. So I increased the DVDs out at a time. The new interface for streaming keeps popping up films I've already seen - that was annoying - as well as that carousel effect and having to scroll down and sideways so often to see the full lists. The old interface was much easier to use. I finally just gave up on it. Too bad - it used to work really nicely on my PC and large monitor.


I posted the comments below elsewhere, but then I saw this thread and felt it might be a better fit for this discussion...


Pretty good series. Its not HBO or AMC level programming, but certainly far better than 90% of the dreck that is on network television these days. Its the type of show that I probably would not go out of my way to watch were it on "regular" tv, but as a value-added feature to a service that I'd be paying for either way, I was happy to watch all eight episodes of the first season.

Van Zandt is essentially playing a lighter-hearted version of his character from the "Sopranos" here. He's fun to watch, and it is strangely comforting to see him display many of the same mannerisms and facial tics that he used when he was playing Sylvio Dante.

Here's he's playing a mobster named Frank Tagliano who has been given a new identity and relocated to Lilyhammer—per his request—after betraying his mob pals following a botched hit attempt.

For me, the two best episodes were the first and the last. The first episode involves his move to Norway and a wolf that is menacing the area he lives in. Some of the episodes in between were kind of hit-and-miss, but I felt that the storyline as a whole improved quite a bit around mid-series, once word of Frank's whereabouts gets back to his old mob pals (I'm not really giving much away here).

I liked many of the characters that Frank encounters, some of whom he brings into his inner circle as he establishes his own mob family of sorts. They are sort of a rag tag group of misfits, but fun to watch. One of the very last scenes from the first season involves a former outsider being welcomed into the group, and I thought it makes for some great possibilities if there is a Season 2.

My favorite character was Torgeir Lien, who becomes Frank's right-hand man early on. Even though he's never told explicitly of Frank's former life (and in fact, believes him to be former CIA), he certainly identifies the tough guy, maffioso-style way in which Frank carries himself. Its fun to watch Torgeir try to adapt to this and carry himself in the same way, using popular mob films as his point of reference.

I was initially worried that the show would devolve into a "scheme/scam of the week" type of thing, with Frank and his pals getting into some new venture each week. But fortunately, the show carries a lot of their antics across multiple episodes, with characters coming and going and coming again along the way. Its a bit like the Sopranos in that way.

Subtitles have never bothered me in the least, and I'm honestly baffled by those who claim that they won't watch anything with subtitles (no wonder half the world hates us Americans). But even so, most of Frank/Gianni's dialogue is in English. Typically, the Norwegians will speak the first couple of sentences in Norwegian (which Frank can understand but rarely speaks), but then revert to English when they realize they're talking to an English speaker.

All things considered, its a good show and—in the context of something that is basically free since I'd be paying for Netflix with or without this show—a good value. I did enjoy Season 1 and I hope we'll see a Season 2 now that there's a new addition to Frank's gang and some new intrigue with regard to another character in the town of Lilyhammer.

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