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I so can't wait for this. AD was one of the best comedies ever. So happy they're bringing this back. I really hope they do more than one season and a movie and that the show is just as sharp as it was during its original run.

I'd love to see Netflix resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 next.


That's the only way to do it right.


The could save Firefly :D

Schmye Bubbula

I didn't see Judy Greer (Kitty) in the list. Hope she's available (and asked) during production. Love her, love her. LOVE HER!


Netflix didn't save the show. The team behind it were working on a movie and decided to do a 10 episode season leading up to it. Netflix just won the bidding war over Amazon, Apple, and probably Hulu. That being said, I wish they would start saving shows like DirecTV did for Friday Night Lights and TNT did for Southland.

As far as Arrested Development goes, I cannot wait and I am really excited that it did end up going to Netflix!


They should bring back the Sarah Conner chronicles. That was a great show.


They should bring back the Sarah Conner chronicles. That was a great show.


As long as they're still not funny.


Shows like Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Greg the Bunny, Bored To Death, and Party Down all got canceled to soon. Arrested Development wasn't that funny. Frankly after it got canceled it became overrated. I just couldn't stand Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, or Michael Cera. If anything they should make a Greg the Bunny/Warren the Ape show that last more than 1 season. All three of those shows have been genius.


I can think of a lot of shows I'd rather see revived - this one was a zombie when it was alive. Only somebody like Reed Hastings would watch it.

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