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@dAVe It's be almost 2 years since you broke up with Netflix. Time to move on man.. Netflix doesn't want your 8 dollars you cheap whiny bastard. There are plenty of fish in the sea.


Brian Adams

This is sad news for me. I'm sure that Netflix will continue making more and more money. But, for people like myself who value the "flicks" (movies) part of Netflix, I think the transition to streaming has been mostly bad news. Yes, it offers convenience, but sometimes at the cost of quality (except for HD streaming). More significantly, Netflix's purpose seems to be headed towards providing a variety of old and second-rate releases (TV or movie). This even includes DVDs now, since Netflix gets most of them long after their initial release. I just wish there was somewhere I could rent virtually any movie promptly after its theatrical run or years later. Online rentals are usually more prompt, Netflix DVDs provide more non-new releases. Of course, some movies are oddly unavailable online (Inception, Studio Ghibli movies, tons of older movies), and some movies are only available for purchase online. In that case, you must spend $15 for a low-quality video with DRM that is even more restrictive than DVD DRM, even if you only want to see the movie once.


There were TV shows that were suppose to be streaming today like Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice. Earlier they were up now they are "coming soon". What happened? Very disappointed.


Most of the content in my streaming queue consists of TV shows, and most of them are older ones. I hope they add more.
What's with you people who say "I can watch old TV on TV"? Fine, go ahead and stick to TV schedules, editing, and pop-up ads and other crap on the screen.


This is what I want. I want old and new tv shows on Netflix and I'd rather have them than a bunch of movies I don't watch anyways. I do think Netflix needs to focus on tv shows more because it is a pain trying to get them via dvds.


I usually stream TV shows, but I watch movies on DVD.


@anon-e-mouse. You are obviously a newbie to Netflix. NF is going to get 2 Oscar movies (The Artist & Hugo) this year, how wonderful. Your definition of MANY is two? Do you know how many quality movies are made each year? I doubt it. NF has already conceded that movie content is too expensive that's why their going the TV re-run route.

The long-term NF subscriber knows they're not getting any significant amount of movies (thru streaming) anytime soon from NF. So put some band aids on those knuckles you neanderthal.

I like many TV shows without commercials and can afford to pay $8.00 a month for it.

But many of you newbies to NF streaming ONLY don't get it.


wbad - they're actually getting 4 Oscar Movies this year: Hugo, Rango (later this month), The Artist (Same day as DVD streets) & Undefeated. Besides critical successes they will also have 2 movies that won their box office on their premiere weeks: Act of Valor and The Grey. Maybe you are unhappy with the movies on streaming because you are unaware of which movies are streaming and will be streaming.


I've cancelled streaming. I use the disks for movies except for TV from the BBC. Reilly, Ace of Spies;MI-5; Primeval; the mysteries; The Last Enemy;Sherlock; The Tudors, The Last Detective; Doc Martin, etc. Recent movies I've liked are "In Time", "Anonymous". I watch Bill Moyers at PBS.org. Other TV like "Burn Notice", "Once Upon a Time", "Alcatraz" and "Bones" comes from Hulu. Now that CBS has removed "Person of Interest" from online viewing I have to turn on the TV once on Thursday nights... otherwise it is a dust catcher. My PC second monitor is a much better experience than TV ever was up here in the mountains.

One of the reasons I gave up on Netflix streaming was because their old US TV shows were mostly dumb the first time around - why would I want to watch that stuff? And all the good movies were on the "DVD only" side of the company.


I noticed that a lot of movies disappeared from my DVD queue last night and they were not STARZ movies. They now are in the saved portion of the cue with "unknown availability"

Perkins Cobb

Nate: Wait, SIX whole movies? Well, streaming only for me then.


I'm almost exclusively for movies. I don't have the time to get into TV shows like when I was a kid/teen. I prefer to watch a good hour and a half or two hour movie and move on to the next when I get the time.


Hey Perkins you forgot about the Oscar winners from 1939 and 1951 also. That was added as well : ) j/k Woo hoo!


Ah, yes, the people that get bent over by Cable/Sat companies but then piss bitch a moan about Netflix and their absurd 8$ price tag.

Perkins Cobb

Hey, Nate, nobody who posted since your previous comment said anything about the $8 (not "8$") price point or expressed a preference for cable or satellite companies. But I guess you're sticking with the argument you can win.


My argument is, if you are paying for Cable/Sat and at the same time putting down the product Netflix gives you for 8$ a month you are a hypocrite. It's amazing and quite sad really the people that come on a Netflix news site to continually slam the product. Like the weirdo that was on here the other day saying he canceled his subscription 2 years ago. Then it always turns into some sort of attack directly on Reed. It's like you guys are some weird stalkers. If you don't think the product is worth it, okay, don't pay for it. But to continue to pay for it, to constantly visit a news blog devoted to it, all the while only having negative things to say about it makes you a creep.


"I wish they'd bring back Leave It To Beaver"


They did. And one season of Lassie if it floats your boat.

Perkins Cobb

Nate: As opposed to constantly visiting a news blog about Netflix and shilling for it?

And as I'm sure you actually realize, most of the complaints about Netflix that people express on this blog are far more nuanced than "I paid $8 a month and got bupkis for it."


Im getting more into TV shows because, I almost never watch TV when it airs. So I can find some good shows that are "new" to me.

But, with Netflixs warchest, they should be getting us plenty of both.


Of course more people are watching more TV shows than movies on Netflix. As it stands now their selection of hot movies are slim to none. I would much rather pay for good movies than for TV reruns.


When I dropped my cable service, I chose Netflix over Hulu because I wanted more streaming movie content than tv programs. If Netflix is going to follow in Hulu's wake with predominately tv programming, what's the point in my continuing to subscribe to Netflix? I may as well switch to Hulu. It will make my kids happy. Going over to check out Amazon now.


I only got Netflix streaming for TV Shows. I've seen two movies on Netflix streaming and only because they weren't worth a disc rental.

Star Trek (and all of its spin-offs)
Law & Order (and all of its spin-offs)
and Documentaries/History Channel/NatGeo/BBC etc programming is why I got Netflix to begin with!

They also have Power Rangers (the originals) which sold me, since I'm a 90's kid.


I very much go for the TV shows

However I'd like to see the shows that started on streaming last week (Quincy, Magnum, McMillan, Miami Vice, etc) get over whatever glitch has pulled them


@Jim I'm wondering what happened myself, first they announced they would be up on January 1, then changed it to March 1, now the only one up is Knight Rider. I'm beginning to see the point about Netflix's crappy customer service. They should at least make an announcement on twitter or post on their blog as to why the shows aren't on streaming right now. At this time all they are doing is pissing off their customers.


I'm not sure why I would pay to stream TV on Netflix if there are other sources that are offering it free. Sure, the TV element is very nice and I utilize it, but it is not why I'm with Netflix. But it doesn't have to be an either or TV vs movies.


Personally, I find that with streaming, I watch more TV shows (almost entirely TV shows). Often, they are shows I either never have heard of or didn't bother watching when it was on normal TV, but then I see it on Netflix, and their system says it is 4-5 stars for me, so I check it out. If I haven't seen it, it's new to me. Generally, I haven't been disappointed.

With my DVD account, that is almost always movies and only their new releases.


Not that anyone at netflix cares, but i prefer access to both movies and TV series.


TV SHOWS DUH... Pretty Little Liars needs to be on Netflix. MAIN REASON: after the season 2 finale on march 19, ALOT OF PPLL WOULD WANT TO WATCH SEASON 1 and maybe season 2 marathon of it to see the clues!

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