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Walt D in LV

Thank you, Ted. I've enjoyed Netflix for ten years. I'm glad that Netflix will be getting The Artist, Undefeated, Act of Valor, and Good Deeds.
I'm not surprised, as Netflix gets most every DVD that comes out and many Blu-rays as well. Rango, for example, has been available on Netflix for quite some time, and Hugo will be available Tuesday February 28th.
To get the above films before "a traditional Pay TV service" is also quite an accomplishment. Way to go!


Hugo was available on streaming in some places last week...for free.


Hugo is out on dvd on tuesday night so when will we see them on instant watch as well other titles thanks


Will we see a 3D stream of some of these 3D Titles too?

I'm getting close to biting on a 3D set for my room. Mainly for gaming but hey if Netflix Instant offers 3D it's extra icing on the awesome service.

Does Netflix offer 3D Blu-Rays yet? I haven't seen much.

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Do yourselves a favor and watch "Hugo" in at least DVD quality.


Both Act of Valor and The Grey won their first week at the box office, both will be on streaming during the traditional Pay-TV window. I'm sounding like a broken record, but the licensing deals Netflix signed last year will really start paying off this year and especially next year when the Dreamworks deal kicks in.


3D is basically dead(except for gamers), very few people are buying 3D TV's and 3D content is sparse. It's highly unlikely 3D content will ever be available for streaming due to the high bandwidth needed.

I can't wait for the Weinstein and Dreamworks content to be available.


3D isn't dead it's just off to a very slow start.

When all TV makers and Cinemas quit offering 3D then it's dead.

It just will take some more years to really take off.

Home 3D is pretty much a beta product.


A 3D stream?

Isn't that reality?


I know it's just a label, but I wish they'd call it stereoscopic TV instead. They should reserve 3DTV for real 3D (holographic) television. When that comes out I just might buy. This stereoscopic stuff with glasses? No think you.


Vudu is currently offering 3D rentals. So 3D streaming isn't that difficult.

Plus in order for 3D to take off it needs to be offered everywhere for people to plunk down the cash to purchase one.


Love seeing good movie come to Netflix!


Over 6 Million Americans currently own a Nintendo 3DS.

That's 1 out of every 50 Americans who can currently watch Netflix and Stream 3D Videos in 60 fps per Video.

And the 3DS automatically connects to AT&T Wirelless in over 30,000 locations from McDonald's to Starbucks and etc. etc.

As well as Best Buy Wi-Fi and many other places Free Wi-Fi that the 3DS automatically connects to.

And I have already Streamed 3D Videos Online in the eShop & Nintendo Zone in 60 fps per Video and it looks great.

And Vudu & Blockbuster already have a few 3D Movies for streaming.

And YouTube & Hulu already stream uploaded 3D Videos for over a Year now.

And Netflix already has 3D Blu-Ray (60 fps).

So why doesn't Netflix Stream any 3D Movies yet?

Hulu said they are getting 3D Movies later this year for Hulu Plus and I already downloaded the Hulu Plus App on my Nintendo 3DS from the eShop, as well as the Netflix App.

And all the studios said that they are now offering contracts to stream all of their 3D Movies (60 fps per video image), instead of just the few that they been allowing so far.

So Netflix should get 3D Streaming to not be left out.

Otherwise I will quit Netflix for Hulu Plus, seeing as already downloaded the Free App on my Nintendo 3DS.

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